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The Leader in Workout Tracking: JeFit App Review

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

JeFit App has a large userbase with over 7 million active end-users and a strong community online. What they’re most famous for is their workout tracking so they are all about the progress. There aren't a lot of Jefit reviews out there so I decided to give it a go and see what the big fuss is about!

This is me lifting "heavy weights"

They start off by bringing you through a quiz to tailor your plan and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to best track your progress. You’ll have to enter your preferred location, goal, fitness level, and amount of days you want to workout. After this, you can even select what time and which days you want to do your workouts.

You’ll get your custom results together with averagely 3-4 workout programs to choose from. Now, to actually see the workouts, you must upgrade to Elite version which costs either $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

JeFit App Elite Subscription vs Free Version

When you upgrade to Elite you get a deeper statistic tracking, and you'll see the progression that will keep you motivated and pushing hard. You also get premium workout routines, training & progress reports, and breakdown of distributed body-part training. Lastly, the paid subscription is also printer-friendly.

What they’re most famous for is their workout tracking so they are all about the progress.

With the free plan you really just track how much weights you’re lifting. It only includes basic stats, the ability to track and log activities, basic workout routines, and social networking. You’ll still see ads and you won’t get your training progress reports nor see your workout summaries. For all that you must upgrade to JeFit Elite.

JeFit App Workouts

With the paid subscription, each workout contains those exercises which you must do that day. The best part is that you can still customize it. With the free plan, every time you start your training, you can add exercises that you’ll be doing. For instance, today I will be doing Barbell Bench Press and Barbell Curl so you select the two from their workout database and press start. Then it’s just the matter of doing the intervals 3 times through with the weights and reps that you have selected. The countdown timer is also available.

Source: JeFit App Workout Structure

They also offer workout routines in the free version, but they are mostly uploaded by other community members so JeFit is not taking any responsibility for those. Some of the routines though are made by JeFit themselves so you still have a nice selection of exercises.

JeFit Review: Pros

  • JeFit App is best for tracking progress and weights (one-click to save logs and start rest timer);

  • Gives you a free version, not just a paid subscription;

  • You can connect with friends, share workouts and track your progress together. You also can participate in their workout contests;

  • Comparing the average prices in the industry, the JeFit app is relatively cheap offering a good price for their paid subscription;

  • Personalized workout routines & gives you all the tools to maximize results.

JeFit Review: Cons

  • User-interface is a bit too much, difficult to navigate through;

  • Limited information on technique (you must go the exercise database to look up the form);

  • Video demos take long to load;

  • Not beginner-friendly, also it’s designed merely for intermediate to advanced level.

JeFit app is great for people who are going to the gym and have a goal in their heads. If you want to do workouts from home then you must have at least a barbell and adjustable pair of dumbbells available. You can also simply get a lightweight dumbbell set with pre-selected weights best suited for you. Either way, JeFit app is for people who want to progress and work out specific muscle groups, do even compound exercises perhaps.

Source: JeFit App Exercises

If knowing how much weight you’re lifting is important to you then the JeFit app is for you. It’s highly suitable for tracking your progress because it’s very much weights and power-lifting. Most of the exercises (if not all) are gym-equipment based moves, but every once in a while you’ll see body-weight too.

JeFit app is great for people who are going to the gym and have a goal in their heads.

I feel like the JeFit app is more designed for gym lovers though. I can even see how they don’t go to the gym without this app. JeFit itself tries to position itself as the best gym workout app so gym it really is. Today, you still see guys running around the gym with their pen and paper writing down how much they’ve lifted today, however, this app brings tracking to a new level. It’s just a fast gadget to create your routines and track them. Combine with apps like myFitnessPal and you’ll get the ultimate tracking in fitness & nutrition.

After you've tried out JeFit, don't forget to share your experience below! I found it a bit overwhelming to track every single kilo I'm lifting, but then again I'm an emotional girl who improvises most of the time anyway! :)

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