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Nike Training Club Review: Outperforms even the Most Expensive Apps

nike training club review

It’s not so often I come across a fitness app like the Nike Training Club. It’s free and does not push you to upgrade. Nike Training Club reviews are insanely good as well; almost all rated at 5 stars. Without going into detail, I will tell you right now to not look for subscription-based workout apps before you try Nike Training Club. Let’s dive in!

First Impression of Nike Training Club

I won’t lie to you guys, the first impression was scary, ha! I saw pictures of people hanging in ropes while doing some serious core exercises.

This immediately made me look down at my clumsy-folded towel which was just lying there on the floor because I was expecting to do a home workout. Everything changed when I started training with them..

Nike Training Club App Workouts

Nike Training Club app kicks off with a light introductory question to find out how often do you workout. That’s pretty much it, but apparently this tailoring determines your first workout selections.

You’ll find more than 185+ workouts that vary from fast-based workouts to stretching and yoga. Workouts range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and are marked as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Workouts are created by experts and personal trainers that have put together these effective routines. Nike Training Club app has a strong emphasis on increasing the overall strength so most of the workouts will focus on making you stronger. For other strength & conditioning apps, check out Volt Athletics.

You can create your own plan and start training professionally. The plan will guide you, whilst adjusting to your progress, schedule, and other activities. This is customizable and it allows you to select your preferences in equipment, frequency, start date, and so on.

After every workout, they will ask you to rate your training so that the app could select the best workouts for you next time.

Based on your activity, Nike will select your future workouts too. This is called feedback loops which are used to tailor your plan and adjust it to you and your suitability level.

In case you want some options, Freeletics uses a similar strategy to Nike, only it will be more personalized to you.

Even with that custom workout plan, Nike still gives you the option to select new workouts if you want to target specific body areas like abs or glutes.

Alongside this, the fitness app also has a unique feature that only Nike can pull off called the athlete recommended workouts and celebrity collections inspired by their own off-pitch training routines. Is this cool?

All workouts incorporate voice instructions explaining each move and the importance of form. It will let you know which muscle groups you should feel and remind you of breathing.

Nike Training Club App UX

The user will have an easy time navigating through the app too. Nike really has made it simple and clean as its main page only consists of 4 sections: For You, Browse, Collection, and Plans.

You can easily pause the workouts and if you missed a few days of training then Nike Training Club will also prompt you to adjust or update your plan. You can also add friends if you want to support each other during the fitness journey (but I never used this feature as I train alone lol).

All workouts incorporate voice instructions explaining each move and the importance of form.

In the activity section, you can see which workouts you have completed so far, how many minutes you’ve worked out. In this way, you can keep track of your overall activity during the week.

The Nike app even organizes activities around your area to connect with the community and do joint workout sessions or running.

Nike Training Club Review: Pros

  • NTC has a wide range of individual workouts, athlete recommendations and collections for both male and female;

  • Professional multiweek workout plans with progressive workouts and tailoring feedback loops;

  • The custom workout plan combines comprehensive & home-friendly workouts which have a healthy mix between strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility;

  • Fast and simple workout browsing and high-quality UI;

  • Uses both visual and aural cues; calculate calories burned;

  • Warm-ups and cool-downs included.

Nike Training Club Review: Cons

  • Intense workouts. You must get used to the quick transition and high-pace moves;

  • Challenging for beginners because there’re no low impact modifications;

  • Community events are limited to certain big cities;

  • Because you have to first download the videos on your phone the app takes a lot of space;

  • You cannot really listen to music during your workout;

  • Limited tracking (for people who are following up on their progress, try JeFit).

Does Nike Training Club Work?

It feels like Nike has created this amazing app to increase their brand awareness. Why not though? They’re Nike, one of the biggest companies in the world so they can afford it. Yes, you’ll get linked to their store and yes, there will be a product placement, but for the value you’re getting it is totally worth it (not sure what they’re doing with our data though).

Do a yoga workout with Ellie Goulding or pump up your abs with Ronaldo, Nike sure knows how to tell a story with its strong graphics and clean layout. You feel their brand values all the way through. I mean, who doesn’t like your favorite athlete cheering you up and saying how well you’ve done today?!

It’s one of the best apps to help you get stronger (2). The more you train with the Nike Training Club app, the more personalized the workout selections will be from the “Picks for You” section.

There’s always an option to challenge yourself by giving you extra options to choose from. Also, when it comes to equipment-heavy workouts, I discovered that with a simple pair of dumbbells and an optional kettlebell you’ll be able to carry out their strength training from home.

My favorite part is the “talking” element during workouts. Most if not all apps feel a bit disjointed coz you keep pressing the “next”. If you like one continuous workout, you also might try Aaptiv (that’s a cool fitness app too).

Nike Training Club app is beyond my expectations and I would recommend it everyone who wants to effectively train for free.

It’s one of the best apps to help you get stronger.

It won’t be suitable for people are looking to lose weight because it’s more increased strength than cut-calories sort of an app. If you’re looking towards weight loss try BodyBoss or Jillian Michaels.

At moments, I sure did feel like I was in a sports camp doing extreme training or something. And even though some of the “Beginner Workouts” kicked my butt, I still think that it’s a great way to get you going in a cost-efficient, qualitative and flexible way.

I found new moves that I have never seen before, so it will also benefit intermediates and advanced levels to spice up their usual routines and surprise your muscles with different exercises (always good for not plateauing).

You can get expert nutrition guidance and new workout formats if you upgrade to premium, but trust me, if you’ll try this one then you might stick to it for a while.

Practical Suggestions if you go with the Nike Training Club:

  • Start training with a personal plan that guides you whilst adjusting to your progress, schedule and other activities. Do this as soon as possible because then you’ll have better results;

  • The app also has an Apple watch edition which will make your training more convenient and efficient;

  • Sync NTC with Nike Run Club for running and track both activities simultaneously.

Get Nike Training Club App for Android Here

Get Nike Training Club App for Android Here

In a study by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, Nike fitness app was the second app that best matched the exercise guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (the first was Johnson & Johnson) (1)!

This just shows what a powerful app this is. If you can think of anyone to whom this app might be useful then make sure to share it with them! Till next time!


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