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Nike Run Club Review: Why Use NRC?

Nike Run Club review

Alright, I’ve already seen what the Nike Training Club can do. Now it’s the Nike Run Club’s turn. In this Nike Run Club review, I’ll have a closer look at what are the main pros and cons of this running app. Though it will be hard considering that Nike believes we’re all athletes and isn’t that just flattering?!

What’s So Special About the Nike Run Club?

Nike Run Club has brought running to a whole new level. They’ve done this by introducing the guided audio-based runs. Similar to Adidas Runtastic app, Nike Run Club is guiding us through our run – telling when to speed up and rest as well as giving us a little pep talk while running. I saw this running app as just being there for me when I needed that slight push.

Besides, the choice is quite large too – from your “First Run” all the way to “Power Pyramid” & “8K Tempo Run”, the guided audio-runs are there for us to select.

And if you’re not impressed by the guided runs then maybe the coaches will change your mind.

Just listen to these names – Mo Farah, Eliud Kipchoge, and Shalane Flanagan. All these are professional athletes, masters in running, so you can just imagine how enlightening and motivational was to listen them share their experience when you’re just starting off.

Nike Run Club’s coaches give you key pointers, tell you when to push yourself, talk about the importance of hydration, and so on. All this is super important if you’re thinking of approaching this seriously and making running as part of who you are.

Nike Run Club ReviewNike Run Club Review

Unique Training Characteristic

Nike is all about making you stronger, faster, and smarter. They do this by mixing things up. You’ll build endurance with Long Runs while developing speed with Speed Runs. It’s no secret that running in one rhythm without changing your tempo is ineffective and …let’s face it – boring. And boring can only take you so far.

However, when changing the speed and practicing the correct technique, your runs can become that much more effective and fun. This means that you can develop as a runner and add mindfulness to your races.

With the Nike Run Club the runs can be short under 5 minutes (like “Lunch Run”) to an hour-long. The flexibility is there – you just have to find time.

Running Plans

With Nike Run Club you have 3 choices:

  • Go with a Quick Run for a quick distance measure;
  • Guided Run with selections like short runs, treadmill runs, mindful runs, speed runs and even a whole “Getting Started Collection” available for beginners;
  • Or Do a Coached Run where you have the ability to create your own personalized plan that adapts to your progress.

As I am no way near a professional and only can take myself out for a run once a week, I mostly used the Guided Runs. Though, during the pandemic, I tried the Coached Run plan and found it extremely useful for those preparing for racing.

NRC Custom Plan

You can also create your own personalized running plan. This can be done simply by answering a couple of questions like what’s your goal, parameters and so on.

This plan will make you run smarter and slowly get faster. Besides, you can edit the plan too.

My favorite part was when Nike Run Club (running) joined with Nike Training Club (workouts) to give us the ultimate training plan. So for a person looking to get some activity going in this terribly sedentary lifestyle that we’re all facing, the ideal scenario would be to mix the cardio and strength throughout the week. This would also make it a bit more sustainable and effective as the body would keep getting new workouts rather then following the same workout patterns day after day.

Nike Run Club Review: Pros

  • NRC tracks your distance using GPS;
  • You can connect your Spotify;
  • All runs include warm-up and cool-down;
  • Professional coaches;
  • The running app is free;
  • Let us keep a log of how many miles our shoes have done (this is for every pair of running shoes you own);
  • We can also connect with friends and join inner challenges;
  • Great integration with NTC.

Nike Run Club Review: Cons

  • It doesn’t really note down the suitability level for each run;
  • The app is occasionally glitchy;
  • The measurements are not entirely accurate.

Is Nike Run Club Any Good?

Nike has put together a running experience that combines coaching, music, and exercises to help us make the most out of our run.

Personally, the running was that much more interactive with Nike Run Club. Especially the part when one can train AND run. You keep your body guessing which makes it even more effective in terms of results.

Nike stands for its values and strongly believes that each run counts & have a purpose.

Therefore 3 things come to mind after writing this Nike Run Club review. First, you’re treated like an athlete, Second – the engagement bit, and Third, Nike educates us on fitness overall which makes the runner that much smarter. It sounds like a great running app to begin with.

Who Might Find Nike Run Club Useful?

I see Nike Run Club to be used mostly by beginners and/or intermediates that need guidance to start running.

Because of the unique blend of training styles, Nike Run Club builds endurance, improves your running pace, allows you to get rid of stress, builds speed, and helps you reach your distance goal.

It’s a shame that it has slight measurement inaccuracies. And for that reason, I would not advise it for a professional.

But I see Nike Run Club used amongst all level types:

  • Beginners will learn something with every step they take while remained that it’s okay to slow down at times;
  • Intermediates will be able to run faster and longer. In that way you’ll become a better athlete;
  • Advanced individuals will get to work out with other bad-ass athletes and Olympians. You’re gonna change and learn not only as an athlete but as a coach yourself.

If you want to celebrate every run and see your progress over time then my Nike Run Club review encourages you to check out this awesome app!

Get Nike Run Club for Android Here

Get Nike Run Club for iOS Here


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