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Kegel Trainer Review – Is Kegel app any good?

kegel trainer review

The Kegel Trainer App is an excellent exercise app that allows you to track your kegel streaks and progress when doing kegel exercises. It allows you to set a target, and show you different positions and times how long you should be doing your kegel exercises for. With this Kegel trainer review, we’ll take a look at this app and break down the pros and cons to help you decide if the app is for you. 

Key Takeaways and Highlights

For those of us who don’t always have time to read the full Kegel Trainer review, here are the key takeaways that stood out for us:

  • The Kegel App has a user-friendly interface. You can open the app and start an exercise straight away.
  • The App provides exercises targeted at Men and Women. 
  • In the Pro Version, you can customize exercises and their duration. 
  • You can set goals or targets of how many exercises you would like to get done by the end of each day.
  • The App also gives us an animation of a person doing the exercises to help us do them correctly.
  • The Pro version provides up to 750 exercises and over 75 levels.
  • The Pro version has Physio-designed workouts for pre-natal, post-natal, sexual stamina, and sexual strength.

However, the Kegel App might not be for you if:

  • You are looking for more difficult exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. E.g Men can strengthen their pelvic floor by tensing the area whilst doing more strenuous gym workouts.
  • The movements these exercises force make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • You have a prior disability that makes these movements ( laying flat, contracting pelvic floor ) too difficult to do.

Kegel Trainer Exercise App Background

The Kegel Training Exercise App was created about 12 years ago by Olson Applications Ltd. Olsons Apps is an application design company that focuses on creating health and fitness based apps. 

The Company was founded on January 1st, 2010, and has released five other apps since then. The Kegel Trainer Exercise app is among the most popular of the apps they have created. 

On Android, the app has received over 1 million downloads since its launch. 

For those who who feel doing Kegel Exercises are something to be kept private. The app shows it’s title discretely as PFEI  on your home screen and not something obvious like Kegel Trainer.

kegel review

When it comes to the Kegel Trainer Exercise app the free version doesn’t provide it with enough to really set it apart from other apps. But when you download the paid version which is very reasonably priced you get a great number of different workouts and courses you can do.

The pro version provides you with 750 sessions with up to 75 levels on different aspects of fitness related to the pelvic floor. If you are getting ready for pregnancy, strengthening yourself after having a child, or wanting to boost your sexual stamina and strength, this app has you covered!

The app is fairly simple. Once downloaded it asks for your gender. You choose either male or female, this is important as both genders have a customized workout experience. Then it loads onto the basic home screen. 

You have your ‘begin session’ indicator at the top whic makes starting a session quick and efficiant. In the middle, you have your target indicator and at the bottom, you have your session tracker which both help track your progress and goals..

You can customize your exercises on the pro version by setting longer time limits or specific exercises. The icon colors can also be changed to your liking and you can change the graphic cues.

Core Features

With the ability to set targets, along with a well-designed selection of exercises coupled with a simple design, this app is a big win for anyone aiming to strengthen their pelvic floor.

Workout programs available

The Kegel app gives us a wide range of different programs. You have your basic workouts that are targeted at strengthening the pelvic floor regardless of a specific condition. 

As said earlier there are 750 sessions with 75 levels spread through 6 programs. The programs are designed for pre-natal, post-natal, sexual strength, sexual stamina, general strength, and relaxation.

The basic free version offers 10 sessions with 76 levels and aims at general strengthening of the pelvic floor. 

The sessions run from 0-30 seconds in the earlier levels and increase in duration the higher the level or session.

The Kegel Trainer Exercise app gives you an accurate record of your session streaks. It breaks down how often you do the exercise and displays the information on the home screen.

Kegel workout plans


The difficulty level of the exercises depends on how strong your pelvic floor muscles are. We found the seated squeeze and release exercises relatively easy. 

For a woman on the post-natal program, you might find that the exercises are more demanding as you are having to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The type of exercise is timed between 30-60 seconds with breaks between squeeze and releases. 

Kegel exercises keep the pelvic floor muscles tight which can avoid uncomfortable situations like accidently passing urine or gas,  or having a relaxed bladder sagging onto the vagina, uterus or bowl.

Different training methods

The training methods all aim to strengthen the same muscle group, the pelvic floor. The range of exercise goes from being seated to standing or lying on the floor. All exercises use a squeeze and release method. 

A benefit of this app is that by doing these exercises you contract your pelvic floor muscles which helps strengthen them. You can do this whilst doing a push-up or plank or even laying flat on your bed. It’s quite a versatile exercise.

For men especially, combining these exercises has added benefits such as improving your posture or tightening your hipflexers along with your pelvic floor. This can help remove the arch in your lower back caused by the hip flexors near your glutes being too tight.

Needed Equipment

You don’t need much equipment for doing kegel exercises. For the majority of the early levels, you could use a normal chair. Look for one that would force you to sit with good posture. 

You want to sit with a straight back when doing these exercises. For the exercises that require you to either lay down or be near the floor, an exercise mat would do the job.

Length of Workouts

The workouts range from 30 seconds to 60 seconds depending on the session and level you are on. The duration of sessions is determined by the repetitions of squeezes and relaxing you do. 

The exercises will start with squeezing for 3 seconds and relaxing for 3. As you move up the levels, the squeezing duration increases.

Other Specifics

There are no warm-ups or cool downs included but doing basic stretches to warm up is always suggested. Stretch your lower back, your glutes, and your hamstrings to give you a better range of movement if you a coupling kegel exercises with others.

The app unfortunately does not count calories. Due to the short length of the workouts, it is very unlikely that you will burn many calories. The app also doesn’t sync with any health devices such as your apple watch. 

Customisable Workouts

The workouts per program are pretty set. We have seen that there is, however, a customizable option on the pro version. This gives you access to all levels and sessions. You can design your program, its exercises, positions, and duration.

This is beneficial to men and women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy, sexual endurance, or for health concerns. 

Workout Scheduling

This feature is pretty epic. On the free version, you can schedule up to 2 workouts a day with reminders. The pro version allows you to set unlimited reminders throughout the week. 

In setting reminders you can edit the reminder message and include session length. The pro features also provide you with a calendar to track plans and set a target. 

In this Kegel trainer review, we think being able to schedule your workouts is a great feature! Especially if you are a goal orientated person you could plan your workouts to achieve your goals.

hegel trainer

Availability of live demos

The Kegel Trainer Exercise app does not have live demo’s demonstrating the movement but it does have an animation of the position you should be in. We could however see demo’s added further down the line as the app develops.

You can Workout Anywhere

Kegel exercises can be done anywhere really, which is very convenient.  The seated exercises can be done at home, at work, or even in the gym. That’s a benefit of this app. You can exercise anywhere. For the lying down position, it is best to do it in a more comfortable place, home where the gym could work.

App Updates

The app doesn’t necessarily come out with new exercises often. Over the last 2 years, it has had around 23 minor updates adding posture pictures and improving the home page and experience of pro version members.

Meal plan

Unfortunately, in our Kegel trainer review, we have noticed that the Kegel Trainer Exercise app does not give us a meal plan, count calories, or give suggestions on what meals would be beneficial when doing these exercises. But it is suggested that you don’t do these exercises on a full stomach. 

The added pressure to your intestine from the tensing and releasing could give you some discomfort. You want to avoid foods that are going to irritate your bladder as well. We would recommend avoiding these foods and drinks:

  • Caffeinated Beverages
  • Fizzy drinks & Alcohol 
  • Sweeteners & Artificial Sugars
  • Hot or Spicy foods
  • Foods high in salt
  • Acid fruits & vegetables

We recommend you fill your diet more with:

  • De-caffeinated beverages such as Herbal tea
  • Foods high in fiber
  • Omega 3 fatty acids ( Avocado )
  • Fruits with low acidity ( Bananas )

Kegel trainer also provides further information on each program on the pro version. It gives you background on the aims of the exercises and why they should help you as well as a breakdown of how the exercise works.

For more information on apps with good meal plans check out this article!

Fitness App vs Similar Apps

In our Kegel Trainer review we compar other apps that are similar to the Kegel Trainer App are Squeeze Time and Easy Kegel. On iOS these apps all have the same rating of 4.8. However, Android Kegel trainer has 4.9 whereas Squeeze Time has 4.8 and Easy Kegel has 4.6. 

The major difference between Kegel and the other two apps comes in its looks. Both other apps are displayed with a soft pink app which implies a more feminine aspect to the app, whereas upon download the Kegel Trainer app gives us a sharper green. 

The apps all have reminder functions and the ability to set goals and schedule workouts. One function the Squeeze app has that the others don’t is the team function. This would benefit pre or post-natal users most as it could be done alongside professional classes.

The apps all have somewhat customizable programs as well. Overall though, the Kegel Trainer Exercise app has the best reviews.  The customer service on Kegel Trainer is relatively good. They answer reviews on iOS & Android and update their app accordingly.

For this Kegel Trainer Review we also compared this app to the Sweat app. In comparison the sweat app is a lot mor diverse in the exercises it provides. The Kegel Trainer only targets the pelvic floor with 3 basic positions, standing, sitting and laying down.

With Sweat you have four exclusive trainers and around 40 specific exercise programs to choose from. Kegel and pregnancy programs included. Sweat also has a life like demonstration on each exercise. Kegel Trainer has an animated example of the movement.

One thing both Apps have is they both help you track your progress and set goals well. Each program has a duration and you can track how well you have done and how many more session you have on the program.

Fitness App Payments 

This app has a paid version that will give the customer full access to all 750 sessions on the app which are spread over 75 different levels, to ensure that the customer is always challenging himself. 

The premium version also offers specialized exercise regimens created by physiotherapists for pre- and post-natal conditions, sexual stamina and strength training, general strength training, and relaxing techniques. In this Kegel Trainer review e have also added the prices of in app purchases.

The in-app purchases are as follows: The basic versions with 10 sessions and 76 levels are free. The pro version prices are $24 for the full pro package, $2.49 for individual pro features, $2.99 for the extra level pack, Full Access, Custom Level Option, Settings pack and the Ultra Discreet Pack, and $17.99 for the Pro pack with the basic pro features. 

We would suggest you take the full package for $24.99 as this makes all the functions fully available to you and the bonus is you never have to make another payment.

Final Kegel Trainer Review

The Kegel Trainer Exercise app is great for men and women, pregnant or having given birth, who have the desire to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The app is easy to use with a straightforward user interface. It records your progress and makes scheduling easy. 

You can do exercises anywhere! With the animation function and vocal instructions you can carry your Kegel Trainer everywhere. The Pro Version is suggested as it provides you with a number of great features to ensure you strengthen or relax your pelvic floor.


  • Multiple programs to choose from.
  • Can schedule and track exercises
  • Set targets
  • Customize exercises
  • Gives you reminders


  • The calendar doesn’t sync with your email.
  • Exercises can become tedious.
  • Have to get a paid version to use extended features.

After reading the Kegel App review we can see that to use the app to its full potential it would be best if you bought the pro version. Set 3 to 4 goals a day, choose your program and do 3 to 4 sessions a day. Remember to breathe when you do the exercises. 

To avoid tedium we would suggest you also change posture with exercises. Stand sometimes, sit others and when you are in a comfortable area lay down.

  • Keep good posture when exercising
  • Add kegel exercises to other calisthenics exercises.
  • Remember to breathe well through the duration of the session.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort not associated with muscular fatigue stop the exercise.

Download for IOS Here!

Download for Android Here!