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Jillian Michaels app review: A fresh look at The Fitness App

jillian michaels fitness app

Jillian Michaels fitness app offers a great selection of different workout programs with a custom meal plan included. Workouts can be done at home and require minimal equipment. Based on the user’s fitness goals, the app suggests a workout program with a meal plan included. What’s special about this exercise app is that Jillian is doing all the workout programs herself. So every time you’ll start a new program, you’ll know that she will be there training together with you. Overall, Jillian Michaels is an interactive workout app where users can earn badges for completing fitness programs and take progress pictures for keeping themselves motivated. There’s also a fitness forum available to seek advice and engage with other fitness enthusiasts.

Background of The Fitness App

Who doesn’t like Jillian Michaels? She’s sassy and fun! This makes it so easy to choose Jillian Michaels app over other workout apps in the market. But she’s also more than just a personality. The experience of being a personal trainer for more than 20 years gives her the credibility that people are looking for today. For the users, it means well-designed workout plans with modifications available. In this Jillian Michaels app review, we will have a closer look at what you’ll after subscribing to The Fitness App.

How Much is Jillian Michaels Fitness App?

Jillian Michael’s fitness app costs $14.99 a month and/or $89.99 a year. For the price, you get access to all of the pre-made training plans which work a lot like the Les Mills app. Before launching the app version, Jillian’s workout library had been pretty extensive already so the majority of her workouts will be available on the app. Additionally, users get to create their custom meal plan tailored to his or her fitness level and goals.

After answering a few tailoring questions at the start, the app’s interface will throw in some workout programs and a daily meal plan that is most suited for you.

This matching algorithm won’t be very sophisticated though but it will be good to start your training. Users can switch between different workout plans in case one is not what they want. Another thing worth mentioning in this review, the app takes into consideration available workout equipment. For instance, if you had dumbbells at home, you could select it under Equipment selection and the workout plan would incorporate a lot of dumbbell moves. But if you would have no equipment at all, training would work with body-weight mostly. This feature is very useful for users looking to start training without necessarily buying an entire set of machinery.

Jillian Michaels’ Workout Programs

At the time of writing our Jillian Michael’s fitness app review, it had 24 custom programs for different segments like beginners, sliming, post-pregnancy and more. In addition to this, the app also had her DVD Library section with 18 programs available for its users.

Workouts are 6 days a week and have a mix of cardio and strength elements included. Basically, you’ll do 25 to 30 minutes long circuit training with 25 seconds on and 5 seconds rest. This is a very common type of exercising as it works with a tempo change, trains your whole body and leaves the after-burn which increases metabolism and burns more fat.

Jillian fitness app also has a great “Design Your Own Workout” feature where users can customize the workout length and fitness level as well as indicate which muscle group should be in focus. This goes away from the pre-made workout programs which might seem slightly defaulted and adds diversity to the training. This also gives users the flexibility to customize workouts.

Warm-ups and cool-downs will be included in the routine which makes the training safer and more graduate. She also introduces low impact modifications for those who need them. That way, the user can carry on training without stopping.

Jillian Michaels’ Meal Plans

Here the options are okay-ish: 9 nutrition plans to choose from like Keto, Paleo, Vegan, even Quick & Easy and so forth. The app follows the 4-meal principle: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner (plus an option to log extra meals for those who needs it). The food is clean, without much preservatives or other junk we should avoid for healthy wellbeing.

With the meal plan, Jillian Michaels fitness app tries to cover many preferences, but it’s not that flexible as other apps in the market like the 8fit app for starters. But the biggest advantage we see is, it gives clear guidelines on nutrition which not only eases the planning but also helps to achieve faster results.

Set up preferences and start planning your meals, mark food restrictions and begin batch cooking. Instructions are detailed and the food comes out okay. Naturally, such meal plans also break the stereotype that when trying to lose weight, one must nibble on green leaves 24/7. In reality, sustainable options are there without starving or cutting.

That being said, when reviewing the app’s recipes, we found it a bit too extreme. The meal plans would go from 2500 to 1500 daily calorie intake which is not sufficient nutrition and is very challenging to sustain.

Jillian Michaels app review: Pros

  • A good library of workout programs that can be done from home;
  • A meal plan + grocery shopping list included;
  • Interactive & customizable;
  • Has a forum with fellow peers and fitness enthusiasts.

Jillian Michaels app review: Cons

  • Poor interface and occasional bugging issues;
  • No offline mode;
  • Poor Android version and limited integration with outer devices (the app is more compatible with iPhone);
  • Too many repetitive exercises all in the same format;
  • Little forum activity from Jillian herself;
  • Extreme diet plans.

pros and cons of jillian app

Who Might Like Jillian Michaels Fitness App?

Okay, so once again we have to mention that most of us have seen Jillian on TV doing personal training for Hollywood stars (FYI if you like celeb workouts then you must check out the new Fitplan app too).

In this custom fitness app, she gives her fans the opportunity to train with her. If this doesn’t sell than nothing will! Naturally, we suggest this app to people who love Jillian.

That being said, we don’t really recommend this app to a complete beginner as the workouts are long and intensive. Sadly, the beginners might run out of breath and endurance. For beginners, we would suggest apps like Workout for Women.

After Reviewing Jillian Michaels Fitness App

We have mixed feelings about this fitness app. Firstly, she presents the same type of workout format for all programs so it seems that she has filmed all the moves in one day and just compiled the routines from the same moves. And secondly, we question the “customization” as it did not seem personalized enough. When going through different workouts, this fitness app felt a bit defaulted.

The user interface is very old-school too. This might also be the reason why the app has a few functional errors (e.g. not being able to remove workouts from the calendar and so on). This app strongly pushes on the brand presence (AKA Jillian herself) and does not really present the user with a problem-solving element.

We did not find it different from any other app we have reviewed so far. Apps like Sweat or Centr also have the same features but they’re more user-friendly,  sustainable and the users get a lot more diversity with them. This exercise app is good but the new ones coming out are better designed and better quality products.

If decide to go with Jillian Michaels fitness app

  • For Android we suggest combining Jillian Michaels fitness app with MyFitnessPal to actually track your calories otherwise the app doesn’t do this for you;

  • Watch preview videos before the workout to get familiar with the routine;

  • Remember that you cannot spot-reduce fat so you should always look at burning fat in a holistic way and stay overall fit;

  • For keeping track of progress, we recommend getting a smart scale that gives you an overview of your body and tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
Jillian Michaels Fitness App Review

If you feel like trying out the Jillian Michaels fitness app then get your 7-Day Free Trial Here!

Besides, she has some great resources on the web so we also suggest checking these out! Good Luck and Happy Sweating! 🙂

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