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Fitness Motivation for Women: When You’re About to Lose it

This topic is always easier said than done, right? Even though negativity sells better and is much more effortless, that still doesn’t mean that positivity cannot win, especially when we’re doing something that ultimately will benefit our lives! Just like the old saying goes – think positive, and you’ll be positive. If you feel the same way, then this article is for you! Here, I’ll look at what is fitness motivation and does it differs from men and women.

The Power of a Positive Mindset When Starting Out

Fitness motivation is all about setting our mindsets right and understand that all workouts work. If you deliberately include movement in your daily life, then it will contribute to your overall well-being.

That being said, think of all the selling programs we can purchase today, and the load slogans promising results. Guess what, these workout plans are no better than any other ones and the road to results will be bumpy at times (more on that later).

Positive fitness is about living life at its fullest so that we could have the energy to experience it through love and laughter.

How I Found my own Fitness Motivation

To give you a little background about me – I’m from an environment where negativity is highly-valued and anything else is seen as foolish. Alcoholic parents and no friends made me angry for many years whereas deep down I was really just..sad.

Only when I left home to go study abroad, I realized that there’s more to life. I still remember the day when I saw that old Danish granny (around 80) that ran passed me while I could barely climb up on the 5th floor. The beginning of my fitness journey was the toughest, as it always is.

Literally, after a simple 10-minute run, I spend the remaining day in bed sleeping and trying to recover. Little by little I managed to increase my running pace and distance. The rest is history..

Fitness motivation is all about setting our mindsets right and understand that all workouts work.

So for me, it was the environmental change that helped me to find my own fitness motivation. However, this environment change can also be applied on a smaller scale. For example, we can move away from the stressful city center or replace that everyday TV session with a gym. What the hell, we can even go do our grocery shopping to another store.

You can also start charging yourself up with organic, green superfood. There’s a great Wellness Book I highly recommend that combines 30 delicious recipes so you can try a new recipe every day for a month. All the small changes bring you closer to positive fitness.

My point here this – if you’re used to a certain pattern, it’s harder to alter the mindset, so I suggest to:

  • Eat less (not talking about starving yourself here. Just try to not over-eat. You will feel lighter and mobile);
  • Slightly freeze (take morning showers, contrasts will also do) – it will make you step outside your comfort zone and you’ll get your blood circulation going;
  • Run away from boring people (especially from arrogance and egoism). These people are bad for your mood and what’s to just suck the joy out of you;
  • If you’re starting alone, start low-profile (don’t show off and tell everybody that you’re going to the gym – most people have that natural expectation that you’ll be fit as of day one. Some have even waited till I quit just to feel better about themselves;
  • Stretch in the morning – uhh, this is one of my favorites. Waking ourselves up and just feeling that you’re alive.. Hearing those joints greasing.. it’s the best feeling in the world;
  • Drink lots of water to get all the junk out & Get enough beauty sleep.

All this will make you feel physically GREAT so you’ll be able to think clearer, think positive and ultimately see the world through positive fitness eyesight! Do this with humbleness and grace.

What are Ways for Women to Find Their Fitness Motivation?

Still, how to find those motivational words for someone to inspire and not give up when the first difficulty comes!

To answer this, I’ll try to emphasize the big picture here and keep it short! The satisfaction and the proudness that comes right after you’ve won the toughest enemy – Yourself, this is what cultivates your fitness motivation.

Of course, I cannot speak for others, so I will just share my own thoughts on this topic. From my experience, fitness motivation for men is different than fitness motivation for women. Most guys just need to see gains and get recognition. But for women, it’s much more complex.

I’ve spent years of trying to figure out what’s going inside my head and I’m boiling it down to this simple sentence: Fitness motivation comes in when we start to think a lot less what others think of us and shift toward what we think of ourselves. I realize that this might sound a bit abstract, but it’s true, at least I think it’s true.

Women tend to think of others first (The Mother Instinct). We can still take care of ourselves, but we will much more listen and react to others than guys will. Once we break away from everything that comes with it, we tend to get naturally motivated.

We start to do things that are best for us and those are generally good things. To help you reach this state, the environmental change that’s mentioned before can help you get there.

One of The Biggest Obstacles Hindering Our Fitness Motivation

Another invisible enemy that stands in front of our fitness motivation is laziness. It’s always there, especially if we’ve pushed ourselves yesterday, and today we have to do it all over again!

At that moment switch on your power of the mind and tell yourself that this is where the winners are made. Remember that feeling of satisfaction after a workout and be one of those few out there who choose the push back.

Besides, a study by scientists showed a connection between the words we say and activation in our brains. In other words, when we say we’ll do something and then we don’t do it, it signalizes our brain of a failed operation. This failure can sneak into our daily and professional lives too. For example, we wanna start our own business but we never do anything about it. Easily enough, that can be your failed connection taking and pulling you back.

The key takeaway from this – if you say you’ll work out today – Do It!

You won’t even notice when all the benefits start to kick in – confidence, appearance, intelligence, the persistent character. There’s no way to make a positive change in your life if your body is feeling tired and you’re close to emotional burn-out.

That is why we need to take care of ourselves – physically and mentally. It’s like taking your phone to the fixer when it’s broke or putting your car in service for maintenance. If we do such caring stuff towards things, then why we’re not prioritizing our body and soul?

Why Positivity is Important for Women’s Fitness Motivation?

Most people have the “Now Mentality”, meaning that today they’re feeling good so let’s not think of the future and enjoy the moment instead. However, there are so many examples out there showing that our inactive lifestyle, unhealthy food, and increased level of stress levels lead to obesity, depression, and worst-case scenario serious illnesses. At that moment 10 out of 10 would wish to go back in time and prioritize health to avoid all this rubbish that can be prevented.

Don’t be one of those people – put your health first and remember that regardless of your ‘’fit-model results’’, the most important thing is to be healthy and strong. How’s that for a fitness motivation for women?

And for a moment just think about it – EVERYONE who has picked up a healthy lifestyle is happy and shiny people. I mean, look at their quality of life – they’re successful, inspiring individuals that all claim the same thing – don’t think, just do it, you will feel great! There’s not much more proof needed.

Put your health first and remember that regardless of your ‘’fit-model results’’, the most important thing is to be healthy and strong. How’s that for a fitness motivation for women?

Look beyond the difficulty to change your life for good. The shine and energy will glow just right through. Remember that smile is and always will be the prettiest thing you can wear.

Start small and remember that it’s okay if you won’t be able to hit your goals straight away. It’s about you & what’s best for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you – you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. The world belongs to the crazy anyway and life’s too short for negativity.

Remember that you’re alive with all the necessities given to you to experience this beautiful world we’re living in. So I’ll finish off with this quote by Willie Nelson: ‘’Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.’’

It’s down to us to change our attitude towards things and turn our face to the sun.

To get you started, check out these best fitness motivation apps and pick whichever suits you the best! Good Luck 🙂


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