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Kids Fitness – What Are the Options?

It’s not easy to be a parent today with all these distractions going around. Yet, technology can be incredibly fun and help us to motivate ourselves better. If we know how to use technology in our favor, we will be able to shift the perspective on things. This is especially important to the young ones who are still learning about life and its aspects. This article will cover what are the options for kids fitness and how we might get the youth moving!

Why Kids Should Move?

When it comes to an active lifestyle, a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for anyone. We as humans are designed to move, cleanse our organs, oxygenate our brain, and naturally designed to produce happy hormones (endorphins). At the same time, it’s getting harder and harder to convince your kid to get off the couch and move. It’s due to all the distractions, also know as television, the internet and all other cool gadgets that come along.

If we know how to use technology in our favor, we will be able to shift the perspective on things.

If we understand how to motivate the youth using new methods, we will be able to see a change. Luckily, today kids’ fitness comes in all kinds of forms and shapes.

One of the hottest trends are kids’ fitness trackers. It’s a kids-friendly gadget that motivates your kid to move in an interactive way. Garmin has one of the best kids fitness tracker series themed in Disney, Star Wars and Marvel (suitable for boys and girls) for as little as $69.99 USD.

Garmin Junior Watches Pros

  • Garmin kids fitness trackers are competitive, modern, entertaining, and educational;
  • They come in trendy colors;
  • Trackers also help the parents to monitor kids’ activities while keeping connected via the parental app;
  • Long-battery life, water-proof and durable;
  • Task timer keep the kids on time with brushing teeth and other chores;
  • Motivates the little one to do various chores in exchange for rewards set-up by parents.

Garmin Junior Watches Cons

  • Garmin kids’ fitness trackers have small and dark screens;
  • The printing comes off after time;
  • Complains about the battery life and that is not lasting so long.

Then There Are Kids Fitness Games

To keep the kids away from electronics, we need to present them with something fun and worthwhile. I found this great exercise boardgame called Fitivities for both indoor and outdoor activities only for $34.95. This game gets the kids moving in a fun and interactive way. It consists of 20 exercises and can be played by up to 24 people aged anywhere from 4 to 60 and up.

It’s suited to both kids and parents! It’s also greatly suited in schools because activities give a healthy break which increases the focus. Besides, wouldn’t this be a nice way how to spend family time on a rainy day? We all know how lazy we get when it’s showers outside and you’re at home the whole day. This might be finally a way how to keep ourselves energetic.

Fitivities Pros

  • Low impact modifications available;
  • Active family time together;
  • Clear instructions, easy to follow;
  • Incorporates the competitive racing element which is an extra motivational boost for the kids.

Fitivities Cons

  • Needs at least 4 players to work;
  • Limited amount of exercises.

What About Kids Workout Apps?

In this field the leader is Sworkit. This custom fitness app has created a separate app for kids called the Sworkit Youth Initiative which you can read more about here.

But to keep it short, the Sworkit Fitness app was created back in 2012. By downloading this app you’ll get intensive bodyweight workout routines which are easily done from home (learn more on the Sworkit app here).

Anyhow, they learned the troubling statistics on childhood obesity rates an decided to fight it. So this is how the Sworkit Youth Initiative was born. The goal is to reduce the rate of childhood obesity in half by 2026.

Sworkit Youth Initiative Pros

  • The workouts are free;
  • Not only available to kids but also to students, teachers, and coaches across the globe;
  • The app is modern and “speaks their language“.

Sworkit Youth Initiative Cons

  • To be honest, there are not many cons to Sworkit Youth Initiative. Perhaps, the only one I see is that they’re not available in all countries.

To make this possible, they use the revenue from Sworkit Fitness app and puts it in the Sworkit Youth Initiative program. So I wish them good luck in their mission!

Final Thoughts on Kids Fitness

There are various ways how to get the kids up and moving. Either you go with Garmin’s wearables or get the Fitivities exercise game as a gift.

Ultimately, this is and always will be about building healthy habits from a young age that will last for a lifetime. The 3 examples of kids’ fitness also integrate the parents so it’s a way how to stay active together. Active lifestyle not only creates a better atmosphere at home but it also teaches your kids to achieve goals.

Let us recognize the importance of kids’ fitness in today’s society. Work with them in a smart way, not the hard way and the results will come! Share if you agree!

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