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Komoot Review – Is it the best hiking trail app?

komoot review

You can always appreciate a bit of help if you’re a fan of the great outdoors. Komoot is one of the top apps for bikers who want to connect with others quickly and plan their trips. You’ll find maps with separate regions, and the app will turn your journeys into wonderful experiences. This Komoot review will help you find out if this app is perfect for you, whether you want to just enjoy the ride without worrying about anything or be part of a community. 

How to Tell if Komoot’s the App For You

Every app has a different target audience, and Komoot is designed for those who want to expand their biking catalog and encourage a sense of belonging rather than competition.

Reasons for getting the app:

  • If you’re someone who likes to mix fitness and adventure
  • Want help with planning the perfect route
  • Want to be part of a community

Why you shouldn’t get the app:

  • If you visit less well-known areas
  • If you prefer rawer journeys

Background of Kamoot

Unlike other popular apps on the market, like Strava, Komoot stresses the importance of experience. The app’s page will tell you how the developers wanted people to spend more time outdoors and try new activities.

It’s an app built around the philosophy that, in the end, you’ll remember the memories you made along the journey. The team behind the app wants people to create those memories with ease.

So, if you’re an enthusiast who wants an app that will take out the stress of planning and deciding where you want your next ride to be and leave in the easy parts, Komoot is definitely for you.

How Komoot Came To Be

Komoot was started by a team of Berlin-based developers, with one co-founder being Jonas Spengler. The message is that the app aims to give meaning to the small things in life and focus on the experience.

People certainly paid attention because it’s been downloaded 1 million times, with 300k on IOS and 700k on Android. 

It also has the ratings to back it up, with a 5.0 IOS rating and a 4.2 rating on Android, with over 268k reviews, so you can rest assured that users are satisfied.

At its roots, Komoot aims to bring people together. It’s primarily community-based, with several maps to choose from. You can contribute pictures and share your experiences to help other users understand what to expect.

Encouraging user contribution to the app also means that the developers can increase the level of details without an investment of their own, killing two birds with one stone. 

komoot route recorder

Core Features

This Komoot review will discuss the core features of the app one of which is its maps. It has many features to make planning a trip as easy as possible.

  • OpenStreetMap data: like most other apps with GPS tracking, it takes data from OpenStreetMap. This can mean incomplete data for less visited places, but it doesn’t put Komoot at a disadvantage since most other apps use it too.
  • Offline maps: if you’re afraid you won’t have wi-fi in a more remote area, you can easily download your planned route. You’ll be able to download entire regions.
  • Personalized routes: you can choose a sport and then get options like your preferred starting point, duration, and difficulty to help develop a course just for you. It’s excellent for beginners who aren’t sure where to get started.
  • Built-in voice navigation system: Whether on a bike or hiking, you can easily listen to the instructions or follow them on your screen.

The second feature that forms Komoot’s true core is its blog option. It’s like Instagram, but only for hiking sports.

  • Social media friendly with blog embedding features: you can share your journeys with others and grow in the community, connecting with others who share your hobby and passion for the outdoors.
  • Post completed and planned trips: you’ll be able to post and browse through others’ journeys and ask for advice on things to look out for.
  • Recommendations: you can post your own or go through others’. Matching experience and asking for advice on things to look out for just increases the overall experience.

Finally, Komoot also has a web route planner option. You can log in to your account on their website and plan your route on a laptop or desktop, making navigating easier.

komoot review web

The app’s compatible with iPads and Apple Watch, so you won’t have trouble connecting your data.

Navigating Komoot

Setting up Your Account

When you first download the app, you’ll need to set up your account with the usual e-mail address and password. Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, you can get started on planning your next adventure.

Once Komoot has a read on your location, you’ll select your favored sports. You can choose from the following options:

  • Biking
  • Leisure cycling
  • Hiking
  • MTB
  • Road cycling
  • Bikepacking
  • Gravel riding
  • Running

Supported Services

You don’t have to fret about handling your health data because you can sync your data with a Garmin account and Apple Health. This will allow you to automatically record cycling, walking, and running distances as well as workouts.

It also supports Suunto, Wahoo Fitness, Bosch, and Specialized. Since Komoot seamlessly integrates with other fitness apps, there’s no need to maintain or update your data manually. 

Planning a Trip

In this Komoot review, you will find that the best thing about the app is that it has a reasonably simple interface, and you don’t have to spend time scratching your head wondering how and where to get started.

All you have to do is click ‘Plan New Route’ to get started. It’ll open a new tab where you can select a sport, your fitness level on a scale of 1 to 5, and whether you’ll make a one-way or round trip.

To choose a starting point and destination, you’ll have standard options like deciding on a map or using your current location. Once you use the app regularly, you can start saving places for your personal routes. This makes it easier to plan future biking excursions. 

kamoot planer

The Discover Page

This is one of the app’s core features: you’ll be able to search routes from all over the world or nearby. You can even get personalized courses that start right where you are.

It also brings all Komoot users together and basically serves as the app’s backbone. You’ll be able to follow different profiles and go through their planned, completed, and recommended trips.

Its social media specifically for biking enthusiasts makes the app a good choice for those looking for a space dedicated to their passion.

komoot Discover

Your Profile

This is where you’ll manage your own profile. You can see your bookmarks, recommended trips and planned and completed trips. You can even categorize collections if you have the app’s premium version. For example, you can arrange your favorite routes in separate albums which will make it easier for you to find them later.

Our Komoot review suggests that the app is incredibly easy to use, making all the difference. People don’t have patience for checking every button: the layout was cream with green, making the setting perfect for the natural feel the app’s going for.

Beginners will have no trouble navigating their profile. All you have to do to chronicle your trip is press record. It’ll start the navigation system, and you can download a map beforehand if you go to a remote area.

You can also take pictures to upload to your profile. This way you share the trails you have discovered with your family and friends.

komoot profile

Comparing Komoot With Other Apps

One of the biggest questions going around is: Strava or Komoot. It depends on what you’re looking for. Our Komoot review has made it clear that the app focuses on building a community and a sense of belonging. It’s all about having fun and easily connecting with people who share your interests.

Strava is more of a competition-based app. It has leaderboards where you can compare statistics like speed and time with other users, creating the need to stay on top.

  • Ride With GPS:

It’s slightly pricier than other apps, but if Komoot’s defining feature is its community page, Ride With GPS focuses on maps. The Komoot review reveals that its maps are by no means sloppy, but the other app is known for having an expansive database and detailed route planning.

Depending on what you like, AllTrails might have the edge over Komoot. It has extra features like wheelchairs and dog-friendly trails and lets people rate and comment on specific routes.

It also donates proceeds for protecting wild places from Pro membership fees and celebrates events by giving to the One Tree Planted charity. If you want to contribute to helping the places you tour, this is an added incentive.

App Payment

There are three basic packs. Once you log in to the app, you’ll be able to select one region for free, and it’ll stay that way. Next, you can purchase more options. Here are the available options:

  • Single Region:

For a $3.99 one-time purchase, you’ll get all the map perks, including voice navigation and an offline version. You’ll also get weekly updates and can use them on any device.

  • Region Bundle:

the bundle offers the same features as the single region pack, except you can select multiple regions in a bundle. If you decide to purchase the region bundle, It would cost you $8.99.

  • The World:

Priced at $19.99, this pack provides the best value. You’ll unlock navigation on all maps, so if you’re serious about the sport, definitely consider it.

Komoot Premium

For those who want even more, Komoot also offers a premium version. According to our Komoot review, it comes with perks like live tracking, on-tour weather, sport-specific maps, the option to make collections, a multi-day planner, and access to the entire World Pack. You can plan your trip at the best possible time and place. In addition, live tracking allows you to send your coordinates to someone else, so you don’t have to worry about getting stranded in a remote area. And of course, access to the World Pack means being able to plan a route anywhere.  

It also provides more discounts and costs $59.99 annually, which is around $4.99 per month. 

If you tend to space out your trips and plan them for vacations, then one of the regional bundles or single packs is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re a hobbyist who’s somewhere new every weekend, then the premium version is definitely worth it.

Final Verdict

As someone who downloaded the app expecting to put in the effort to get the hang of things, we were pleasantly surprised by Komoot. It’s not just the overall interface; even if you’re a first-timer, you won’t have trouble navigating it.

And as mentioned in the Komoot review, this app is for you if you’re a hobbyist fond of the outdoors. It’s not for those who want navigation at its highest or those who enjoy healthy competition. Rather than a thrill ride, it’s a slowdown and smell the roses sort of app.

It also has reasonable prices. Its premium is on par with other competitors, though billed annually. And as far as sustainability goes, if you don’t go on tours often, then the three packs are perfect.

A one-time permanent purchase, you can take your time going through routes near you or buy one for a big trip.

Considering how it works, we’d say it’s definitely worth the money.

As far as its pros go, it:

  • Is best for those who like planned adventure
  • Focuses on fitness with ease
  • It focuses on building a community
  • Is also compatible with many devices
  • Has an excellent route planning interface

A few cons you’ll want to keep in mind are:

  • Kamoot is not for those who like more self-reliant journeys
  • The app offers limited routes 
  • The app has noo free version apart from the first region
  • It doesn’t provide detailed reports

The best way to use Komoot is to start easy. Select a region close to you, and start hiking.

At the end of our Komoot review, here are a few tips if you’re just setting out on your fitness journey:

  • Don’t forget to warm up
  • Take it easy and start small
  • Ride every day for around 30 minutes 3 to 5 times weekly
  • Start at a slow, steady pace and speed up to start to sweat

Download for IOS here

Download for Android here