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MyFitnessPal Review: Best For Counting Calories

MyFitnessPal is an effective calorie counting app that tracks your food intake. With MyFitnessPal, users can directly scan the barcode and log all the food he or she eats during the day. The app also has other wellness resources available such as daily workouts and nutrition tips. In this MyFitnessPal review, I will go deeper into MyFitnessPal price, user-interface and other features.

What is MyFitnessPal?

Quick question: how often do you change your fitness apps? I mean, some of the apps don’t really offer us any flexibility whatsoever. Personally, I cannot blindly follow a step-by-step nutrition plan forever..I’m just not that kind of person. But with MyFitnessPal it’s a bit different. You see, they allow flexible food plans just by making you stay on top of your calories. In this MyFitnessPal review, I’ll go over my experience with the app staying as honest as I can, so let’s jump right in!

MyFitnessPal app is under Under Armour and it’s the most widely used fitness app in the UK. Their unique selling point is -“your best meal calorie tracking“. After experimenting with the MyFitnessPal app for a while now, I surely can affirm: it is the most comprehensive and easiest calorie counter out there. Enter your desired weight and they will automatically calculate your daily calorie intake. If it’s losing weight you’re after then you’ll have a slight calorie deficit – if it’s gaining muscle/weight, you’ll see a surplus.

Just by simply scanning the bar code and entering the grams (ounces) you can stay on top of your daily calories which are coming in via food (note: you can calculate your BMR here). Add your activities and you’ll have a nice and simple calculation of the calories going out. Calories coming in and calories going out will show you your daily calorie balance and with myFitnessPal app you can stay on top of this easy & fast.

MyFitnessPal App Cost

MyFitnessPall app is free, but you can also upgrade to premium if you want to avoid ads and basically just get way much more tools to take your tracking to the next level. The premium version costs either $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year. I myself personally feel that all that excessive tracking might be overwhelming at first, so when you’re just starting out, just stick to the free version.

MyFitnessPal app also allows you to connect your Garmin, Fitbit or UA Record device to stay on top of your activities. I connected my Garmin watch which is a pretty simple gadget with no sophisticated mechanics but it still worked. You can also sync your data with other fitness apps like Endomondo Sports Tracker, Polar Flow, Samsung Health, Training Peak and many more.

Calories coming in and calories going out will show you your daily calorie balance and with myFitnessPal app you can stay on top of this easy & fast.

Regardless of which version you’re after (paid or free), the content will not really differ. The app also produces great blog posts covering several topics. Just a note from me though that in both versions (free and paid) I found the same posts so you won’t miss out on that if you choose to go with the free version.

MyFitnessPal App Workouts

After reviewing myFitnessPal app workouts, I was a bit disappointed. The workouts are presented in the form of a blog and are mixed amongst other articles. This means that the structure is more reading-friendly, not really action-friendly. You have to scroll down like in a blog post to see your exercises. This really decreases the intensity and lowers the quality of the workout itself (you can also see my disappointing face in the video above).

My phone kept on falling asleep and there was no time counter, so I needed to dedicate one phone for the time and the other one for the workout. There are no warm-ups or cool-downs included, and they present us with only one workout every two days which is not really advanced or adapted to a specific fitness level. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is don’t use this app for your workouts.

MyFitnessPal Review: Pros

  • MyFitnessPal app collaborates with other apps which makes it easy for the user to use it daily;
  • They have an option to enter the food manually in case it cannot be found in their database;
  • MyFitnessPal app produces interesting blog articles with fresh releases every day;
  • They will notify you to log your meal in case you’ve forgotten to do that;
  • Not really user-friendly but at least easy to use.

MyFitnessPal Review: Cons

  • I upgraded to a premium version, but I still saw random ads popping up;
  • Takes a long time to enter all the stuff in, especially if you’re like me who loves eating a healthy fruit salad in the morning with nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, and 10 other ingredients;
  • Puts you in that mindset of constant tracking. This can be both good and bad, but some people get too attached to it. They might go into this never-ending loop of calorie counting.

Final verdict

Without any disrespect, I think that myFitnessPal app has the worst workouts that I’ve ever tried so far because they’re really anti-user-friendly. At the same time, it makes sense that they focus on comprehensive meal tracking rather than giving us high-quality workouts. I mean, the fact they allow us to connect with so many apps just shows that this cannot be used alone. There has to be some addition to it (complimentary apps) to incorporate your workouts.

Therefore, after writing myFitnessPal review, I recommend using this app as an add on to track your calories if that is important to you. There are plenty of free workout apps that you can use together with myFitnessPal such as Workout For Women (more for beginners) or Nike Training Club (all fitness levels). Depending on your fitness level, choose which one works best for you. Besides, when combining food and workouts, you’ll see results faster.

After experimenting with myFitnessPal app for a while now, I surely can affirm: it is the most comprehensive and easiest calorie counter out there.

MyFitnessPal app suggests that we don’t even need any diets or a thorough meal plan. Of course, it’s important to eat clean and healthy, which is why they also make sure to communicate that in their blog posts.

However, if you really want to see results – just stop eating once you reach your daily calories. From my personal experience, you CAN get used to it, but it’s more for a short-term solution like when you’re preparing for an event or something.

Personally, I don’t know if I would be able to do it in the long-term, but we all are different – what works for me might not work for you! The bottom line is – get myFitnessPal if you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to stay on top of your calorie balance.

Practical advice:

  • You can try tracking your calories as much as you want; you’ll never get everything 100% correct. Still, the thing that might help you with that is simple food SCALE so if you haven’t bought one, make sure to get it as soon as possible;
  • If you’re looking for cool fitness gear, the app has a direct link to Under Armour Shop. You can find their branded clothing there.

MyFitnessPal review wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, that’s good! How important is calorie counting for you? Let me know your thoughts below! Just so you know, if food tracking is something you do then check out the JeFit app – it’s the best for workout tracking.