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The Leader in Workout Tracking: JeFit Review

This Jefit review I’ll have a look at Jefit Elite web statistics and premium workouts. Let’s start!


Jefit App has a large userbase with over 7 million active end-users and a strong community online (1). What they’re most famous for is workout-tracking making them all about the progress.

There aren’t a lot of Jefit reviews out there so I decided to give it a go and see what the big fuss is about! I’ve been using Jefit app for a solid month and I was surprised at how customizable it could get.

Reviewing Jefit’s Customization

Jefit app starts off by bringing you through a quiz to tailor your workout plan and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to best track your progress.

You’ll have to enter your preferred location, goal, fitness level, and amount of days you want to train with Jefit. After this, you can also select the time and days you want to do your Jefit workouts.

After the setup, you’ll get your custom results together with 3-4 workout programs to choose from.

But to actually see the workouts, you must upgrade to Jefit Elite version which costs either $4.99 USD a month or $39.99 USD a year.

JeFit Elite Subscription vs Jefit Free Version

When you upgrade to Jefit Elite, you’ll get deeper insights into statistical tracking. What’s more, Jefit makes it easy to see the progress over time. Obviously, it works well on motivation and gets you going.

With JeFit Elite, you get premium workout routines, training & progress reports, and breakdown of distributed body-part training.

The best part is that Jefit Elite is also printer-friendly.

Jetfit is famous for its workout-tracking and this make them all about the progress.

With Jefit free plan you get limited stats like tracking how much weights you’ve lifted etc.

Additionally, with Jefit free plan you’ll be able to track and log activities, see basic workout routines, and share stuff with your friends on social media.

If you’re sticking with Jefit free, get ready for ads. You also won’t get your training progress reports nor see your workout summaries. For all that you must upgrade to Jefit Elite.

Jefit Workouts

With Jefit Elite, each workout contains the exercises which you must do that day. The best part is that you can still customize it though.

For instance, today you might be doing Barbell Bench Press and Barbell Curl so you would select the two from their workout database and press start.

Then it’s just the matter of doing the intervals 3 times through with the weights and reps that you have selected. The countdown timer is also available.

In many ways, Jefit reminded me of Volt Athletics – another workout app that’s suitable for tracking weights and seeing progress over time.

But back to Jefit.. This fitness app also offers workout routines in the free version, but they are mostly uploaded by another community member so Jefit is not taking any responsibility for it. Just saying…

Some of the routines though are made by Jefit themselves so you still have a nice selection of exercises available.

Jefit Review: Pros

  • Jefit app is best for comprehensive tracking & stats (one-click to save logs and start the rest timer);
  • It also gives you a free version, not just a paid subscription;
  • You can connect with friends, share workouts, and track your progress together. You also can participate in workout challenges and compete with your mates;
  • Comparing the average industry prices for workout app, Jefit is relatively cheap;
  • It has personalized workout routines and all tools you need to maximize results.

Jefit Review: Cons

  • The user interface is a bit too much, difficult to navigate through;
  • Limited information on technique (but this can be resolved by visiting Jefit’s exercise database. Each move can be looked up );
  • Video demos take long to load;
  • Not beginner-friendly, also it’s designed merely for intermediate to advanced level (mostly males who are lifting heavy).

JeFit App Suitability

JeFit is suitable for people who are going to the gym and have a specific goal in mind like building muscle or progression.

Technically, you could do JeFit workouts from home but then have at least a barbell and adjustable pair of dumbbells ready!

Regardless if you go with the Jefit Elite or not, this workout app is more for people who know what to do in the gym and now they’re looking for an effective tracking app that would also help them to plan out routines ahead.

If knowing how much weights you’re lifting is important to you then my Jefit review suggests that this workout app might be for you. In comparison with other tracking apps, Jefit is one of the best. Thus, Jefit Elite has a free trial that you can check out before subscribing to it.

Jefit is suitable for people who are going to the gym and have a specific goal in mind.

JeFit is very much weights and power-lifting. That means, most of the exercises (if not all) relies heavily on gym-equipment. However, every once in a while you’ll see body-weight moves too.

Final Thoughts On Jefit App

I feel like Jefit app is more designed for gym lovers though. I can literally see how the gymers are not leaving home without it.


Jefit positions the app as the best gym workout app. Not so sure about “The Best” part in it, but it’s definitely on the top. If you take away the occasional glitches and complex interface, Jefit does its task.

Honestly, Jefit app brings tracking to a new level. Look at it this way – it’s a much faster gadget than pen & paper is.

Combine it with fitness apps like myFitnessPal and you’ll get the ultimate tracking kit.

Get Your Jefit App for Android Here

Get Your Jefit App for iOS Here

Don’t forget to share your Jefit review in the comments below! I found it a bit overwhelming to track every single kilo I’m lifting, but then again I’m a girl!

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