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PeakVisor Review – Is the App Worth it?

peakvisor review

PeakVisor is a modern health and fitness category app that offers 3D Maps of the ridges for a better hiking experience. With its well-executed graphics and well-crafted features, this app is a standout choice for both beginner and expert hikers today. Our PeakVisor review of this app will cover the pros, the cons, and whether it’s suitable for everyone!  

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Just like every other app, PeakVisor has its own target patrons to benefit. In our PeakVisor review, we shall enlist key takeaways and highlights for you to quickly run through them and decide for yourself if the app is built for you or not. 

  Get yourself PeakVisor if you fancy having even a single perk of the following;

  • You want precise accuracy in graphics to enjoy clear visuals of mountains.  
  • You want to decide and pick the mountain to hike before actually going there. 
  • You prefer a safer route with resting spots on the mountain for hiking which will already be sorted out in the app for you. 
  • You need offline access to the maps.

    Don’t get this app if;

  • You require a more detailed and accurate GPS tracking. 
  • You are mainly looking for information on glaciers. Information and other handy features won’t be available for glaciers on this app. 
  • You need Quad maps for specific locations. These are not covered by the app.   

PeakVisor Background

PeakVisor was developed back in 2015 in Italy. Denis Bulichenko, a software developer and team manager is the guy behind this advanced app. He was striving every day for the further improvement of this app. In view of the zeal, this app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. It also has many PeakVisor reviews on the App Store and Google PlayStore with an average successful rating of 4.1/ 5.0 so a rating of 4 or more is pretty good. 

Trekking and hiking have always been adventurous yet fun rides to take with your friends and family. This makes a useful guide like PeakVisor a must have on your smartphone. 

Hiking plans usually take the most time even in the making. PeakVisor visuals are fascinating and would make you wish to hike everyday. This app was developed quite some time ago but the recent additions are very convenient. These include the modifications made in features and pricing of the app that has made the app a personal choice of many hikers as mentioned in several other PeakVisor app reviews.  


 PeakVisor – How does it work?

You can easily find this app upon search in Apple Appstore or Android’s Google Playstore. Once the app is downloaded and opened;

  • Camera Access is required which should be granted to get the visuals for hiking.
  • Location Access is required to locate the area and the surroundings.
  • Map Downloading begins of the located region which can be analyzed later when offline as well.
  • Choose Subscription Plan charts appear as you start surfing through the app. Click on the free trial to evaluate the app for a week (free of cost).
  • Composing Panoramas of all 8 of them will start its loading to set the compass and maps.
  • The 3D Map option when clicked gives you a whole virtual look of the peaks which is a very advanced feature of this app due to the exquisite graphics.
  • Modes can be chosen as per requirement which includes Virtual Mode, Labels Only Mode, Terrain Mode and Silhouettes Mode. 
  • Zoom IN and OUT option allows you to get a clear visual of the distant peaks along with labels and other detailing.
  • Step outside when you’re all set with PeakVisor to live the day in the mountains. Way to fitness!
  • Suitability

PeakVisor is made for everyone. This app is very easy to use for both beginners and experts in hiking. If you want to begin hiking, getting PeakVisor is definitely a step to get an insight into this way of fitness. You can make the best use of this app if you care to go more about outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, etc. You can also couple the app with other fitness apps like GAIA, Komoot, or Reshape Me for better comprehension. 

Terrain Mode

Core PeakVisor Features

For our PeakVisor review, we bought a subscription to the app and observed the app carefully. A certain number of unique features of PeakVisor make it a standout option for wild explorers out there. If you are ready to become a pro of outdoor navigation, read our PeakVisor review further below to decide for yourself if the app is made for you. 

Travel Logbook 

The Travel Logbook section of this app allows its users to click enter the number of mountains, passes, alpine huts, and lakes that they checked in. This feature will grant you a personal journal of your own hiking history.

PeacVisor review lookbook


Once you enter the location name or its coordinates, the app will start composing panoramas of that location for you and provide you with a whole picture of your adventurous hike. The teleport feature is good in the sense that while you’re planning your next hike, it will allow you to virtually assess the region beforehand.

Local Search

You can search for many ridges and mountains by their name in the search bar. This tool will help you in getting information on location, route and height of over a million mountains.

GPS Tracking

PeakVisor didn’t include GPS tracking at first which was a major step down from choosing this app. However, with sustainable improvements made in the newest version will allow you this feature as well. The quality of which is found to be of average though. 

Tracking Record  

Tracking Record is a very convenient feature for individuals who aim to achieve fitness every day. It provides details like time taken, distance traveled, average speed and elevation gained. These values can help you keep a track of your activities, health and fitness quite well with numerical values setting a higher bar for every next hike.

PeakVisor review tracking


This app will give you the Download Maps option that is very helpful in view of the fact that internet access could be an actual problem in mountainous regions. These downloaded maps can be opened for later use even if the user is not connected to the internet anymore. Moreover, the maps option in this app covers HD Maps, Hiking trails, Terrain types and Satellite View as well. Users can benefit from this variety by picking a map according to their liking or need of time. 

Do PeakVisor have any Workouts or Meal Plans? 

As PeakVisor is primarily an outdoor navigation and hiking app, it does not include workouts or diet plans. PeakVisor being a wellness app is more concerned about setting you up outdoors in the mountains. The virtual detailing of the ridges and safe routes can be very handy in planning your hikes that can take weeks! However, if you still want to improve your health, we think this is a healthier addition.  

If you want to look for apps that would provide you with workouts and activities other than hiking along with healthy diet plans, then take a look at our Reshape Me Review. The Reshape Me app includes both workout and food plans, so it can be a great app if coupled with PeakVisor.


PeakVisor offers a free trial for a week after which you’ve to either cancel the trial or choose one of the following subscription plans.

  • Monthly Subscription: 3.49 $
  • Annual Subscription: 29.99 $
  • Lifetime Access: 89.99 $

Try the app by choosing a 1-week FREE trial first and if it suits your requirements then you can go for one of the above plans depending upon the frequency of your outdoor activities. If you plan to go hiking once in a while then Monthly subscription should be your correct option. However, if this is something that you go for now and again then Lifetime Access is an economical choice for you. The latter will enable you to save some extra bucks if you choose to pay once and for all. It will also set you carefree from renewing your subscriptions monthly or annually. 

PeakVisor PRO Gift!

With this feature of PeakVisor, you can buy the PRO version which will send a code to your linked email address. You can forward the secret code to your special someone and become a favorable contributor to their adventurous yet safer hikes.  

PeakVisor and its Competitors

Certainly, PeakVisor isn’t the only app that offers to help you in your hiking. Many such apps include Komoot, GAIA  ,Alltrails etc. These apps are undoubtedly best on their own but you have to narrow down to one of them which can be made easy for you through the review below.

In our well-researched PeakVisor review, you’ll find that the app does lack a certain number of things that require either coupling with other apps or altogether switching from this app to any other one. One such example is the GAIA app which can give you a remarkable experience in GPS tracking. PeakVisor does allow GPS tracking but it’s not as good which may cause customers to pick a different choice. 

As far as app payment and subscription is concerned, PeakVisor is affordable. Considering the wide range of useful features provided by the app, this app is not very costly for its users. PeakVisor is a very economical friend from which you can benefit at large. Whereas the other apps like Alltrails, GAIA and Komoot will cost you a bit more for their attributes.

Where other such apps of this category allow you to see through the route by drawing lines and labeling demarcations, PeakVisor on the other hand will virtually visualize a whole mountain in your smartphone through its exquisitely rendered graphics.  

PeakVisor and all other apps of this category are very easy to use. Each and every benefit is just a tap or a zoom away in these apps. The whole understanding and functioning of PeakVisor app and its competitors can be acquired pretty swiftly and effortlessly. Conclusively, the majority of PeakVisor app reviews are still positive! 

PeakVisor – A Valuable Choice?

While going through many other PeakVisor reviews, it seems to be the choice of many. The evident ratings scored by the app are justifiable as it gives a whole new outlook on hiking and trekking. Health and fitness tracking in the app can keep you in good shape with reminders to step outside and live yet another robust and healthful day. The subscription plans of the app are totally worth it which can be bought according to the level of your daily lifestyle and recreation. 

PeakVisor – Pros & Cons

Narrowing down to the nitty gritty of our PeakVisor review by mentioning brief pros and cons of why you should or shouldn’t get yourself this app.


  • An exemplary health and fitness tracking app. 
  •  Most advanced peaks identification and 3D Maps application available out there.
  • Takes less space of your smartphone’s storage.
  • Advanced compass calibration.
  • An absolute access to accurate information on over a million mountains.  


  • Some of the basic requirements are missing which needs coupling with other apps to give you a whole coverage.
  • The app requires location access which will quickly drain the battery and your phone might be rather warmish when the app is opened and in use.
  • You don’t get to check the specific names of mountains climbed. Instead, the app only lets you manually enter the number of mountains crossed.

PeakVisor – App Utilization to the Fullest

Even if you don’t plan to hike, this app can be used in daily life when you’re in the mood for a long drive somewhere outside the city. Although the app provided cannot be utilized to visit specific locations like restaurants, malls and shops but you surely are in safe hands of the app if you can enter the location coordinates of your destination. Moreover, the app offers a safe route for hiking the specific mountain making it more like a sincere and prudent companion.

Simply enter the name of the summit and this app will give you the direction, location, traveling distance and a whole package of information on that specific mountain.

   Achieve Fitness with this app;

  • Observe your tracking every day.
  • Set a higher goal for yourself than the previous one.
  • Expand your outdoor recreation for better physical and mental health.
  • Inform your friends and tag them along to make it more fun.

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