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Pilates Anytime Review – An app for Pilates enthusiasts

pilates anytime review

Pilates Anytime is a fitness app that provides and teaches its users everything they need to know about Pilates. The app helps its users to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Pilates Anytime offer lots of different programs, like bone health, breast cancer recovery, embodied anatomy, active ageing back care and more. The app even covers Joe talks, which are short, motivational talks. You can choose how hard you want to work out and how long the workout should be. In this Pilates Anytime review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Before we get into our Pilates Anytime review, let’s talk about who might enjoy this fitness app.

You should get Pilates Anytime if you are:

  1. If you are under time pressure, but still want to be active, this is the app for you. You can choose a quick class that starts in under 10 minutes.
  2. If you prefer to exercise at home with minimal equipment. Lots of workouts here use bodyweight only.
  3. If you want to improve your flexibility because many workouts focus on flexibleness.

Don’t get the Pilates Anytime if you are:

  1. If you want to gain more muscle mass. You can find better apps for this type of workout as well as workout plans that are suitable for muscle growth.
  2. If you want more tailored workouts. This app requires you to have some knowledge of how to set up your personal goal of working out and what you want to achieve. It does not, for example, have any programs for losing weight or gaining muscle.

Pilates Anytime Background

This app was created by Kristi Cooper White back in 2010. It took her only three weeks of operations and her site had over 35 classes available. She has introduced Pilates to an impressive list of clients, including Oprah Winfrey, who has featured Kristi on her show. Now Kristi brings her expertise to anyone with an internet connection. Her main goal was to create an app so everyone could do Pilates no matter where they are.

At the time of writing this Pilates Anytime review, the app has seen a lot of success over the years. The app has been downloaded more than 50 000+ on Google. In fact, the overall rating is good too – over 4.5 stars from over 290 reviews on Google Play and 4,9 stars from the Apple Store. What makes this app special is the options and endless workout classes they offer in Pilates. Pilates registration always necessitates quick information.

What make Pilates Anytime stand out?

This app has lots of flowing movements and will make your core stronger if you practice regularly. It’s divided into several sections. In this Pilates Anytime review, we’ll discuss each of them. For beginners, you will be introduced to the basics of Pilates and how to work out with the mat. Advanced users will be shown how to get the most out of their Pilates workout. Overall, the is designed to fit all fitness levels.

At the time of writing this Pilates Anytime review, the app has more than 3400+ virtual Pilates videos possible for streaming. They offer a huge range of workouts, from cardio workouts to yoga with regular workouts coming out every week. Everyone can find what suits them the best. The main content of this app is Pilates and exercises for being more flexible. You can even note if you have any equipment or not and then app will show the user relevant moves.

In most cases though, the workouts will include exercises with blocks, mats, reformers and chairs. Something we enjoyed was the option of choosing how long the workout should last. On average, Pilates Anytime offers workouts with a duration starting from under 10 minutes up to 60 + minutes. Pretty suitable for busy people who seeks flexibility. Something worth noting here is that warm-ups and cool-downs are included.

As for workout modifications, you can choose a program that is created by a professional coach. The program would then normally consist of 5-10 video workouts. But if the user is not keen to take one of their programs, he is more than welcome to join their live routines.

Location wise we found this app to be extremely flexible. You can do your workouts whenever you want. There is no strict schedule. The majority of the workouts are suitable for at-home use, but they can also be done in a gym.

Naturally, where is Pilates, there must be also meditation – very important in today’s world. The app also does a great job in educating its users regarding different topics which they have divided into four sections:

  • features;
  • restoration;
  • beginning;
  • teaching.

For example, how does Pilates help with mental health? How does Pilates help with hip issues? How does Pilates help with stress on your breath? Naturally, experts share their views on such topics to inspire the Pilates Anytime community.

On the downside, Pilates Anytime doesn’t count how many calories you burn during a workout. Also, this app doesn’t offer any diet plans.

Pilates Anytime vs. Other Apps

When comparing Pilates Anytime with similar app in the market we seem to find many workout apps with a focus on Pilates. Majority of apps are animated while Pilates Anytime have real coaches that shows the user how to exercise correctly. Besides, it works on different types of devices.

However, apps like FitOn offers way bigger workout selection that’s not just based on Pilates alone. Therefore, it all comes down to the user preferences – if you’re after Pilates specific fitness app, this app might be worth a shot. Meanwhile, if you like Pilates but also would like to spice things up with HIIT and running, FitOn might add that diversity. Additionally, tracking is also available with FitOn.

Overall, Pilates Anytime has way above average positive customer feedback which shows that the app is well received.

Programs sections

You can choose between 70+ programs. We’ll look at the programs in this section of the Pilates review. We think everybody finds a good workout for themselves. If you choose the beginner level, lots of the videos will be just about one pilates move to explain how to breathe right and how to do it correctly. Most videos are about 30-35 minutes long, but there are longer versions if you want them. Level 2 corresponds to a moderate level. This section will be more complex. Lots of workouts are functional, but you still find some classes without equipment. Most videos are about 45-55 minutes. Correspondents at Level 3 are at an advanced level. This section is for professionals. Workouts are technically and physically difficult. Most exercises are functional transfer and you 55-60 minutes.

They offer programs from educational videos about integral anatomy or bone health to workouts to get your sweat on. This is one of a few applications that provides information on working out for various health issues. Pilates anytime always collaborates with health experts and creates really valuable content on certain topics.

From other Pilates app reviews online, users seem to be happy with the app. Lots of them actually love the variety of workouts.


Pilates is intended to be the simplest way to do pilates anywhere, regardless of whether there is pilates. That’s their philosophy. As many of you know or have experienced, a professional pilates studio has most of the special equipment for workouts. We discovered in the Pilates Anytime review what equipment you must have.

This app finds a solution to this problem. Since most of you don’t have your own studio at home, they are offering lots of workouts with different equipment. You can choose which equipment you have and want to use based on your preferences. Pilates is available at any time. You have many options to choose from.

For some workouts, you’ll only need a mat or chair, which everybody has in their home. They do, however, provide workouts using a reformer, cadillac, tower, ladder bar, spine corrector, or ped and pull. Not everyone has this type of equipment at home, but there is a significant advantage to using this app: you don’t have to workout at home, and it is also appropriate for a pilates studio.

An Internet connection is all you need for a good workout. You can do pilates no matter if you are on vacation right now or if you just got home from work.

Fitness app Payments

The monthly fee for this app is USD 18. If you are not sure if you will like it, you can try the free trial for 15 days and, after that, decide if it works for you. The free trial gives you the perfect opportunity to try how it works by yourself. You can also choose between monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions. A monthly subscription costs $18 a month and it’s paid every month.

Annual subscriptions are paid once per year. The monthly prices reflect the average monthly price when paid annually. In this case, it’s $16,50 a month and 198 a year. Supported payment methods for Pilates are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal, but not all of them work in every currency. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can absolutely do that at any time in your settings, but 24 hours before the next payment, they’ll charge you.

The fitness app’s final review and opinion.

Globally, this app is one of the best on the market nowadays with Pilates content. If you are a pilates lover, it will be good for you and worth it. If you want to become more flexible and stretching is your main goal, I would go for this app. But if you want to build more muscles or build your strength, there is a new app suitable for it.

If you want something more general, this will not be a good fit for you. Pilates Anytime is suitable for everyday life since you can set up filters that show you workouts only under your time limit. No matter if you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes. If it’s worth money, it depends on you. If you want an app only for pilates, stretching, and some educational content, then this app is good for you and worth it.

On the other hand, if you want a more generous workout, like fitness, yoga, or learning new skills, this app will not be suitable for you and is not worth the money.


  1. Many workout options for any time constraint.
  2. Professional videos with a knowledgeable instructor.
  3. A good work filter helps you find the best workout for your parameters.
  4. Health-related educational content.
  5. flexible
  6. Workouts with a trainer in real-time.


  1. It didn’t provide any other type of workout.
  2. no meal plan
  3. no calorie counting
  4. It did not provide quarterly or semi-annual payments.

We think this app has a good quality. It creates professional content and is user-friendly. We highly recommend their free trial to check out their content and workouts. I hope this Pilates-time-day review helps you decide whether it’s worth a shot.

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