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MyWellness Review – How Useful Is the App?

mywellness review

MyWellness is an ambitious concept developed by Technogym, commonly known as “The Wellness Company”. What sets this app apart is its promise to seamlessly connect with your gym facility, and provides everything related to it in one app. That includes workouts, challenges, local and online classes, dedicated coaches, and any other services provided by your gym.

From the beginning, we see that the app places importance on either a brick-and-mortar gym affiliated with Technogym, or the usage of its exercise machines. In this MyWellness review, we’ll tell you all about the app and its features. We’ll list how it is different from others in the market, its pros and cons, and how you can use it to suit your goals. Before we get started, we’ll look at the background of MyWellness and its parent app Technogym.

Key takeaways & highlights

Install the app if:

  • You’re looking for an app that does more than track your workouts;
  • You want an app that you can use together with a physical gym, local classes, or home equipment;
  • You want an app that collects all your wellness data in one place and provides detailed reports.

Don’t install the app if:

  • You don’t own any Technogym equipment to sync the app with;
  • You are not connected to a physical facility associated with Technogym;
  • You’re a beginner and are happy with simple workouts you can do without equipment.

MyWellness Background

MyWellness is developed by MyWellness SRL under the parent company – Technogym. Founded in the 1980’s by brothers Nerio Alessandri and Pierluigi, the company had a humble beginning when Nerio developed his first exercise machine in their garage. For 35 years, Technogym has continued to contribute to the health and fitness world. One look at their website will show you their reach with presence all over the world. The sheer number of countries they operate in is mind boggling!

mywellness access code


The app is meant to be used in addition to Technogym equipment, its gyms, or the app. It’s not a standalone app and in this MyWellness review, we’ll cover everything in detail.

The app has an average rating of 2.7 on Google Play Store, and 4.5 on App Store. The reviews are mixed and raises the question if the app is better developed for iPhones than for Android ones. Moreover, the Android version shows its still in the beta stage although it has already been downloaded more than 1M times!

The app is free to download and use.

First Impression

In this section of our MyWellness review, we’ll walk you through the process of downloading and getting started with the app. The app used for this review is the android version 6.3.2. It was launched in 2013.

Once MyWellness has been downloaded, it gives the user an option to choose from light or dark mode. That is followed by the login page where the user can register with either their Facebook or email account. The UI is well balanced and optimized for both modes. The colors match the UX and are easy on the eyes.

The following details are required on sign up:

  • General: name, date of birth, gender, and optional phone number
  • Health details such as weight and height come next, and both metric and US measurements are accepted.

Once you’ve accepted the privacy settings, a confirmation is sent to your email id to complete the registration process.

This is where things get tricky – the app asks you to use an access code or download the Technogym app. Nothing is said about how to find it apart from contacting your training facility. Technogym is not available in all countries yet, including those where MyWellness is supported. So, unless you’re in a country where Technogym has launched, your access to MyWellness is going to be severely limited.

However, once you confirm your email id it takes you to the web version of your MyWellness account on cloud which lets you access everything without any access code!


Let us first look at what the app claims to do:

  • It contains details of your training facility: it’s supposed to be a one stop shop for your health club and its features, including programs, classes, challenges, and equipment.
  • Movement tracking: this section contains all your previous choices, like classes and sessions booked, program progress and other activities. The My Movement page takes you step by step through your workout programs and daily exercises. You can avail customized programs which are classified according to your fitness level and the equipment available.
  • A good feature of the app is the ability to sync it with Technogym machines via Bluetooth which provide a detailed report of all activities that are performed by you.
  • Option to book and track classes from the app: this section runs on the Technogym Group Cycle Connect platform which connects the user to their trainer and other class members. It also provides reminders and session notes at the end of your workout.
  • It can be synced with third party wearables and other apps: some of the options include Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, Runkeeper, Strava, Swimtag, and Withings. You can sync your data with any of these apps and track your progress manually, especially if you’re into outdoor workouts.

Core Features of the MyWellness Cloud Platform

Please note: all features covered in this section of our MyWellness review will be taken from the website, as the Android version of the app wouldn’t let us access it without a code.

The main sections of the platform are – Movement, Training, Results, Body measurements, and Challenges.

The dashboard has the following primary features – Weekly Activity Level, Aspiration Map, Logbook, and Training Effectiveness.

weekly activity level



The movement page offers detailed reports of the total moves made in a day. The moves are calculated from daily activities, exercises, and training programs. The calendar provides daily, weekly, and monthly evaluations.

moves measure

New Activity

This section consists of a variety of exercises, movements, sports, and daily movements to choose from. Once you’ve taken your pick, you can add them to your calendar, and it’ll automatically start tracking. Some of its main features are:

  • Classes – This is a list of all the available classes near you that you can register for including online ones. Some of the classes available are rowing, group cycle, easy line circuit, abs/glutes focused group classes, and functional training.
  • Cardio – as the name suggests, this covers cardiovascular training. The options include upright/recline bike, synchro, climb, crossover, treadmill, and stepper.
  • Strength training – this section has 3 categories: upper body, trunk, and lower body. Each of these is further broken down into exercises using Technogym equipment, bodyweight, free weights (dumbbells), and accessories (resistance bands). Each movement is shown with an image and the sets and reps to be tracked.

exercise log

  • Stretching – three categories are covered here, two of which cover exercises done on the Technogym Flexability equipment range. The third option is free form stretching, suitable for anyone wanting to relax, rejuvenate, and release muscle tension.
  • Sport – the sport section is geared towards athletes, both recreational and professional. The list is exhaustive and contains 70 sports. Each option takes you to a tracking page to insert the details.
  • Daily – useful daily activities like walking (low intensity), walking the dog, housekeeping, shopping, gardening, ironing, playing with children, motorcycle riding, dancing, and mowing the lawn are included under this topic.

This is our favorite feature so far! Whether we work out on a particular day or not, chances are we’ll continue to move. It’s a good idea to still track our movements through the day to stay motivated and not lose hope because we didn’t formally work out that day.

exercise options

Training Effectiveness

This is a unique feature of the MyWellness app that rates your progress on a scale of 1 -100. The more you stick to your plan, the higher the score will be.

training effectiveness by mywellness

For example, when you click on any of the exercises on the movement page, it asks you to enter details of the duration and distance covered during your workout.  The platform then calculates the average number of moves based on the data. It also groups your activities as light, moderate, and intense. It’s a good visual representation of how well you’re doing on your fitness goals over a period of time. And yes, you can access weekly and monthly reports as well!


The following measurements can be entered and tracked:


  • Blood pressure
  • Bp – resting HR
  • Glucose
  • Glycated hemoglobin
  • HDL
  • LDL
  • Resting HR
  • Total cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Max HR

Body composition

  • Fat percentage
  • Body fat mass (BFM)
  • Fat free mass (FFM)
  • Muscle mass
  • Weight
  • Weight – % fat mass

Activity/sport specific

  • Cadence at threshold
  • Cycling training expertise
  • Power at threshold – cycling
  • Power at threshold – rowing
  • Power threshold test
  • Training expertise

Body measurements

  • Hip circumference
  • Waist circumference

However, be careful not to get overwhelmed with the number of options available. Choose a few basic metrics (e.g. height, body weight, fat percentage, and body measurements) and track your progress over time. The trick is to be consistent.

Special Features

While compiling our MyWellness review, we made a list of our favorite features from the platform for you to browse through!


A dedicated section for results is provided, which is great for consistency. Sometimes if we feel low on motivation it’s good to look at our past accomplishments to make us feel inspired again!

Results include the following trackable metrics: calorie expenditure, time in intensity, training effectiveness (the platform calculates it), distance covered – running, and cycling and weight lifted.


There are currently no challenges available on the platform, but there are plans to include them soon.

mywellness challenges


This is where all your metrics are stored. The classes, programs or exercises done in a day are stored with specific information such as number of repetitions, duration etc. The data from your logbook is used to create detailed reports on your progress.

Aspiration Map

MyWellness creates a personalized path for the user based on a series of questionnaires. The results can be shared on Facebook and Twitter for accountability.

There are two kinds of questions that you need to go through. The first is dedicated to your goals, and the second is focused on your lifestyle. There is also a questionnaire on training preferences and activities enjoyed.

fitness goals

Based on your choices, the platform generates a map for you. It contains 6 parameters which are ranked from highest to lowest. For example, when we took the test to research for our MyWellness app review, we got a result that was mainly focused of power and sports conditioning.

aspiration map

Now that we’ve finished going through the features, it’s time to look at how the app is compared to similar ones in the market, and a list of pros and cons.

MyWellness vs Other Fitness Apps: What alternatives are there?

One of the main reasons for writing our MyWellness review was to point out the features that are unique to the app, but also to provide alternatives. While the app promises to deliver a lot, it doesn’t always live up to its claims. Two other apps that are quite similar are SoulCycle and Equinox.

SoulCycle is quite similar to MyWellness. While the former focuses specifically on cycling, MyWellness provides a broader scope with a wide range of activities. Both apps however are geared towards sports lovers and building a community. They also focus on gear, coaches, and an out-of-the-box style of training.

SoulCycle is owned by Equinox which is next on the list. Equinox and MyWellness perform poorly on android which is proven by the sheer number of glitches that have been reported by users. It promises to provide the same benefits as MyWellness but doesn’t follow through on them. Both apps are best avoided if you’re an Android user.

While Equinox is known for their high membership charges, MyWellness doesn’t provide any details on paid membership options.

Final Review of MyWellness and Summary

MyWellness is developed by Technogym, one of the biggest fitness equipment chains in the world. But does it live up to its hype? In this final section, we’ll summarize the main pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision!


  • The UI is clean and easy on the eyes;
  • The range of services available are staggering and there is something for everyone;
  • It provides options for both in person and online training;
  • It syncs with multiple machines, apps, and other wearables;
  • It is part of a very well-known fitness chain.


  • The list of features is very disorganized with too much information crammed in one place;
  • The number of options available can be too much for a beginner to take in;
  • Majority of the exercises and training programs are meant to be performed on Technogym equipment. For anyone who doesn’t own any, this can become a barrier to exercise;
  • Tech issues – so far this is where the app performs most poorly. Some of the common complaints include lack of user friendliness, too much clutter, frequent crashes, no syncing, etc.; For this review, we were not able to access the android app at all! It beats the purpose of a fitness app when you must use the web version to access it;
  • Poor customer service – most reviews or complaints go unanswered, and rate of response is very slow;
  • Nothing is based on nutrition (except calorie tracker) or other aspects of healthy living.

There are a lot of other apps available in the market that provide better ease of access at competitive rates. However, if you own Technogym equipment or use a facility that does and live in a region where both apps are functional, MyWellness may be worth a try, but only if you are an iPhone user!

To download the app, follow the links below:

🡪 iOS

🡪 Android