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Gymondo Review – Is the Gymondo app free?

Gymondo review

The Gymondo app has appealed to a wide audience with its unique features. This Gymondo Review will explore how the app has combined nutrition and fitness under one platform with its different workouts and delicious recipes. The review leaves no stones unturned to bring you the true picture of the app. If you are looking to work out, get toned, lose weight, and enjoy delicious recipes with controlled calories,  you will love Gymondo!

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get the Gymondo app if you:

  • Like choices and variety in workout routines
  • Want to get fit from the comfort of your home
  • Like delicious recipes and cooking instructions to help you reach your fitness goals

Don’t get the Gymondo app if you:

  • Prefer to workout in a studio instead of your home
  • Do not enjoy virtual workout sessions
  • Find it difficult to track your own progress

Gymondo Background

The CEO of Gymondo is Simon Grünenwald who has made a wide number of workout programs and meal plans accessible to online fitness enthusiasts around the world. The app has an amazing rating of 4.7 on the Apple Store by 810 individuals. However, the Gymondo app fared less on Google Playstore: It has a 4.0 rating by 19,094 users. Nevertheless, the Gymondo app’s popularity is visible by its 1m+ downloads on the Google Playstore.

Before we delve deep into all the unique features of Gymondo, we’ll outline the steps you take when you launch the app for the first time.

  • As soon as you open the app, it asks your first name, last name, gender, and fitness goal i.e. flexibility, strength, get toned, or lose weight.
  • It also asks you your frequency of exercise.
  • Then it invites you to sign in with your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account.
  • After you join using one of the available methods, it suggests programs based on your fitness goal. So if you choose weight loss as your fitness goal, it gives you the options for programs such as beginner weight loss, intermediate weight loss, and more. You can choose the appropriate program and then enjoy the various workouts available within that program
  • The app also seeks your permission to store data before letting you embark on your journey towards fitness.

Once you join the app and set a goal, you are welcomed by a soft and sweet peach-colored UI and distinct font that is inviting and engaging.

coaches and routines


Gymondo does not complicate the user experience. It uses a soft pastel peach color with white. The font is simple and easy to read. The app is clutter-free and intuitive to use. One can easily navigate the app and enjoy its UI. The workouts feature a picture of a trainer in a powerful pose with a pastel-colored background and an appealing font that invites the users to workout.

But the best part of the app is it does not overdo anything! The text is just the right amount. There is not a massive amount of text to overwhelm the new users. You feel at home and welcomed when you open the app the first time.

Gymondo workouts

The today section of the app welcomes you when you open the app. On this page, the day’s workout program is available for you to join. This page also shows your last 7 days’ activity and gives you the option to connect your Google Fit to Gymondo, but this feature is available for premium users only. An overview of the delicious recipes is also given on this welcome page.

Core Features


The fitness page of the app includes 3 sections:

  • Workouts:
  • The fitness workouts have fun names such as bootylicious, and it mentions the area it works on i.e glutes, duration, and the number of calories burned.
  • The duration of the workouts mostly ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.

The workout section includes workout sessions based on different filters. You can choose the one that speaks to you:

  1. Recommended for you
  2. Switch up your routine
  3. Most trained muscle groups include:
  • Abs, legs & glutes
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Core
  • Full body
  • Glutes
  • Legs
  • Lower body
  • Torso
  1. Recently added workouts
  2. Top Trainers
  3. You can even search by categories, such as:
  • Abs, legs & glutes
  • Cardio
  • Dancing
  • HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Relaxation
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Toning
  • Yoga
  1. Explore all workouts

Workout Programs

Here you have the option to manage your current plan and the number of workouts you’ve done for your current plan.

The programs are divided into different categories as well:

  1. Recommended for you: You can preview these workouts too. This section has a bigger display. It features positive and powerful pictures of trainers with the name of their program, its duration, and its benefit. The white color font against a soft matte background gives the app a very minimalist and up-to-date look.
  2. Discover New Goals: Find out some new workout routines and exercises!
  3. Recently Added: Explore what’s new and happening!
  4. Popular Programs: What does everyone else love?!


It features active and completed challenges.

Active Challenges lists the name of the challenge, its description, and its remaining duration. For example:

Source of Strength Challenge- Feeling strong? Complete 8 strength workouts in 30 days.

Ends in 8 Days


In our Gymondo Review, the Nutrition section of the app is our favorite. It has appealing colors and yummy recipes with mouth-watering pictures. It even lists the calorie count of each meal along with its preparation time.

Gymondo recipe

You can sort the recipes by popular or new to seamlessly scroll through them.

You can also add a relevant filter to select the recipe of your choice. You can filter them by:

  1. Individual: This includes the option for you to find the recipes you have added as a favorite.
  2. Meal Type: Looking for lunch, snack, or breakfast, all’s found here!
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  1. Recipe Type: What do you feel like cooking?!
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • From the oven
  • Dips and spreads
  • Granola
  • Pasta
  • Smoothie
  • Seafood
  • Egg dishes
  • Raw food
  • Beverages
  • Vegetables
  • Tofu
  • Something sweet
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  1. Category: Any specific restrictions?
  • Quickly prepared
  • High protein
  • Low carb
  • Low fat
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • No carb

Each recipe comes with detailed nutritional values. It tells you the number of carbs, protein, fat, fiber, and overall calories present in a dish. It mentions the number of servings, preparation method, total cooking time, and even allows you to add the ingredients with their specific quantity to the shopping list. By accessing the shopping list, you can easily buy the ingredients needed for your healthy meal and stay on top of your health!

recipe section

And if you have opened the recipe while cooking, there is an option to disable your phone from getting locked automatically! Gymondo knows how to take care of its users!

Other than recipes, Gymondo also offers a Nutrition Plan to its premium users. Gymondo Nutrition Plan comes with two goals: weight loss and fit & healthy.

It gives the free users an insight into the Gymondo Nutrition Plan. The users are advised to say no to sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. It mentions in detail the foods that are included in each category and are not allowed as well as their reason for being prohibited.

Gymondo nutrition plan

In the Gymondo Nutrition Plan, leaving sugar, alcohol, and processed foods gives you 2 points each. Other activities in the nutrition plan have been allotted points too. Then you can tabulate your score in the end:

  • 0-7 points- Basic Zone where your diet can still be optimized
  • 8-14 points: Green Zone where you are reaching your goal at a normal speed
  • 15-20 points: Clean Zone where you will reach your goal faster

This is how Gymondo tempts users to opt for the premium package and gain access to the complete Nutrition Plan!


Your Gymondo profile includes the option to unlock the premium package. The profile page keeps track of your calories, workouts, and programs. It highlights your 30 days activity as well.

To measure your progress, Gymondo provides 4 areas:

  • Activity– it redirects you to subscribe to the premium membership package.
  • Metrics- includes weight, hips, waist, thighs, and BMI. You can manually enter your metrics to track your progress. It also gives you detail regarding how to measure each accurately.
  • Milestones- complete a workout with a challenge to see it as part of your successfully covered milestones!
  • Badges- personalized reminders of your fitness milestones, you can unlock them with premium, they include, 1st workout badge, 10 workouts, 25 workouts, 50 workouts, and more.

Premium users can also workout on-the-go! The app gives the users an option to download their workouts and get fit offline!

You can also add your preferred workouts as a favorite!

And you can view your shopping list to know the ingredients you need to shop for your next healthy and delicious recipe!

On the profile, the app also shows your current plan. So for example, you have chosen Get in Shape Beginner program. It shows the number of workouts you have completed for the program.

You can also see the timeline of your current plan. The timeline includes the upcoming workouts scheduled for you and the completed workouts.

You can also edit your plan as a premium user.

Lastly, the profile allows you to opt for Fitness Check. Here you can check your resting heart rate, pulse, and more!

Miscellaneous Content

Gymondo is an easy-to-use, modern, and fun fitness and health app. It not only caters to your varying workout needs but also provides you with delicious recipes and a meal plan to achieve your fitness goals quicker. Here we give an honorary mention to a few of the Gymondo features that we believe stand out:

  • Gymondo app allows you to select the days that work best for your workout and also allows you to adjust the days when life gets busy.
  • The Shopping List feature makes it so easy to shop for ingredients as it mentions the quantity of each ingredient as well! You can cook the recipe you like on the app without any hassle.

Gymondo vs. Other apps-How Does The App Compete With The Market?

Compared to other apps like Reshape Me and Tone It Up, the Gymondo app has a better rating than Reshape Me on Apple Store i.e. 4.7. However, Tone It Up has a higher rating than Gymondo on both iOS and Google Playstore. Gymondo has a lot of options for virtual workout sessions unlike Reshape Me. The app also includes delicious recipes with their nutritional value. The premium package of Gymondo also includes a meal plan, based on your dietary restrictions and preferences, like Reshape Me and Tone It Up.

Like Tone It Up, Gymondo also has an appealing UI and attractive interface. Like Tone It Up, Gymondo also comes with badges and challenges to motivate the users. But Gymondo has an added feature of the Shopping List. Using this feature, you will have the opportunity to get a list of ingredients with their quantities that are required to make a recipe available on the app.

As in Reshape Me and Tone It Up, users also need to pay for the full experience in Gymondo. However, unlike Reshape Me and Tone It Up, Gymondo offers a lot of delicious recipes and workout sessions to its basic users.

Gymondo also has a decluttered interface that does not confuse or overwhelm the users. It is appealing, fun, and easy to use. Most of all, Gymondo has the Fitness Check feature where you can keep track of your pulse, resting heart rate, and more!

Customer Service and User Reviews of Gymondo

During our Gymondo review, we decided to go through Google Playstore and Apple Store reviews. After reading several Gymondo reviews, we found that some were very satisfied with the app and its “free version” and “personalized workout”.

However, many people complained that the app crashes too often or that the workouts could not be personalized to meet their medical restrictions.

It was great to see the Gymondo customer service respond positively and actively to the negative reviews. They offered the unsatisfied users an opportunity to email them for a more personalized solution to their problem.

Some people may not enjoy the app if they find it difficult to workout virtually. The app is based on you taking a stand for your fitness goals. However, as a new user, you can experience a lot of workout programs and healthy recipes on the app without subscribing to the premium package. And that makes Gymondo stand out.

Gymondo Payments & Subscription

This Gymondo review also focuses on the payment methods of the app. The app was a breath of fresh air because it allows you to enjoy several features during the basic package. Unlike other fitness apps that keep all the features reserved for premium users, Gymondo allows its basic users to access yummy recipes, fitness sessions, and much more.

With the Gymondo app’s premium membership package, you will get:

  • Unlimited variety, HIIT, yoga, dance, and more
  • 30 fitness programs, 300+ motivating workouts, and 1000+ healthy recipes
  • Fitness adapted to your goals and fitness level

The app is currently offering a new year sale of 25% off on its premium membership packages. And another best part about the Gymondo app is that it shows you its membership packages based on your currency.

The app provides 3 premium membership packages:

  • 12 months PKR 10,600 and PKR 883.33/ month
  • 6 months PKR 7300 and PKR 1216.66/ month
  • 3 months PKR 4800 and PKR 1600/ month

The best part is that you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time! And you can even disable automatic renewal in the account settings of your Google Play account.

Final Review of Gymondo and Summary

The Gymondo app asks you about your fitness goal and suggests workout programs training based on your goal and workout level. You can also explore the app’s variety of workout sessions and indulge in its collection of delicious and healthy recipes.

To sum it up, we enjoyed the app! We believe that the Gymondo app deserves a shot because it offers so much without forcing the users to opt for its premium membership package. It gives the users a taste of what is included in the app without overwhelming them with text or graphics! It takes care of your exercise and health! What more could one want?!


  • Around 300+ motivating workouts and 1000+ healthy recipes
  • Fitness adapted to your fitness level and goals
  • Enjoy a personalized meal plan and a variety of healthy recipes catered to your needs.
  • Use the shopping list feature to shop for ingredients without difficulty!
  • Connect your Google Fit to track your progress!
  • Enjoy a variety, such as HIIT, yoga, dance, pilates, and more!
  • There’s an option to fast-forward your class. If you do not like a specific exercise, you do not have to go through it.


  • The app crashes a few times on Android
  • The 20-30 minute duration of a workout session may be more than one could commit
  • The app does not do enough to motivate its users to visit daily and continue on their fitness journey, so users may lose interest.

Gymondo Recommendations for using the app

To make the most of this Gymondo Review, we recommend you to use the app for at least a week, so you can understand what the hype is all about! Utilize all its features by making the most of its free features. Explore different workout programs, try new recipes, and simply enjoy the app!

We hope this Gymondo Review will help you make a sound decision regarding the app’s usability! You can check out the app yourself by downloading using the link below:

Link to Android Store

Link to Apple Store