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MyCurves Review – Is the On Demand app good?

mycurves review

MyCurves app is a women-first fitness app with short and creative workouts under 30 minutes long meant to train your whole body. The UX is easy to use; users can save the workouts offline and can ‘favourite’ the workouts they like the most. There’s a resistance band included in the subscription cost, but it is optional for training. Although the workouts are women-friendly, it is an expensive investment, especially with the limited access to the four types of workouts. If you are interested in a cohesive app with various kinds of workouts, give our MyCurves review a read and see if this app is for you.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Get the MyCurves app if:

  • You want to do different types of full-body workouts;
  • You want to get toned rather than build muscle;
  • You want to focus on strength, flexibility, fitness, and weight loss;
  • You want to work out all your muscles in under thirty minutes.

MyCurves app will not be suited for you if:

  • You are looking to build solid muscles on your body that are produced with heavy bodybuilding;
  • You are a man. We know this sounds a bit odd but we will go into more detail about this point in our MyCurves review so just bear with us;
  • You want to specifically focus on the calories you burned and dieting;
  • You want to do yoga and meditate.


Background of MyCurves on Demand

Before we get into the actual MyCurves review, let’s talk about how this app came to be. This app started its journey in 1992 as an international fitness franchise and has been incredibly successful over the years. This franchise is co-owned by Gary and Diane Heavin who are a married couple. They aimed to specifically focus on women and that is reflected in all the equipment and the exercises they offer. In some states, men are allowed to join but it might not be suited for them because the program focuses on the female body and their specific needs.

mycurves interface

Over the years, Curves has been incredibly successful and in 2019 it was recorded that there are over 367 curves franchises all over the US. When Covid hit in early 2020, all the gyms had to close down and so curves decided to change with time and introduced an app called “MyCurves On-Demand”. It allowed the members to take classes from the safety of their home and remain just as fit and excited as they were when they could exercises on the location itself. The exercises imitate the in-club circuit using a resistance band instead of a machine.

MyCurves Rating

This app has a rating of 4.7 on the Apple Store and is rated 4.1 on Google Play Store, where it has more than 5000 downloads. Considering that the app is still relatively new, users enjoy the resistance band challenge that suits all areas of the body and levels of fitness.

Why is the App Unique?

First of all, the app itself only focuses on women and their goals. There are multiple options available for exercises and you can choose from any of the four workout sections which are Boxing, Cardio, Body basic, and Balance. All the workout videos are about 30 to 33 minutes long so you can get a whole body workout in just 30 minutes. These workouts utilize a resistance band that will be delivered to you when you sign up for any of the subscriptions available.

workout equipment resistance band

If you want a personalized routing you can get in touch with Curves coaches. They will come up with a personalized plan for you after taking into account your personal goals and needs. The app also allows you to download the workouts offline so if you are in a place where you will not have an internet connection; this is a great way to take your workout with you.

Core Features

Let’s dive into the core features of this app and discuss the types of workouts available starting with MyCurves workouts. Each exercise is about 30 to 33 minutes long since the core value of this app is working out the whole body in less than 30 minutes. There are four major workouts available on this app: Boxing, Cardio, Body basic, and Balance. For this MyCurves review, let us talk about each of these in detail:


This is a high-intensity workout combining cardio with strength, coordination, and balance, using traditional boxing moves. This program focuses on four major components:

  1. calorie burning by kicking and punching;
  2. coordination on hands and feet. This is done by using explosive moves and exerting power & staying balanced;
  3. muscle engagement as you punch intending to hit a target and activate your core, arm, and back muscles;
  4. and lastly, stress relief because as you exercise, endorphins are released in your bloodstream relaxing you.


These are high-intensity gym classes that touch on almost all aspects of fitness such as strength, cardio, speed, power, agility, flexibility, and coordination. Cardio also focuses on four aspects:

  1. endurance which is built by explosive cardio moves such as sprinting;
  2. power which is built with movements like push-ups and lunges;
  3. intensity is built by increasing your heart rate and burning calories;
  4. and agility which is built with activities such as speed skaters.

Body Basic

This is a medium-intensity gym class that focuses on strength and functional movements that target the arms, legs, and core. The strong core helps you with your posture and helps to minimize the wear and tear on your joints. This workout focuses on functional movements that increase your strength and range of motion.


These are low-intensity gym classes that focus on improving balance and increasing core strength. Working on your balance will help you improve your posture while holding static poses will help you strengthen your stability. In that way, users can increase their flexibility and range of motion in the joints.

mycurves workouts

Levels of Exercise

While none of these gym classes are broken down into groups of intensity, workouts are generally suited for all fitness levels. However, during our review, we were a bit lacking the option to choose a low-intensity boxing class as boxing is not something one is familiar with from day one. Hence, we felt like MyCurves limited for people who are beginners.

Each category comes after the other. For example, first you will have to start with balance and then slowly move onto cardio and other categories. And most importantly, MyCurves introduces new exercises monthly so there are always fresh exercises at your disposal.

Needed Equipment

Curves aim to include exercises that strengthen both the upper and lower body. Many of their exercises utilize the resistance band which is provided with the subscription.  The band itself is made up of fabric that can prevent you from being hurt if you accidentally let go of it. The handles are made for comfort and there are no customers that have had any problems with it yet. Users can choose whether or not to use the band so it’s optional. The main point here is that the lack of band won’t hurt the effectiveness of your routine.

Group Coaching

Another feature worth talking about is the feature called group coaching. This means you can take the class with a bunch of other women and create a sense of community. We enjoyed this feature in particular as it’s a great way to connect with other users from all over the world that you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in real life. These classes are conducted online with live coaches that guide us through the routine.

Meal plan

There are no meal plans or calorie counters available in this app. The website does have a few meals plans up, but these are not directly correlated with the app. Some recipes are available on their blog which might be useful for starting out. MyCurves also have protein shakes that users can buy as well as supplements but these are all additional with an option to purchase with extra cost.

Additional content

Meditation or yoga classes are not available on this app either. For meditation apps, feel free to visit our meditation app reviews.

However, MyCurves blog section does have additional stuff that might interest the subscribers such as recipes, tips, benefits of exercises and other good stuff that is insightful. The blog seems like a great source of information and has many seemingly delicious recipes that are low calorie and high protein.

MyCurves Subscriptions

Now that we have the workouts and core features out of the way, this part of the MyCurves review will focus on the type of programs and pricing.

The app offers a multitude of programs and subscriptions that you can choose from. Their monthly subscription plan is priced at $49.99, however, this is only for the first month of purchase. All the other months after that it will cost $24.99. The yearly subscription is priced at $249.99 and this has to be paid in full at the time of signing up. Both of these plans don’t include the group coaching but include a resistance band instead.

Their nutrition plan combined with their “MyCurves On-Demand” program and group coaching costs about $159 a month. Whereas group coaching and nutrition alone is $89.99 a month.

They also have a health and wellness series course that includes “MyCurves On-Demand” program and group coaching. This is set at $199.99 for 10 weeks and costs $69.99 each month after that.

We highly recommend you trying out the free trial before subscribing to MyCurves paid version. This will give you a better idea if it suits your taste!

MyCurves vs. Other Apps

Before we conclude our MyCurves review, let’s talk about how it compares with other fitness apps.

Clearly, MyCurves is more expensive, to say the least. Considering that it does not offer any stretching and cooling down options, it might be tricky to charge so much money for it. We also were lacking the option to customize. Instead, all workouts will remain at high-intensity. As a beginner, the best way forward is always to start low and over time move up to the higher level but in a sense.

However, MyCurves are unique in the sense that it comes with the equipment included. In apps like CrossRope that focuses more on skipping workouts, users must buy the equipment first and then the actual fitness comes free of charge. Here the system is vice versa – app first, equipment later.

So far the most expensive fitness app that we’ve reviewed, was the Sweat by Kayla Itsines. It costs $19.99 and comes with a meal plan, tracking options and various workouts programs available for all fitness levels. Both apps have a strong focus on delivering workouts for women, however, MyCurves On-Demand has offline workout options available while Sweat is only available via the app. Therefore, if you seek a healthy mix between workouts in and out of the club, MyCurves would be a more suitable option. Worth noting that Sweat has several muscle-building and weight-lifting options available while MyCurves are utilizing the resistance band and bodyweight only. We feel that women might not always feel comfortable by lighting heavy weights, therefore a resistance band is less scary and might be considered as a safer alternative against injuries.

Final Word

After reviewing MyCurves On-Demand, we see why and how MyCurves is keeping fitness simple. By offering primarily only four types of workouts and keeping the workouts under 30 minutes, they make fitness simple. The UX is easy to use with options to save workouts offline. And guessing from other MyCurves reviews online, users seem to really enjoy the app. The workouts are creative and don’t require equipment.

However, by keeping fitness simple, MyCurves are not putting emphasis on the calories you’ve burned. Although there is an underlying concept that when you work out, you will lose weight, but there’s not going cutting your calories nor incorporate a comprehensive tracking algorithm. Hence, we see this app greatly suited for women who are looking for fun and creative whole-body workouts that are kept simple, short but effective.

Let’s end this MyCurves review with some pros and cons:


  • Fun workouts for toning and loosing weight;
  • Group exercises with an option to train with live coaches;
  • Provided equipment.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • Limited adjustability and tracking;
  • No meal plans included.

mycurves review infographic

Before investing in MyCurves, try the 30-day free trial. Although we feel that MyCurves is a high-quality app, which we recommend, you still will get a better picture only after the first few routines.

We hope you find our MyCurves review useful. Happy sweating!

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