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LES MILLS app review: A great addition to the fitness world

Les Mills app review

Les Mills on Demand is a fitness app that offers energetic and dynamic workouts at home. With such a great variety of workout programs, users will find a great diversity of training methods for people who might get bored easily. From yoga, martial arts and cycling to dancing and HIIT, Les Mills fitness app brings effective routines to our home setting.

The need of such fitness apps

Trying to stay physically fit while sticking to a busy routine has become one of the most daunting challenges in our modern lives. For a lot of us, it is just too hard to take time out to hit the gym since we are too busy trying to take care of other things – a job, school or even child care. That is why people are now gradually switching their fitness and workout sessions from gyms to fitness apps. Fitness applications provide a major benefit over actual fitness centers – they are easy for users to work out whenever they want, wherever they want.

Well, enter Les Mills – the most exciting fitness app in the market right now! Keep reading our Les Mills app review to find out how this fitness application comes in handy if you’d like to improve your home fitness game.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the app before getting into this Les Mills app review. Here is a quick rundown of why you should and shouldn’t download the app.

You might enjoy Les Mills if:

  • You are looking for variety because Les Mills offers so many different types of workouts and programs;
  • You like short, to-the-point workouts;
  • Combo workouts are your thing;
  • You are on the lookout for quality music and instructions;
  • You want to be on a proper workout schedule without having to leave the comfort of your home;
  • You are a beginner looking for easy-to-follow workouts and tutorials;
  • Access matters to you.

On the other hand, the Les Mills may not be the one for you if:

  • You are looking for that social interaction with others;
  • You feel that dynamics and jumping are not the type of workouts you like;
  • You need feedback on your form while you work out;
  • Or you’re looking for a more personalized approach with a meal plan included.

Everything You Need To Know About Les Mills

Before we dive into the actual Les Mills app review, let us get you in the loop about the basics of the app.

The journey of the app actually started with a man known as Les Mills. He had launched his first gym in Auckland, NZ in 1968 and was a four-time field and track Olympian. The fitness center was a straightforward project, providing basic resistance and aerobic exercises to a small group of athletes.

In recent years, Les and his family successfully developed the community fitness brand of the same name, which has been world-class with its comprehensive and innovative science-based curriculum, highly trained teachers, and high-energy training courses.

Les Mills Coaches


The Success of the App

Over the last five decades, Les Mills has managed to become a major fitness ball of fire with courses in more than 20,000 fitness centers around the world. 50 years since its establishment, it is now the center of a cultural transformation, a lively paradise where rising fitness talents from around the world develop innovative ways of getting themselves healthy by mixing music & dance and introducing it to the public.

A few years back, the company launched Les Mills on Demand –an application for iOS and Android, which allows all their users to take advantage of its fitness plans and training within the comfort of their own home.

What Makes It Unique?

After reviewing Les Mills on Demand, we truly feel that their huge base of workout programs that has been so well received in the fitness world today are the key to its success. When a fitness app combines all the previously created workout programs which are refined to its finest detail, it’s hard to go wrong. This is what makes Les Mills stand out when comparing it to other fitness app in the market. The difference is that most fitness apps have entered the market by using an-app-first approach rather than creating workout programs before the launch. Workout apps like 8fit or Seven are both clear examples of an-app-first approach where you would follow a workout routine that’s pretty much consists of assembled fragments. Meanwhile, fitness apps like Centr or Jillian Michaels fitness app had developed workouts before jumping into the tech side of the business. Hence, Les Mills indeed is a perfect example on how the fitness world is not only developing but also slowly replacing gyms.

Les Mills workout programs

The Les Mills app allows its consumers to take lessons from their phones, tablets, laptops and even has an option to cast workouts to your television. Plus, it lets you learn the techniques thoroughly before trying them out! Once you pay a small subscription fee, you will see what a total game changer this app has become in the world of fitness and health. It provides a total of 16 training and exercise programs for beginners or experienced practitioners varying from 15 to 55 minutes in length.


Les Mills on Demand can be accessed on iOS and Android platforms on up to 3 devices, no matter what time it is or where you are. With more and more fitness workouts being added to the app every week, Les Mills is the perfect app for you if you want unrestricted access to over 800 strong, reliable workouts regardless of the time and place.

The best part of the app that people discuss in other Les Mills app reviews online is that it offers training courses that have been specially designed to suit your lifestyle. Les Mills can be the app of your dreams if you are unable to go to your usual gym.

Reliability of the Workouts

What users of the app seem to love discussing in some of Les Mills app reviews is the reliability of the workouts, as all exercises and workout routines are statistically and scientifically supported by science.

Les Mills workouts goes away from calorie counting per ce and goes deeper into hormonal responses that the body triggers when working out. These responses in turn has greater long-term effects than a regular calorie-matched cardio class (1). Hence, this makes the workouts that much more effective as during the workout, users are urged to change the tempo, repeat intervals, and work with speeding up and slowing down the heartbeat.

With the assistance of a team of exercise experts, fitness practitioners, and motivation specialists, they are designed to work hand in hand and provide desirable outcomes for all users. Personally, with every workout we felt a mix of cardio moves blended together with strength and flexibility. And their workouts, it all comes down to music and energy. The moves are choreographed to fit with the music making it extremely dynamic.

Extra Content

In some of the training programs, Les Mills has developed ‘remixes’ of all their workout videos in order to concentrate on a variety of fields, such as the aerobic or intensity areas.

There are also video tutorials available, which will enable you to get the most out of your exercise routine before you begin it. You can also watch interviews of several of the mentors and instructors if you’re intrigued.

And last but not least, they’ve even got a ‘New to LMOD’ section that lets you choose the correct equipment and create the right training environment. Extremely friendly to fitness beginners who’re still finding their rhythm.

Les Mills Workouts

Variety in Categories

Another great thing that sets Les Mills apart in a sea of competitors is that it offers at least 23 different types of workout categories. This will comprise low-to-high intensity cardio, dancing, cycling, attentiveness/consciousness, and yoga routines along with strength conditioning. So I see this as a strong selling point to those who needs some diversity as they might get bored easily.

You may also choose pre-developed training plans for your fitness targets. This is an incredible advantage of the program! The 3, 6, 9, and 12-week plans have been developed to fulfill different health requirements and objectives.

Sense of Community

There is a strong sense of community that you can join and take advantage of within the app. The forum is an additional platform offered by the app to help and inspire your physical and wellness journey, as most people reveal in their heartfelt Les Mills app reviews.

Once you join, you can also receive suggestions from friends along with professional advice and guidance, if that’s more up your speed.

Workouts as the Core Feature of the App

At the time of writing this Les Mills app review, the app has essentially 16 diverse fitness plans available. These include:

  1. The Trip which basically are forty-minute cycling sessions;
  2. BodyPump – the classic old school weightlifting exercises;
  3. BodyCombat – a mixed martial arts exercise without any combat designed to help lose calories;
  4. Les Mills Grit  is a 30 minute HIIT training incorporating aerobics, endurance, and plyo;
  5. Cxworx – this workout session focuses on bracing the foundation, which is fabulous, in our opinion. It takes about 15-30 minutes, which is why they’re a perfect addition to any other exercise;
  6. Les Mills Sprint is a yet another HIIT exercise but on an indoor cycle this time;
  7. BodyBalance  is the yoga class that is perfect for everyone and can strengthen the mind and body;
  8. RPM is a home biking exercise, in which you can control and monitor the intensity. This is a journey of flat riding, hill climbs, and sprints;
  9. BodyAttack is a basic high-speed aerobics exercise where you have to keep up with the levels of energy since there is a lot of running on the track;
  10. BodyStep offers plenty of aerobic exercises that really strengthen your buttocks and thighs, basic moves are at the core of this workout, which make it very similar to just stepping up and down;
  11. Sh’Bam is a cardio-dance exercise that does not require a lot of prior experience, designed especially for those who prefer dance routines such as Zumba;
  12. Les Mills Barre is based on classical ballet techniques that blend cardio with strength & high reps and limited motion exercises with weights;
  13. Les Mills Training – this guarantees to be a complete exercise, one that you can do at your own speed;
  14. Les Mills Dance are contemporary dance exercises by Gandalf Archer Mills, who is an international dancer and choreographer. There are not that many fitness options in this chapter, so it will be a fantastic complement to another exercise;
  15. Mind-Body Series is a mini-series that showcases yoga and awareness-based vinyasa;
  16. Born To Move  – this training tends to center on little kids, which we think is a fantastic addition and makes the app stand out in the fitness app world.


Some of the workout categories use exercise equipment such as barbells, mats, etc. But you can start with a lot of workouts, even if you don’t have any equipment. In case you gave an indoor cycle that you don’t use a lot, Les Mills on Demand has a few fantastic exercises, which will motivate you to put that bike to great use again, especially in programs like The Trip and RPM.

Peloton fitness equipment

Les Mills Subscriptions: How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Les Mills on Demand is $14.99 each month but they offer to buy a yearly subscription straight up-front which would bring the price down to $9.99 a month or ~120 USD a year.

You will have to pay only after the 14-day free trial has finished though. There’s also a 3-months subscription available.

Honestly speaking, we find this subscription fee a lot cheaper in contrast to the prices of most gym subscriptions. Personally speaking, just the cost of the workout videos is worth it on its own. Another major advantage is not having to find a sitter for kids or pets and having all the benefits of a gym right in the comfort of your home.

Les Mills app review: The Final Word

Les Mills is, for an excellent reason, one of the world’s most successful fitness apps. It includes a number of common training programs, including the well-known Body Pump and Body Combat. All the coaches are incredibly inspiring and best in their fields. What surprised me the most was the ease and naturalness of the trainers. It definitely game me impression that they have worked together for years..

One of Les Mills on Demand’s main strengths is the fact that it provides training programs synchronized with upbeat music and a variety that is bound to keep you occupied for months and months on end. But at the other end, it still provides only one-off programs, that cannot be personalized the way you want and we’re hoping that this will change soon in the near future. And just to give you an example on what we mean by lack of personalization – the app did not ask for body parameters nor the age or gender. While this is a disadvantages, we believe that the effectiveness and quality of workouts we’re getting makes up for it.

Les Mills Pros and cons

If you’re hunting for a fitness app with a collection of world-renowned exercise music synchronized with your workout classes, Les Mills on Demand is the perfect fit for you. We believe it surely deserves to be subscribed to.

Yet at the end of the day, you have to consider your preferences, and how committed you are to meeting your health goals. People all over the world love this app as it has helped them achieve their targets, and with hard work, you can join that community, as well! But the most important lesson of all – Les Mills illustrates fitness as something fun and dynamic rather than long & ineffective cardio lessons.

So there we have it, fellow fitness freaks – our comprehensive but honest Les Mills app review. We hope you have all the information you need now to decide if this app is the perfect fit for all of your fitness needs!

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