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MapMyWalk Review – Is It The Best Running App In The Market Today?

MapMyWalk review

MapMyWalk is an app designed to assist fitness enthusiasts in their goals by tracking step count, distance, and speed. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced runner, just getting into walking, or a seasoned hiker, this app will be a great companion on your fitness journey. In this MapMyWalk review, we’ll look into the features of the app, its pros, and cons, and if it’s suitable for everyone.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the app and its features, here’s a quick snapshot of who the app is aimed towards, and who’ll likely be better off installing some other app.

Install MapMyWalk if:

  • You love walking, running, or hiking
  • You want to track your daily step count
  • You want to be motivated on your fitness journey
  • You want to attend virtual fitness sessions with people from all over the world
  • You want personalized coaching plans and advice
  • You like to have the option of audio coaching

Don’t install MapMyWalk if:

  • You’re not interested in walking or running
  • You have no interest in joining a marathon or learning running mechanics
  • You’re looking for general fitness
  • You don’t need a detailed analysis of your workout sessions

MapMyWalk Background

MapMyWalk by Under Armour is an app developed by MapMyFitness Inc. and is geared toward runners at every level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced marathoner, this app has a lot to offer.

MapMyWalk has an average rating of 4.8 on the Play Store and App Store, with more than 362.3k downloads so far. The developers are quick to respond to user feedback and implement bug fixes.

We’ll begin our MapMyWalk review by looking at its core features, what it promises to do, and if there are other alternatives better suited to your needs.

Core Features of MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk was designed to be an all-in-one solution for fitness enthusiasts to use on their running journey. The app aims to do this by tracking your routes and providing suggestions and monitoring your speed, cadence, step count, and distance covered.

In this section of our MapMyWalk review, let’s look at its helpful insights, metrics, training advice, and simple UI that helps the user navigate through its offerings without feeling overloaded with information. Some of its core features are:

  • A specially curated list of individual workouts that can be combined to form your own training plan
  • At-home workouts with minimal equipment so you can simply hop into your workout outfit, open the app and focus on your training session
  • Discover new routes by using GPS or automatically save your previous workouts so you can access your routes anywhere and repeat them fuss-free
  • Virtual challenges that’ll make you feel part of a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts from the world over
  • A community that you can create and participate in challenges with, share your progress on social media, and sync with multiple devices and apps to give you a holistic experience


MapMyWalk has more than 600 activities to choose from each housed within a relevant category. Some of these categories are: 

  • Biking (cycling, mountain biking), 
  • Cardioand CrossFit, 
  • Gym sessions such as bodyweight and weight training, 
  • Hiking, 
  • Martial arts, 
  • Ice hockey, 
  • Rock climbing, 
  • Swimming, 
  • Walking, and even skiing and snowboarding.

When you tap on an activity, it’ll take you to the Workout Setup page where you can choose to connect a device, turn on live tracking so your friends can see your route in real-time, set voice feedback and coaching cues for tips on intervals, cadence, distance, etc. This allows you to focus solely on your run as the app will keep reminding you to maintain your pace and other metrics, so you can have a hands-free experience. Turning on live tracking makes sure your route is visible to your loved ones in case of any issues you may encounter on the way. 

You can also manually add your workout details with specifications such as distance, route, duration, and type of activity performed. This is useful if you didn’t use a connected device or the app to track your workout in real-time but would like the flexibility to add them later at your convenience.

Workout Routines

In this section of our MapMyWalk review, let’s look at the workout routines it has to offer.

Workout routines are curated lists of workout sessions, tips and tricks, audio guidance, and coaching sessions that can be accessed from the dashboard with a single tap. This is a great feature if you’re looking for in-depth tutorials and follow-along workouts without having to choose a random workout every day.

Routines are collections of workouts that focus on a similar goal. What’s even better is, some of these feature virtual group sessions which can help keep you motivated and accountable for your goals.

Routines can be either pre-built or custom-made as per your own requirements.


Explore Routines

Let’s look at some of its individualized workout routines on offer:

Healthy At Home – This is a beginner-friendly routine that provides you with multiple workout options that can be done at home, with minimal to no equipment. The workouts are usually 10-30 minutes in duration and can be focused on certain body parts like abs or glutes to full body sessions with a warmup, workout, and cool down in the end.

They’re also great if you want to work on a progression for a single exercise to build skill and strength such as pushups, shoulder and spine mobility, and core conditioning. 

So, whether you’re in the mood for some intense cardio and HIIT training, or a lighter, more restorative routine, this collection will have something for everyone.

Yoga For Everyone – As the name suggests, this routine is for yogis out there. Right now, this collection only has two videos – a 12-minute Morning Yoga Flow designed to prepare your mind and body for a wonderful day ahead, and a 13-minute Work Break Yoga Flow designed for quick stretches to combat stiffness after long periods of sitting.

Core Strength – MapMyWalk understands that core stability is vital for any kind of movement, whether that’s day-to-day motions or intense training. This program is perfect for you to build stronger core muscles and reduce the risk of injuries so that you can make exercise a long-term habit.

Workouts are usually 15-20 minutes long, with mostly bodyweight moves, and can be used either separately or with another short routine. Just make sure to include some warm-up and cool-down, and you’ll be good to go.

Low Impact Strength – This routine is suitable for days when you want to give your joints some much-needed rest and work on strengthening your muscles instead. Whether you’re easing back into exercise, or simply want some low-impact options, these workouts will be of good use.

You can choose from 3 different workouts – Seated with mostly chair poses, Essentials perfect for those returning to strength training after a break, and Enhanced which is a little more difficult set of exercises for days you want to push yourself ever so slightly.

Move Better – Designed by Under Armour Performance Specialists, this collection features short routines that can be used as a warm-up, cool-down, or individual sessions for a specific goal such as foam rolling and recovery.

Home Work – This routine is for advanced exercisers looking for specific at-home drills to improve a particular skill set or build stability for more intense sessions. Make sure to prepare yourself mentally before trying any of its Power, Strength, Activation, or Stabilizing workouts

If you’re a fan of plyometrics, eccentric strength training, or isometric workouts, this collection might be worth a try!

There are loads of other routines to choose from – HIIT, Balance, Cold Weather Training, Pre-Running Drills, Mobility, Post-Run stretches, and Partner Workouts to name a few.

Custom Routines

You can also build your custom strength routines by entering a planned weekly volume, duration, and estimated calories. You can then start adding exercises to complete building the routine.

mapmywalk routine


In this section of our MapMyWalk review, we’ll discuss its challenges feature. If you have a competetive streak in you and want to push yourself everyday in a virtual group setting, this may be a fun feature for you. You can set goals, check your global ranking, and keep improving with each workout.

Challenges are ongoing programs that bring together a global group of people working towards a specific goal, sharing progress, earning badges, and if they are lucky, randomly chosen to win prizes such as gift cards, complimentary training sessions, and merchandise.

mapmywalk challenges

Right now, there are two ongoing challenges available for you to join:

You VS The Year 2022 – Although most of 2022 is already over, it’s still not too late to join this challenge. The rules require you to aim for a total distance of 1,022km spread out all through the year. Although, you can choose to log as little or as many km as you want, the more you log, the better your chances of winning will be.

So, hop on and enter the challenge and spend the rest of the year showing up, and pushing a little farther every day.

You VS Your Endurance – This is a monthly challenge with the goal to log 150km in October. According to Under Armour, it’s their toughest monthly challenge yet. To keep things fair, you can log a maximum of 2 walks/runs in a day with a combined maximum distance of 42km per day. All step-based workouts like running, walking, jogging, or hiking are eligible for the challenge.

Training Plans

In this section of our MapMyWalk review, we’ll look at yet another feature of the app, its training plans.

Training plans are in-depth programs designed to make you a better runner. Goals are an integral part of training plans and they come with a schedule, useful tips, and coaching sessions on the go.

If you’re goal-oriented and looking for a long-term plan to keep you motivated, track your progress, and guided coaching customizable to your needs, this will be an interesting feature for you.

There are 3 kinds of training plans available right now – plans for general fitness (weight loss and running basics), race plans, and a customizable plan that you can set up in any way you want.

Let’s look into a few of these plans in more detail:

Run To Lose Weight – This plan is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their fitness levels, mood, and weight loss. The main purpose of this plan is to boost your metabolism with a structured plan of guided workouts and coaching tips.

Once you tap on the Create Plan button, you’ll be asked to choose a goal – to finish a specific distance, or to focus on running pace and form. Once you choose a goal, the app will ask for details about your current fitness level, and provide you with suitable options.

Currently, you can choose between two kinds of plan – a faster one with 8-20 weeks and up to 5 workouts a week, and a slower beginner-friendly plan with 12-3 weeks, and up to 4 workouts a week. Once completed, you can schedule the plan in your calendar and you’re good to go.

Finish a 10k – This is an intermediate plan suited for those with a strong running background already in place. The duration is 12-32 weeks with 3-4 workouts a week. You’ll mostly do longer conditioning runs and strength training at this stage.

Marathon Coaching – A full marathon training plan, this coaching program will guide you for 16-32 weeks with a maximum of 6 workouts per week. This plan is not for the beginner or intermediate runners, and the app will calculate your current fitness level to determine if this will be the right fit for you.

All training plans are only available to premium subscribers, except a custom plan where you can schedule your own workouts and track progress over time.

mmp training plans

Subscription & Paid Plans

In this section of our MapMyWalk review, we’ll tell you all about its premium features.

MapMyWalk is free to install and use. Most of its workouts and other features can be used free of charge, but there are some sizeable perks that come with paying for a subscription. 

For example, you can only access the training plans on a premium plan, as well as certain features such as Live Tracking, advanced running metrics like stride length and foot strike angle, a wide range of wearables to sync with, and a MyFitnessPal integration to track nutrition.

Annual plans are priced at $2.50/month or $29.99 billed annually. Monthly plans cost $5.99/month, billed every month. Both options provide a 14-day free trial which we highly recommend giving a try. Remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to avoid getting charged unless you want to continue using the app.

MapMyWalk Alternatives: What Are The Other Alternatives?

In this section of our MapMyWalk review, we’ll briefly touch upon some alternatives that you might want to consider. 

Runtastic by Adidas is one of the most common running apps available. It’s a solid option for those looking to connect with runners from all over the world and build and engage with a community as they progress through their goals.

Runtastic has audio cues as well, and you can choose who you’d like to guide you through the run – coaches or other runners. Their pricing is a bit steep and workout programs are not easily modifiable.

Another famous running app is Strava. Strava is more similar to MapMyWalk than Runtastic, with a heavy focus on the social aspect of running. The app can be used to track a variety of activities but it can be expensive depending on your goals.

Final Review Of MapMyWalk & Summary

In this final section of our MapMyWalk review, we’ll go over the main features of the app, and its pros and cons so you can decide if it’s worth trying out.


  • The app is feature rich and a one-stop solution for all things running
  • It is developed by Under Armour and its highly accomplished coaches
  • Advanced training metrics such as angle of foot strike, stride length, live tracking, and adaptable training plans for your goals, all available at the tap of a button
  • Wide range of exercise demos focusing on form and technique
  • Exciting challenges with an engaging community
  • Lots of activities to choose from
  • Subscription is cheaper than other major running apps, at $29.99 for an annual plan


  • The number of offerings and options available can be overwhelming for a beginner
  • No nutrition advice
  • No lifestyle, sleep, or stress relief suggestions
  • The free version is limited in its scope and the user is left on their own to create a routine

To sum up, MapMyFitness is one of the best-running apps we’ve reviewed. Its simple interface, lots of options to choose from, detailed exercise demos, sync features, and focus on community is great for any runner, regardless of their experience or location. 

If you’re interested in running, we’d recommend giving it a try with its 14-day free trial. Soon, this might end up becoming one of your favorite fitness apps.

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