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Peloton Review: What Makes the Peloton App So Unique?

Peloton review

The Peloton app enables both the fitness beginner and the fitness enthusiast (and their family!) to get the most out of working out at home. With features unique to Peloton, as well as the ability to work out with friends from the comfort of home, Peloton truly is versatile, and while it is a wonderful bonus to purchase a Peloton bike or treadmill, is it necessary? I will give you my honest opinion. One thing is clear, Peloton has something for everyone – read on this Peloton review to find out what it has for you!

Peloton is widely loved with 5 Stars and over 435k reviews

Get Peloton fitness app if:

  • You love to cycle;
  • You are limited on time or can only work out at home;
  • You like fitness classes, especially with live instructors;
  • You love to run.

Don’t get this app if:

  • You have a gym membership with classes;
  • You don’t anticipate getting at least a few pieces of equipment eventually.

The History of One Peloton

In 2012, former Barnes & Noble e-commerce executive John Foley enjoyed his instructor-led workouts much more than his solo trips to the gym. He came up with the idea of Peloton as a way to bring instructed classes into people’s homes.

Peloton has over 1 million downloads on Google Play and over 435,000 ratings on the Apple App Store and many more downloads.

It also has a five-star rating on the Apple app store and 4.5 stars on the Google Play app store.

People rave about Peloton trainers who have become mini celebrities. In addition, there is so much flexibility. If you can’t fit a live class into your schedule, you can search the archives for whatever you are looking for.

When you open the fitness app, after asking for your general information like name, age, location, language, height and weight, Peloton asks what kinds of activities you like to do and what your fitness level is, so it can recommend the right classes for you.

Peloton workouts and routines


Peloton Has Something for Everyone

Peloton has 11 different types of workouts:

  1. Strength
  2. Cycling
  3. Treadmill Running
  4. Outdoor Running (audio)
  5. Yoga
  6. HIIT
  7. Meditation
  8. Stretching
  9. Cardio
  10. Walking
  11. Treadmill & Indoor Bike Bootcamps

Within it’s wide array of workouts, Peloton has 12 specific programs to build progress in the areas of strength, cardiovascular endurance (via running, walking, or cycling). These programs range from 2-6 weeks in length. The current programs are: Total Strength, Crush Your Core, Welcome to Peloton Outdoor, The Power of Sleep, Road to Your 26.2 Parts 1, 2, and 3, Mastering the Basics of Cycling, Discover Your Power Zones, Ride Tabata, and Bootcamp Explorer.

For each of the 11 types of workouts from which you have to choose on Peloton, you can choose 4 levels of difficulty. The levels are pretty accurately labeled from beginner, standard (no label on these classes, though which was a little confusing), intermediate, and advanced.

With 11 different types of workouts, the diversity of Peloton is not only undeniable, but unmatched by any other app.

Peloton Equipment

You do not need any specific equipment to use the Peloton app. There is a large amount of outdoor running and walking workouts as well as cardio and HIIT workouts, yoga, stretching, and meditation workouts that require zero equipment. In the “Collections” area of the app, you can specifically view 23 classes that require no equipment whatsoever. In “Collections” you will also find pre and post-natal workouts, family workouts, music specific workouts, and other themed collections.

peloton fitness app

Source: Peloton app

Additionally, though you can take the cycling or treadmill workouts using a Peloton bike or Tread, you can also do the workouts from your own bike or treadmill- you get the same workout, just lose the connectivity to trainers and ability to have your progress logged and tracked within the app. There are also workouts that require a mat, dumbbells and resistance bands.

Peloton fitness equipment

Peloton Workouts

Peloton workouts range from just 5 minutes if you are short on time or endurance, to up to 45 minutes. Warm up and cool downs are included in every workout.

If you utilize your Peloton bike or treadmill your calories burned will be tracked. Otherwise, you are obviously able to utilize your own methods such as an apple watch or other smart watch. Cardio workouts give an estimate of calories burned as well, but this is only an estimate as this will depend solely on your effort exerted, as well as your weight.

Instructors show modified exercises and exertion levels, to easily modify your workout to suit your ability and goals. This makes Peloton suitable suitable for all who seeks effective workouts at home.

Live workouts vary in time depending on what activity you seek to do. From what I noticed, flexibility is there much more for cycling, as this seems to be Peloton’s bread and butter since this is where they started. If you can’t find a live class to suit your schedule, the ability to watch previously broadcasted workouts is there. Alternatively, I would also suggest checking out Aaptiv as this fitness app gives more options for running or strength workouts while also offering live classes.

When reviewing Peloton app, I especially enjoyed how instructors visually model how to perform each workout as well as verbally explain what your workout should look/feel like.

Workouts can be done anywhere you have access to your phone, tablet, or television – both at home and in the gym. If you cannot afford a Peloton bike or treadmill and do not have your own at home, the gym is a great place to get those workouts in.

A few pros and cons

There is no meal plan that comes with a Peloton subscription, nor do they mention recipes or meal ideas whatsoever on the app or the website. This is a downfall of Peloton, but there are few, so this is definitely not a deal breaker.

The beauty of the Peloton app is in the fact that multiple new workouts come out every single day, since they have live streams from morning to night. I feel like this is one of the biggest selling-points that Peloton offers as it keeps the user engaged and motivated.

As mentioned earlier, on top of the huge variety of cardio and strength classes, Peloton also offers meditation and yoga classes. It won’t gonna be as high-quality as the Headspace app offers, but to add some diversity and mental fitness to the picture – why not!

If you’ve signed up for a live class, Peloton will send a push notification to remind you, but no other push notifications to motivate you to utilize the app came to my phone after waiting over one week to log back in and do another workout. In almost one month utilizing my free trial, I did receive one email from Peloton that included tips on staying motivated by taking advantage of their curated programs, monthly challenges, as well as the tracking metrics available to users who purchase the Peloton bike or treadmill. There was nothing within the email with general tips or motivational words. Peloton also has a blog section on their website called The Output with a few articles suggesting classes, getting to know instructors, and ask a member sections, but nothing educational like healthy recipe tips, active lifestyle content, etc that fitness apps like Asana Rebel is so good at! From what I can tell, the blog does go back at least to 2018 or earlier, but the blog lacks the user friendliness of viewing these older blogs, as this was nearly impossible. I came across some by searching Google, not on their website.

Peloton vs. Soul-Cycle-at-home

While there is no one app that compares to Peloton or offers the same variety, Soul Cycle is another cycle app from a company that also has stationary locations and leads live classes in their app.

Peloton has two bike options, the Peloton Bike which is $1900 and the Peloton Bike+, $2500. The SoulCycle at home bike is $2500. Both offer hand weights. Peloton goes up to 3lbs. while SoulCycle goes up to 10lbs. Peloton has exclusivity in their Leaderboard and much more advanced community features whereby you can find friends and take classes together, etc. Peloton does offer other classes as well that do not relate to cycling, and there is just no other app that offers as much variety as Peloton. Peloton also has the Peloton Tread which is a treadmill that has the same type of capabilities as the bike.

The Peloton app keeps track of the classes you’ve done as well as the type and you earn achievements based on how many you complete in a certain area. There is also Challenges section where you can participate and be held accountable to perform a certain number of workouts in a month. Additionally, with any classes you do using the Peloton bike or treadmill, your metrics are tracked so you can see progress as you make it. In addition, you can link the Peloton app to your Apple Watch and your Health App, as well as track your running route (which can be kept private, for safety).

Should you have any questions or problems, you will not have any issue finding or getting help. There is an extensive FAQ section as well as a toll-free number and a Live Chat feature if you need or want to speak with someone in real time.

You can view workouts on your iPhone, Android, or on your TV through Roku or the Amazon App store. People do complain a bit about some of the functionality on an Android, and the Amazon App store app is a bit harder to navigate but once you figure it out, it’s nice to be able to view your workouts on a large screen. I had absolutely no issues navigating the app on my iPhone.

Peloton Cost

The Peloton App itself is free but the monthly subscription is $12.99 and required to have access to workouts. However, Peloton might throw in free trials or offers. Once your trial is up, you will be automatically enrolled unless you cancel. The only subscription option is a $12.99/month fee for access to the digital content.

Use the free trial first to assure you like the app, and after that, the $12.99 auto renews each month. They tell you upon signup the exact date your free trial is up, so you can easily mark on your calendar and note to cancel if you dislike the app.

Peloton is fun and affordable!

I did not work out as much as I wanted to via the app since I do have a gym membership, so it is hard to stay motivated to use the app every day and unfortunately, they do not give push notifications to remind you to use the app, unless you’ve preregistered for a class.

This app has multiple activity levels and ability levels, so it is truly suitable for everyone from kids to the elderly and can be customized to your liking.

After my Peloton review, I can say that this app is great for day-to-day life, since you can either sign up for live classes or search the archives for something already broadcasted. This means that even if you can’t find the class you want at a time that works for you, you can always do your thing in a class that already happened. Although the extra equipment is nice, it is not necessary to get a lot out of this app. Yes, having the bike and the treadmill enable you to share progress with instructors and be more connected, but it is totally not required.

Peloton is well worth the $12.99/month. Cost is cheaper than a gym membership and much safer than being out in public at a gym. There is a lot of variety for the price, and even more so if you purchase the bike or treadmill.  In addition, this subscription can be shared amongst your family, making it even more cost effective.

Peloton review: Pros

  • Reasonably priced subscription;
  • Can be shared amongst family members;
  • Huge variety of classes.

Peloton review: Cons

  • Bike and Treadmill are expensive;
  • Strength is limited to what equipment you have/can purchase;
  • No meal plans;
  • Limited notifications.

Peloton app review

Because Peloton can be used with family sharing, to get the most out of it, I highly recommend encouraging other family members to utilize the app as well.

The best way to utilize this app without purchasing any Peloton equipment would be to take the following steps:

  • Create a 5-day workout routine, breaking each day into a different type of workout offered on Peloton.
    • Suggested: 1) Arms & Shoulders, 2) Glutes/Legs, 3) Core, 4) Full Body, 5) Cardio Class of Choice (cycle, treadmill, running, walking, HIIT)
  • Do a meditation at the end of every day, if possible, preferably before bedtime.
  • Do at least 2 days of stretching/yoga classes to allow your body the best opportunity to recover.

Hope you enjoyed my Peloton review. If this workout app sounds like something for you, then you can get the app by clicking:

Peloton on Google Play

Peloton on Apple App Store