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GymShark Review (App)- Home or Gym Workouts?

gymshark review

Although the GymShark app lacks in some places, it has many good features that users can thoroughly enjoy and take advantage of. It is easy to use, has a good range of exercises, and offers simple but complete explanations of each workout. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate looking to tone your body and lose some pounds while at home, this app is ideal for you. If you’re an advanced gym rat, however, you should consider other applications that are more developed. In this GymShark review, we will give you an in-depth outline of the app’s key features and cover all bases – the good, the bad, and, well, the ugly too..

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Fitness apps are never black and white, which means that all apps are not suitable for every single ever. Even if an app is rated highly, it might not be the one for you; and it is, therefore, important to weigh the pros and cons and determine whether a certain fitness app is suitable for you. Before jumping into our GymShark review, here is a quick summary of it:

The GymShark App is suitable for you if:

  • You’re looking for video and audio demonstrations of the exercises you perform;
  • You’re looking for exercises specifically tailored to categories such as Abs and Core, HIIT, Yoga and Mobility, and Home Workouts;
  • You wish for warm-ups and cool-downs in the workout plans;
  • You would like to create your own custom workout plan;
  • You would like regularly updated, latest workout plans.

The GymShark app might not be ideal for you if:

  • You’re looking for a workout app with a calendar/ progress and timeline section to help you track your workouts;
  • You require a detailed summary of what muscle groups you hit in your workout;
  • You require live, personal training from a mentor;
  • You want to connect the app to your health app/ calorie count etc.

GymShark App – The Name Behind The Game

Gymshark was founded by Ben Francis, a 28-year-old, highly influential businessman. Gymshark started as a fitness apparel and accessories brand in the United Kingdom and slowly grew through Francis’ partnership with social media influencers. Gymshark is now worth over 700 million pounds and has recently launched a new fitness app that is the subject of this review. Before he had launched Gymshark, Francis developed two fitness applications, Fat Loss Abs Guide and iPhysique, both of which were ranked highly in the Ios App Store charts.

Even though the app launched pretty recently, it already boasts of over 10,000 plus installs on both iOS and Android. It holds an incredible 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Google Play and is already steadily climbing its way up the best workout apps lists.

Key Features of GymShark

1. It’s Completely Free Of Cost!

The Gymshark app is completely free of charge to download and use, with all areas of the app completely accessible to all users. If you’d like to access some extra special features, you can download the premium version, which costs just $4.99 per month.

2. Celebrity Trainers

Although Gymshark had already built a name for itself as fitness apparel before the app was launched, there are other factors that set the app ahead of its competition. Gymshark has partnered with some of the top celebrity athletes, fitness trainers, and social media influencers, whose individual following has also directed large traffic of fitness fanatics towards the app.

gymshark trainers


Gymshark has over 13 workouts and 7 plans exclusively designed by celebrity athlete Brittne Jackson, also known as the ‘Queen Of Home Workouts’.  For those looking for that classic bodybuilder physique, Gymshark has specialized, advanced workouts by bodybuilding guru, Chris Bumstead. Among other leading names in the athlete game are Becca Sills, Chris Clark, David Laid, Steve Cook, and Whitney Simmons.

GymShark has also partnered with some big names in the fitness world. You can access workouts and plans made by the Lifting Club Coaches, Gymshark Train Team, and the celebrity training duo Mr & Mrs. Muscle. The new FitPlan app might be one of their biggest competitors that also has an extensive base of celebrity workouts available for both: in-house and gym training, thus can be used as a fitness app alternative when seeking diversity.

3. Usability

The accessibility and usability of an app is an important factor to consider- one we will not overlook in this Gymshark review. Overall, the app is relatively easy to use. With bright graphics, clear-cut text, bold headlines, high-quality video demonstrations, and pictures for every exercise, it allows you a good visual workout experience. The workouts and plans are also divided into specific categories, such as by days per week, by goals, by body type, duration, equipment, etc, so it’s simple and easy to find out which particular types of exercises you are looking for.

GymShark Workouts

Gymshark’s workout variety is pretty strong, with over 360 different workouts and 70 various plans. One of the best aspects of the workout plans is how easy it is for the user to find exactly what they are looking for since it is organized in a practical and easy-to-follow manner.

The Explore Section

In the ‘Explore’ section, you can find Gymshark’s highlighted ‘Workout of The Week’, a good option for people looking to change up their workout routine. The app also displays the Top 10 workouts, Latest Workouts, and Featured Collections. In the Feature Collections, the user can choose between 4 categories- Abs and Core, HIIT, Home Workouts, and Yoga. The app also regularly updates their ‘Spotlight’ section, in which a different creator and their workouts are featured.

The Workouts Section

The workout section is also well divided. The users can choose their workout by type (free weights, functional, mobility, or resistance), by duration (stretching from 15 to 90 minutes), by equipment (barbell, dumbbells, full gym, or none). Regular gym-goers can also find workouts designed by their favorite athletes in the ‘By Creator’ section, which features plans from 19 creators.

gymshar app weekly plans


The Plans Section

One good element of this section is how the plans are divided according to goals, for example, athleticism, fundamentals, sculpt, or strength. This is a specially good feature for beginners, who might need help figuring out which workout plans target which areas. Users can also choose their plans depending on days per week, ranging from 2 to 7 days.

The ‘Create Your Own Workout’ Option

This is one of the app’s key features, allowing users to customize their own workouts and plans by choosing from a library of exercises. It is relatively simple to do since each exercise has a preview image and a video demonstration explaining how to do it correctly. However, the custom section does not have all exercises available yet, and there’s also no way to add your own point of reference for exercises. But since the app is fairly new, the creators are hopefully working on improving this section for future versions.

Progress Tracker

The progress tab is the least developed part of this otherwise well-made app. When looking at other GymShark reviews online, many users have also expressed their disappointment with this feature. It does not show improvements in weights lifted, workout frequency, or any athletic profile that users can update with their fitness goals. Overall, it does not offer users a holistic way to celebrate their achievements, note all aspects of their progress and set new goals regularly. Most users expect this level of functionality from such an app, but we trust that Gymshark will keep this in mind for any future updates.

Rest Timer

The rest timer is available with all workouts and is simple and easy to use. This is also something that should not be overlooked considering that taking rest between sets helps to avoid fatigue and recover between intervals to go all-in on your next set. This makes each workout more effective.


As a newly launched application,  Gymshark’s accessibility and diversity are worth mentioning. There are trainers representing various body types, genders, ethnicity, and fitness goals, which ultimately appeals to a wider audience, and helps give people the opportunity to choose which trainer they will stick with, depending on who they relate with more.

Gymshark’s workout plans also cater to all types of users- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each workout is labeled according to these levels, allowing users to know which workouts would be best for them. Their ready-to-go programs and professionally cultivated workout plans are perfect for beginners to follow, while the custom option is more suitable for intermediate and advanced users.

workouts and tracking

Gym Or Home?

This is another aspect in which Gymshark does not disappoint. For users looking to take the help of this app to spice up their gym workout routine, the workout plans divided according to gym equipment are most suitable. However, some might be looking to workout at home without heavy-duty equipment. Gymshark meets this demand too by offering big collection of home workout exercises, ranging from bodyweight, free weights, and functional to cardio, resistance and so much more. Hence, this makes the GymShark app suitable for both – workout at home and in gym.

GymShark Premium

For users wanting to try out the GymShark premium, you’ll see:

  • Video tutorials from Gymshark athletes showing how they train;
  • New gymshark athletes and workouts added every month;
  • Exclusive 5 days and 3 days plans from athletes that aren’t available elsewhere.

Priced at $ 4.99 a month, the premium version has some exclusive features that make it extremely worth the price considering the average industry price in the fitness app market today.


The GymShark app is completely free of all charges, thus being accessible to a wide range of people. The premium version is available at $4.99 per month, and you can have a free one-week trial if you’d like to try it out. Considering the extra features the Premium provides, plus the low cost, we would advise you to go for a one-week free trial before deciding for yourself if buying the Premium is worth it.

Meal Plan

Unfortunately, this is a category in which the app majorly disappoints. Gymshark is not a nutrition app and solely focuses on workouts and exercises. At the time of writing this GymShark review, they do not offer meal plans, cooking instructions, or any dietary advice as of yet. Users also cannot link their workout to any external health apps or calorie counting applications. Although this is a major downside for fitness fanatics looking to record all their dietary information and workout progress in one place, if you already have a health/ meal tracking app, you might not necessarily get too affected by the lack of this feature.

Some Additional Features

Units of Measure

This is a great feature of the app that we highly enjoyed. The ‘Units of Measure’ option pops up right away in the signing up process. The app allows you to choose from Metric (kg) or Imperial (lb) units of recording weight and customizes your choice to all workouts.


In the signing up process, you are required to add your gender and date of birth. The app then shows you exercises and plans according to the information you have provided, which allows for a good user experience. This also makes the app personalized which improves not only tracking but also improve effectiveness of training.

Help and Support

By pressing and holding the home button on your iPhone, the app triggers a ‘Need Help?’ popup. This is a great design and support feature that shows attention to detail with regards to user experience and left us pleasantly surprised as well.

The Apparel

This Gymshark review would be incomplete without talking about their well-loved apparel. A ‘Shop The Collection’ option on their app directs you straightaway to Gymshark’s apparel website, where their wide range of fitness gear and workout clothes are at your disposal.

gymshark apparel



The app also takes note of the gender you have entered, showing you clothing accordingly. Gymshark’s high-quality workout clothing is one of the best available in the market and is also reasonably priced when compared to other big competitors. From resistance bands, shorts, sports bras, and skipping ropes to workout leggings, tanks, and vests, you can find top-notch fitness gear with a non-negotiable guarantee of quality.

GymShark vs. Other Apps  

When comparing GymShark to other apps like Sweat by Kayla Itsines, it is missing some of the relevant features. For example, SWEAT offers weekly clean eating meal plans and shopping lists for its users while Gymshark does not. The Sweat app also has improved its product over time by catering to a larger audience, increasing the workout programs significantly and ultimately creating a fitness community for women. However, while GymShark might lack in tracking and meal plans, it is the price where the deal breaks.

The SWEAT subscription is priced at $ 19.99 per month. Meanwhile, GymShark sets up a great competition by being completely free. Even its premium version costs much lower than other big apps in the game which is an important factor to consider.

Another app worth comparing Gymshark with is the Nike Training Club (NTC), which is also free of cost. Both apps are similar in many ways, however NTC will be more focused on making the user stronger while GhymShark will work on toning, hence covering larger audience with different fitness goals.

The Bottom Line

After writing our GymShark review, we think that GymShark might not be as well refined as other apps, but considering the low price point, new updates, and well-rounded features, it holds a lot of potential as a fitness-based app.

Although the app lacks in some places, it has many good features that you can thoroughly enjoy and take advantage of in your fitness journey. It is easy to use, has a good range of exercises, and offers simple but complete explanations of each workout. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate looking to tone your body and lose some pounds while at home, this app is ideal for you. If you’re an advanced gym rat, however, you should consider other applications that are more developed.

It is also important to remember that the app has only recently launched, and the creators are already taking note of the reviews, hence working on updates to take the user experience to the next level. That, combined with the extremely low cost, makes GymShark a solid fitness app option to consider for most people looking to work out at home.


  • Video and audio demonstration of the exercises;
  • Overall smooth and streamlined experience;
  • A good variety in workouts;
  • Completely free of cost;
  • Ideal for both at home and gym exercise.


  • No proper calendar and progress tracking;
  • No meal plans and nutrition advice.

gymshark pros and cons

Thank you for reading our GymShark review! If you’d like to sign up, you can use the following links: