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Mindbody Review: How Good is the Mindbody App?

mindbody review

The Mindbody app has combined the world of fitness, wellness, and beauty, allowing the users to find everything in one place. This Mindbody Review will explore how booking a nutritionist, a tattoo artist, a fitness trainer, a waxing professional, and more has been made possible by the app. If you are looking to book your next appointment virtually, pay online, and enjoy a hassle-free session, you will enjoy the Mindbody app!

Key Takeaways & Highlights

The Mindbody app asks you about your location and then provides a list of studios and classes. You can book an in-person appointment for studios or classes after reading their reviews and description. However, not all countries are covered by the app. For such people, virtual fitness classes are beneficial.

Get the Mindbody app if you:

  • Want to get your fitness, wellness, beauty, and nutritional needs fulfilled at one place;
  • Like booking your appointments online;
  • Enjoy exploring several available studios and salons in your proximity;
  • Want to save time by booking appointments via the app.

Don’t get the Mindbody app if you:

  • Do not belong to the part of the world covered by the app;
  • Do not enjoy choosing a class from a large number of choices;
  • Prefer an app with a FREE trial;
  • Do not feel comfortable sharing your home location with an app.

Mindbody Background

Mindbody is cofounded by Blake Beltram and Rick Stollmeyer. Rick Stollmeyer is also the CEO of the company. The company’s mission is to utilize technological tools to spread wellness globally. It was founded in 2001 and benefits over 60,000+ fitness studios globally with its digital scheduling and other tools. The two friends started working together on this entrepreneurial idea in the ’90s and utilized their meager resources to work hard and come up with an innovative and unique solution to make wellness, fitness, and nutrition easily accessible. Today it is a $139 million publicly-traded company– living proof that working hard on your dreams and ideas can lead you towards success!

mindbody wellness


The Mindbody app has been rated by a total of 15,040 users on Android leading to a 4.0-star rating. On iOS, its rating is 4.9 stars by 191.4k users, implying that more apple users enjoy the app and its features.

However, the Mindbody app’s 1m+ downloads on Google Playstore show it is quite popular with Android users as well.

Before we get into the Mindbody review, we’ll outline how the app starts and functions when you open it for the first time.

  • As soon as you open the app, it gives you a brief promo about what the app includes. This promo is in the form of text and moving images. You can either skip it or get started.
  • Then, it asks you to join using your email address, Google, Facebook, Apple. You can also sign up as a guest.
  • After you sign up, the app asks you to enable your location. Enabling location helps the app suggest studios and services within your proximity.
  • It also asks you to ‘Get the Inside Scoop’ by enabling notifications for events, class recommendations, and special offers.
  • After you join using your email address, the Mindbody app’s basic user interface greets you with several options to choose from.

Once you join using your email address, you come across a very plain and simple orange and white-colored UI.


The app uses a soft orange color with inviting and appealing shots to attract you to get started. It welcomes to explore their intro offers, categories, virtual classes, and last minute offers

The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is not stuffy or cluttered. It has the right quantity of blank spaces, images, and text to make it easy for your eyes to navigate between each. The UI is very intuitive and you can easily navigate the different parts of the app.

Core Features

Intro Offers

To appeal, engage, and invite new users to become loyal customers, our Mindbody review shows that the app offers introductory offers. These introductory offers are available on the first page of the app to place them in front of your eye and pique your interest.

mindbody book classes

When you click the introductory offers page, you are invited to add your location and then select the preferred proximity within your location- ranging from 0.25 miles to 50 miles. You can choose it based on how far you are willing to travel for an appointment. You also have the option to search with a specific category, such as beauty, pilates, wellness, yoga, etc. Or you can simply search based on your location.

Then you will find a list of several studios offering various discounts at their classes. When you click on a certain studio, you get to see a Google Map visual of its location. You also find a detailed description of the studio, studio images, reviews, contact information, pricing information, and a list of its scheduled classes.

review section mindbody

When you decide to schedule an appointment, you click on schedule. The app shows you a small calendar with a list of available classes. You add your personal information to confirm your booking. After your booking is confirmed, you are good to go!

However, every trainer or class has different booking cancellation rules. So it is important to read the cancellation rules carefully to avoid being charged later.

Visual Insights

Our Mindbody review found the scheduling interface of the app quite overwhelming. There are so many different studio names, and differing prices, and classes. Beginners and inexperienced users may find it difficult to select the right one. There are also chances that some may simply close the app due to its hundreds of options, making it difficult for the users to make a choice.

mindbody workouts

Not only does the app contain information about the studios, but about the specific trainers who are conducting the classes.  Sometimes, this massive amount of text gets quite complicated for the users. The users may find the app visually more appealing if there is less text available and more engaging graphics because let’s face it: when it comes to fitness apps, less text is more these days!

Users that are new to the world of fitness and health apps can also benefit from a helpful beginners’ meditation app called Headspace. Headspace prioritizes the peace of your mind by providing stress-relieving yoga exercises and help with anxiety and sleep disturbance.


The Mindbody app also gives you the option to explore by category. Once you click any category, the same interface as that in introductory offers is available. The categories are

  • Yoga-Includes different yoga exercises and routines for beginner and expert yogis
  • Meditation-consciousness training, guided meditation, breathing exercises, and more
  • Pilates-mat pilates, sweat pilates, full-body burn, and more
  • Barre-cardio barre and more
  • Strength-HIIT, core, upper body, tone, tighten, and more

Here, you also have the option to book an appointment based on classes or business. Classes include details of available classes held by different studios while searching by a business helps you choose a studio and then view its pricing and schedule a class.

class details

However, the studios are not divided based on the services they offer. It means that even if you choose the pilates category and then go to businesses, you may end up choosing a studio that does not offer pilates but provides spa and haircare facilities. So our Mindbody review believes the app can be made more user-centered by dividing the businesses and studios according to their services.

Virtual Classes

The Mindbody app understands that not everyone may be willing to drop in a studio for a fitness class. That is why it also offers virtual classes. The virtual classes that are available for booking are shown in your local time with details regarding the focus of the class, such as yoga and Bootcamp. Each class is given a rating out of 5. You can also see the name of the studio as well as the trainer that is conducting the class.

Last Minute Offers

For those who like to procrastinate, last-minute offers are also available! Here, classes scheduled within the next few hours are shown. It can help those users who want a quick session and do not want to book well in advance.


With our Mindbody review, we learned that the app cares about the physical as well as the mental health of its users. That is why it offers several categories for the wellness of its users:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Chiropractor
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Prenatal
  • Physical therapy
  • Coaching/ healing
  • Cryotherapy
  • Heated therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Water therapy
  • Body treatments
  • Kids

It is worth appreciating that the app promotes new and traditional methods of healing and caters to the needs of all age groups. It is also interesting to see the app promote physical fitness and activities for kids with its kids’ category.

The wellness user interface has a soothing background color. It is a mixture of green and blue.


The beauty section in the Mindbody app comes in shades of pink and purple. It has various categories

  • Hair salon
  • Face treatments
  • Nails
  • Hair Removal
  • Med Spa
  • Makeup/ lashes/ brows
  • Tanning
  • Tattoo/piercing

This Mindbody review shows that the app caters to a variety of needs of every individual. Your needs to remain fit, healthy, and beautiful are all fulfilled through this app’s feature of scheduling an appointment!

Miscellaneous Content

The Mindbody app is unique with its ability to cater to a variety of needs of all its users. Women can get their beauty appointments, kids can get their sports appointments, and everyone else can fulfill their physical, mental, and nutritional health requirements by scheduling a session.

Here we give an honorary mention to a few of the Mindbody features that we have not discussed before:

  • Mindbody app sends you push notifications and motivational reminders to work out and reach your fitness goals.
  • Our Mindbody review found that the app allows you to favorite your preferred businesses, classes, and staff members to gain easier access to them.
  • The app also shows you deals near you once you enable the location.
  • The Mindbody app keeps track of your schedule and activity.
  • It gives you the option to integrate your Mindbody app to your Fitbit, Strava, and Google Fit.
  • You can even sync calendars through the app to stay on top of your schedule.

Mindbody vs. Other apps-How Does The App Compete With The Market?

This Mindbody review also compares the app to other relevant apps like FitTrack Health and MyFitnessPal. The Mindbody app has a higher rating on Google Playstore and Apple Store as compared to the FitTrack Health app. The FitTrack Health app has a 3.8 rating on the Apple store and a 3.2 on the Google Playstore. However, MyFitnessPal has a rating of 4.5 stars on Android and beats Mindbody’s rating of 4.0 stars. But Mindbody defeats MyFitness Pal’s rating on iOS!

fitness wellness beauty

Let’s talk about specific features and benefits. MyFitnessPal is a good app to count your calories and read engaging and fun blogs. In contrast, FitTrack Health monitors your fitness levels, keeps track of your statistics, and keeps you motivated. However, Mindbody does not offer these features. Instead, what Mindbody offers is unique, engaging, and exciting. It allows you to book a wide variety of in-person appointments for your physical and mental health and beauty treatments. Mindbody’s website provides a web view of the app and has software details for business owners. Nevertheless, the app does not mention any blog.

However, MyFitnessPal and FitTrack Health both put you in the mindset of constant tracking. You stop living your life and begin focusing on all these numbers. In comparison, Mindbody is a fresh app that does not overdo it! It allows you to choose your area of preference and book an appointment for it. So one day you may feel motivated to work on your strength, and another day you may want to book a spa appointment. It is all possible with the Mindbody app!

Customer Service and User Reviews of Mindbody

During our Mindbody review, we went on Google Playstore and Apple Store reviews to find out how the users feel about the app. After reading several Mindbody reviews, we found that many complained that the app’s search feature did not work. Others complained that they could not book a class or that the app was slow.

While there were negative reviews, several people also gave a 5-star rating and explained how the app had amazing trainers and classes, helping them reach their fitness goals.

It was also refreshing to see that the Mindbody customer service had responded to some of the negative and positive comments. However, many negative feedback reviews also remained unanswered by the app’s customer service representatives.

The app does not list the countries that it covers. So some users may open the app to book an appointment and face disappointment. It is because they will find many available classes only to realize that these classes are offered in another part of the world.

However, we visited the Mindbody website and found a list of popular areas covered by the app:


  • Ashburn
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Brooklyn
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • The Bronx
  • Washington DC


  • Asheville
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • Orlando
  • Raleigh
  • Tampa


  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Springfield
  • St. Louis


  • Denver
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle


  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • San Antonio


  • Auckland
  • Calgary
  • Dublin
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • Montreal
  • Sydney
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

While the app covers quite an area of the world. A large segment of the world may not find any in-person classes or sessions available for booking. Then, such users can make the most of their virtual fitness classes.

Mindbody Payments & Subscription

This Mindbody review also focuses on the payment methods of the app. Unfortunately, the app does not offer a free trial. However, it offers a few virtual classes for free at the beginning. There are also some discounts on different studio appointments for new users.

Different classes are available in varying currencies and costs. So when you are searching for relevant classes, you will find prices in Dollars, Pounds, and Swedish Krona. So one class costs KR 250,00, the other costs $20, and so on. It can be confusing coming across so many different currencies and then converting them to your local currency.

The best part is you can compare the prices of different studios and view their ratings before scheduling an appointment. The Mindbody app gives you a very restaurant feel: Before booking your appointment, you can go through a variety of available appointments. Every appointment comes with a detail of what is included in the price.

Final Review of Mindbody and Summary

To sum it up, we enjoyed the app! We believe that the Mindbody app is worth your time because you get to book an appointment for a wide range of activities. The app covers your body’s health, your mind’s peace, and your beauty needs!


  • Easy to use and book appointments
  • Read reviews and trainers’ information to book the best!
  • Enjoy virtual classes as well as in-person sessions
  • Book appointments for hair care treatment, tattoos, piercings, waxing, and more
  • Schedule a session for acupuncture treatment, heat therapy, and more!
  • Sync your calendars to never miss any session
  • Benefit from other users’ reviews regarding a studio or a class to know what you are getting into.


  • No trial session available for users
  • Depending on your location, no in-person classes or sessions may be available for you
  • Expensive sessions
  • Difficult to choose a good studio or a class from several available options
  • Uninviting user interface

Mindbody Recommendations for using the app

To make the most of this Mindbody Review, we recommend you to give the app a shot, especially if you fall into that ideal location that it covers. The ability to schedule your appointment on the go by analyzing reviews and reading about the included features will make your life easier. Sync your calendar never to miss an appointment. You should try different trainers, classes, and studios, so you can find the one that you like the best.

In short, using the app to schedule fitness, health, and beauty appointments is fun. It saves time and helps you take charge of how much you spend. But using the app may not be fun because of its interface. The app also does not function in many countries.

We hope this Mindbody Review will help you make a sound decision regarding the app’s usability! You can check out the app yourself by downloading using the link below:

Link to Android Store

Link to Apple Store