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Prenatal Yoga Review – Is the app worth it?

Prenatal Yoga review

The prenatal yoga app is a modern fitness category app that aims to give a live yoga class experience to pregnant females on their smartphones. This app is a personal choice for moms-to-be, pregnant women, and those who just gave birth. It has customized workout routines that make stretching favorable and easier for pregnant women of all three trimesters. With this app, you’ll enjoy new yoga positions every day that will never bore you. We hope our well-studied prenatal yoga review will meet all your queries regarding this app.  

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Our Prenatal yoga app review will present a justifiable review from our perspective and that of its users. Read further below for key takeaways and highlights.

Get yourself the Prenatal Yoga App if you fancy having even a single perk of the following.

  • If you prefer to get trained by a highly devoted instructor. 
  • If you favorite yoga in the calm and quiet environment of your home.
  • If you like doing yoga sessions with people in the same trimester as you.
  • If you are looking for a large variety of yoga poses that can cover your whole body.
  • If you require frequent resting breaks during yoga. 

Do not get this app in the following cases.

  • If you previously had a c-section for the baby. 
  • If you easily faint or feel dizziness while doing your workout. 
  • If you previously had any injury in your bottom area.
  • If you already have your favorite yoga instructor/trainer on another platform.

The Prenatal Yoga App Background

The prenatal yoga app developed by the Down Dog company is a health and fitness category app. Along with the prenatal yoga app, Down Dog is also a developer of many other fitness apps like HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Running, Meditation, and more. Just as COVID-19 struck and lockdowns followed, Down Dog apps became a standout choice for many people since. 

 It is a private company functioning in San Francisco, United States of America. This company includes a team of mobile workout and fitness app developers. The company’s main objective is to promote yoga, healthy workout routines, and meditation among people who prefer indoor sessions. 

pyr opening

Ratings of The Prenatal Yoga App

Looking through the prenatal yoga reviews on the mobile app store, it seems the Prenatal Yoga App is a well-renowned app among people today. The prenatal yoga app has 4.9/5.0 ratings on iOS and Android. This rating of 4.9 is pretty good for both platforms. IOS AppStore and Android Play Store recorded thousands of downloads of this app after COVID-19 struck. Positive app reviews of all the Prenatal Yoga App reviews on iOS and Android play store are unlimited. 

Prenatal Yoga App – How does it work? 

Our prenatal yoga app review will show you a brief outlook of the app and how it works. Prenatal Yoga App is mainly for pregnant women which is why utmost care is necessary while customizing a yoga plan for your health and safety. When you first open the app, the following are inquiries made by the app. 

  • What is your level of activity in yoga? (Beginner/ Intermediate)
  • Of the 12 instructor’s voices, pick one that you find suitable. We recommend Selama’s. 
  • Choose the kind of music you want to listen to while doing yoga. We recommend Spiritual tunes as they are calmer and less distracting. 
  • What is the trimester of your pregnancy? (First/ Second/ Third) 
  • Choose the practice type that you find comfortable. (Full practice/ Restorative)
  • Choose the pace for your yoga. You should be careful with yoga when in the last trimester. We recommend the Normal or Slow-paced modes in the later stages of your pregnancy. 
  • Choose the area you want to focus on for yoga. We recommend Pelvic floor yoga to smoothen the pelvis for your baby at the time of labour. 
  • Finally, choose the resting time after your session. Pregnant females are usually low on energy. We recommend that you set Savasana to five minutes or more. 

practice type

What’s so special about Prenatal Yoga App? 

Yoga training and sessions held in gyms and other centers are for a group of ten or more people. Prenatal Yoga App can help all those pregnant women who prefer working out alone in comfort. The app solely focuses on pregnant’s women comfort, health condition, stage of pregnancy, and extent of stretching and mobility. 

Core Features of Prenatal Yoga App

The Prenatal Yoga App takes an expectant’s overall health in check. It is for everyone but pregnant women in particular. It helps you to pose in the kind of yoga that will keep your baby in the natural position. With its yoga and workout programs, you can achieve healthy blood circulation in your body that helps your baby grow very well. 

Body Flexibility

Personalisation settings in the app will ask if you do yoga in a routine or never. Following are the options;

  • Beginner 1: I have never done yoga before.
  • Beginner 2: I have done a few classes before. 
  • Intermediate: I am very comfortable with my yoga pose. 

You must choose one option that you see fit according to your body


This app is for yoga training and sessions only. No workout plans are available on this app. The lack of workout programs in a Prenatal Yoga App is understandable as many females find it hard to move around with the baby bump, fatigue, and sore muscles. Routine workouts can be very exhausting for some pregnant females. 

Prenatal Yoga review workout

Yoga Training

Best of the best yoga training provided in this app is evident from its 4.9 ratings on app stores. The training begins with a Child’s Pose at first. We recommend Normal or Slower pace yoga training if you are in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy. Yoga training will focus on the boost areas you mentioned in your app personalization settings. We recommend you choose from the following boost areas:

  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Hip Floor Stretches
  • Hip Stretches
  • Lower Back Stretches
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain 
  • Labour Prep

Pelvic Floor is preferred by many users since it helps with bringing ease during pregnancy. This yoga helps in strengthening your bottom for the end stages of pregnancy and labor. 

Medical Advice on Yoga Training for Lower Body

Lower body is of great concern for pregnant females. As the pregnancy progresses, coagulant factors in mother’s body increases. This calls for a highly coagulable state of blood which can results in thickened blood flow of deeper veins. This condition is called Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT). 

DVT in Pregnant Females 

Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) is a blood-thickening disorder in deeper veins. Due to rise in certain hormones and coagulant factors, it is common in pregnant females. Pregnant females can also develop this condition due to the extra sleepiness and negligible mobility of the lower body during this period.

Regular Yoga for Pregnant Women 

We run thorough research while making a conclusive prenatal yoga app review for you because we care. Regular training with the Prenatal Yoga App will help you avoid this blood disorder. Many females are prone to develop DVT during pregnancy which can worsen with time. Taking a wise precaution beforehand can be of great help for you and your baby. 

Yoga Equipment

Apart from the yoga mat, yoga equipment requirements are none for the first trimester. Although, if you are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, the suggested props by the app are the following.

  • Yoga Blocks
  • Firm Cushion, Pillow, or Blanket

Yoga Duration

Suggested yoga training by the Prenatal Yoga ranges from 15 to 60 minutes. You can customize the time duration. It is helpful in the sense as if someday you are not up to a long yoga session, the time duration of the yoga in the Prenatal Yoga App can lessen for you. This customization is better as it pushes you for a 5 minutes(minimum) yoga session instead of missing it altogether.

Yoga Instructor

The yoga instructor is the best part of this app. Your instructor will be in the same trimester as you are. It makes yoga more trustworthy as you follow the poses that the expert sees fit for herself and you. She will demonstrate the extent of mobility and the duration you must remain in a particular pose. 

Instructions and Precautions

As you open the app, you can see a list of instructor voices. You can pick any one from those for the instructions during yoga. You can turn off the instructions if they are too distracting or you already know what to do. We recommend you listen to them in your last trimester as they want you to stretch and pose with utmost care in this period. Moreover, every yoga session begins with a list of tips for Prenatal Yoga as well.

Prenatal Yoga voice

History and Journey

The history and journey of your yoga training are now made easy by this app. This feature will allow you to make a journal of all your yoga training sessions. It is a helpful tool as it benefits its user to keep their health in check. 

Prenatal Yoga history

Sounds and Music

You can set the sounds and music just as you please during yoga. The kind of sounds included are:

  • Ambient
  • Spiritual
  • Piano and Strings
  • Brain Waves
  • Nature Sounds

You can also ask for no music by clicking on the None option. This option will allow you to enjoy yoga in a calmer and quieter environment. You can play music from your playlist from any other app. 

Download Sessions

Unfortunately, you cannot download yoga training for later use. This app can only function when your device has internet access. The yoga session download feature would have been of great help if added to the app. 

Meal Plans

Meal or diet plans are significant for its users when included in a health and fitness category app. Unfortunately, the Prenatal yoga app has no such feature. Keeping your meal intake in check and balance is a wise addition to your health and fitness. You can couple the Prenatal Yoga App with the Baby2Body app and benefit from delicious meal plans and yoga training.

Meditation and Education

This app is solely for yoga goals and to ease your pregnancy period by strengthening your core. Awareness or educational tips and articles are unavailable on this app.

Payment plans

Prenatal Yoga app offers a free trial for over three weeks that too without any credit card details! We believe this to be a rare occurrence in many apps today. People consider the bills of this app economically friendly. Our prenatal yoga app review includes a payment chart below where you can see yourself if the billing is pocket friendly for you too!

  • Monthly- 7$ (billed monthly)
  • Annually- 41$ (billed once a year)
  • Lifetime Access – This service is currently unavailable.

We recommend you use the free trial first. The 22 days free trial is enough time to assess the app. Please consider all the yoga training and workouts with your health and baby’s safety in mind. Before you subscribe to one of the payment plans, kindly double-check with the trainers in your area and ask them if the training is good for your health during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga App – A Valuable Choice? 

While we explored a lot about this app for the prenatal yoga review, we found this app to be the choice of many. Every day new workouts and yoga sessions will keep you hooked on this new healthy habit. You can still use this app as a beginner to strengthen your core even if you are not pregnant. We believe that Prenatal Yoga App is a valuable choice. 

Prenatal Yoga App – Pros and Cons?

Narrowing down to the nitty gritty of our Prenatal Yoga App review by mentioning brief pros and cons of why you should or should not get yourself this app.


  • Yoga sessions are highly customizable.
  • Yoga pieces of training are marked safe by health experts. 
  • Calming music and nature sounds.
  • Each yoga session lasts for 15 to 60 minutes only. The time duration of the yoga session is customizable. 
  • It helps with general body aches and fatigue that come with pregnancy.


  • This app may keep lagging or crash for Android users. 
  • Certain music sounds that play on their own are loud and distracting. 
  • Calories burnt are not recorded.
  • You can choose only one boost area at a time. 
  • You cannot skip forward to another yoga pose even if you have sore muscles in the boost area on a particular day.

App Utilization to the fullest

Although, this app is worth it just as it claims. The positive Prenatal Yoga reviews are justifiable as the app is one of the best in its domain. A certain number of features like calorie management and meal plans are absent in this app. To solve this shortcoming, you can easily couple this app with other apps that come along with meal plans like BetterMe, ReshapeMe, etc. These side apps will help in providing customized healthy meal plans to achieve fitness.  

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