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Ladder Review – What is the Ladder App?

ladder review

The Ladder app has appealed to a wide audience with its unique features. This Ladder Review will explore how the app has combined fitness trainers and strength training to help motivated individuals view visible results in no time. The review leaves no stones unturned to bring you the true picture of the app. If you are looking to work out as part of a team with a coach in-ear for strength training, you will love Ladder! 

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get the Ladder app if you: 

  • Work best under a professional fitness trainer
  • Feel motivated while working out as part of a virtual team
  • Enjoy choices and variety in workout routines
  • Want to get fit from the comfort of your home
  • Want to do strength training

Don’t get the Ladder app if you: 

  • Want to gain access to recipes and cooking instructions to become fit
  • Do not enjoy virtual workout sessions 
  • Find it hard to keep up with new workouts every other day

Ladder Background 

The CEO of Ladder Strength Training Application is Greg Stewart who came up with the idea for the app before the pandemic and was focused more on individuals with gym memberships. Then Stewart noticed how successful individuals were able to stay consistent with the help of a personal trainer and that’s where Ladder became an app to cater to the demand of a personal trainer. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone users. It has an amazing rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars by 1600+ reviewers on the Apple Store. 

trainers and coaches


Our Ladder Review found that the app offers access to professional trainers who create new, fresh and personalized workouts every week to save your time, energy, and effort. Workouts will not get boring, because of that and you will enjoy exercising much more.  

Each workout comes with video demonstrations, precise pacing, and in-ear coaching and allows you to work out from anywhere such as your home, gym, or park! If you are a beginner and do not know anything about workout then this will help you to do everything correctly. Even if you are more advanced this might be helpful too. 

Ladder removes the confusion and difficulty associated with planning your workouts every day. You will know what workouts you have to do every week as they will be prepared by an experienced coach and accessible to you each Sunday. Workout scheduling is a pretty new thing and it is perfect for busy people who forget things easily, but Caliverse could also help you to remember about workout. 

Every workout session is 30-40 minutes long which is doable and achievable for you to reach your targets! You get to remain in control of your workout sessions with the help of professional trainers as you have vocal coaching cues that guide you. You feel as if you are working out alone while simultaneously feeling like part of the virtual community. If you do not have that much time or want to start with something more easy, then you can use an app like Seven. There is a 7 minutes long workout where you can choose focus exercises.

ladder workout dashboard

Each professional trainer has his/ her own style and expertise. Some motivate you every week with inspiring words and uplifting messages. Others give you feedback on your posture and exercises. Most are easily accessible to answer your queries. 

The Ladder App allows you to enjoy music via Spotify or Apple Music. It has a volume control that lowers the music volume while the coach speaks and raises it when you are working out! If dynamic music is a big part of your work out then Les Mills can guarantee that to you.  What could be better than not stopping after every step to raise or lower the volume of music? 

Core Features

Find Your Plan

Our Ladder Review found the dedication of the Ladder Team to help you get a personalized workout plan according to your training styles and goals.Ladder app asks the user a bunch of personalized screening questions. This is considered good as workouts become more custom and personalized to its own fitness goals and level, which will help you reach your targets more successfully.  Questions also come with user reviews and ladder benefits in between.

teammates section on Ladder


Ladder Shop includes apparel for your workout and training sessions. Since the ladder app focuses on strength training, the shop also allows you to buy fitness equipment of various categories. The categories are: 

  • Body and bell
  • Boundless
  • Crews Control
  • Elevate
  • Empwr
  • Kettleclub
  • Maximus
  • Movewell
  • Project alpha
  • Rx
  • Treigning day 

Everyone who needs something for a better workout can find it in the Ladder Shop and do not need to spend their time looking for it on other websites which can be pretty exhausting.

Ladder vs. Other apps-How Does The App Compete With The Market? 

Compared to other apps like Reshape Me and Tone It Up, the Ladder app has a better rating than Reshape Me on Apple Store i.e. 4.9. However, Ladder does not have an Android version yet which puts it behind its competitors that are faring well on Google Playstore. The Ladder app has a lot of options for virtual strength training workouts with personal trainers in your ear unlike Reshape Me. However, the app does not include a meal plan, based on your dietary restrictions and preferences, unlike Reshape Me and Tone It Up. 

Like Tone It Up, Ladder also has an appealing UI and attractive interface. This makes it easy to follow the workouts and track progress.

As in Reshape Me and Tone It Up, users also need to pay for the full experience in Ladder. However, unlike Reshape Me and Tone It Up, Ladder allows you to try all training plans (teams) and complete as many workouts as you like in the FREE trial version.  

So if you like to try all features before purchasing them, then Ladder gives you that.

Customer Service and User Reviews of Ladder

After our Ladder review, we were satisfied with the app and its variety of strength training available. 

We were excited to see on Sunday evening what our upcoming week will look like in reference to workout plans. We appreciate trainers’ attention to detail in the workout plans.  

We loved being part of the Ladder community where engaging conversations take place via the live chat feature! We enjoyed talking to their professional trainers through this feature as well. 

Unsurprisingly, we were very happy with the Ladder app, considering its rating of 4.9 out of 5. Perhaps with time, some flaws or bugs may come to the surface that lets us know their commitment to resolving customer issues. 

ladder rewards

Ladder Payments & Subscription

The app was a breath of fresh air because it allows you to enjoy several features during the FREE trial stage. The app has a 7 day  free trial and after that you can choose one of the 3 paid plans available.

The best part is that you do not need to share your credit card information to avail the FREE trial! You can enjoy the basic features of the app without giving the app access to your private information!

Final Review of Ladder and Summary

The Ladder app helps you get a personalized workout plan based on your preferred training styles and goals. It allows you to enjoy a wide variety of training plans and new workouts. You can join a team and benefit from its supportive environment that will motivate you to work out. 

We believe that the Ladder app deserves a shot because it offers so much without forcing the users to opt for its premium membership package. It saves your time and energy by planning interesting new workouts every week. It allows you to enjoy the gym experience with a personal trainer without the high cost and extra commitment of going to a gym. It cannot get better than that!


  • Save your time and energy as you get planned workouts by expert coaches
  • Enjoy fresh workouts every week and a wide range of training plans
  • Train from anywhere
  • Supportive and accessible personal trainers 
  • Feel motivated with an empowered team
  • Talk to the coaches and get answers to your queries
  • Clear demonstration of every exercise with benefits
  • Complements Simultaneous Use with Apple Music and Spotify


  • Unavailable for Android Users which makes it inaccessible to a large audience
  • No meal plans or recipes for users who want nutritional guidance
  • Unfit for users who cannot follow virtual workout plans

Ladder Recommendations for using the app

To make the most of this Ladder Review, we recommend you to try the app’s 7 days FREE trial, so you can come to know if it is the right fit for you! Utilize all its features by committing to it for a week. Explore different workout programs, learn from professional trainers, and simply enjoy the app! 

We hope this Ladder Review will help you make a sound decision regarding the app’s usability! You can check out the app yourself by downloading using the link below: 

Link to Apple Store