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PUMATRAC review – How good is the Puma official app?

pumatric review

PUMATRAC is a completely free fitness app made by the well-known company, Puma. It offers more than 100 various workouts made by professional coaches that will help you reach your own goals. You can use it on your phone, laptop, tablet, Apple Watch, and even your Smart TV. This PUMATRAC review will cover the pros and the cons, while also seeing if it’s suitable for every person.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Before going through this PUMATRAC review, and checking everything this app offers the user, let’s see if it is what you are looking for. 

You will enjoy PUMATRAC if:

  • You want to improve your physique and health while also getting stronger, fitter, and leaner. 
  • You want no equipment workouts that you can do anywhere.
  • You want workouts recommended for your goals.
  • You want to improve your running time and speed.

You will not enjoy PUMATRAC if:

  • You want detailed personalized workouts. 
  • You want to exercise with weights. 
  • You want an app that provides you with both training and a diet plan.

The Background of PUMATRAC

Pumatrac is created by one of the best and most famous sports companies, Puma. For those who don’t know, Puma was founded in 1948 and is helping the best athletes reach their maximum performances ever since. Now they have created an app that can help everyone who has access to the internet. 

Since its release, the app has been downloaded millions of times on Android and Apple devices. Those numbers are not accidental, and that is proven by the overall rating of 4.6 stars (4.4 and 4.8 on the Google Play Store and AppStore). 

There are many reasons for those high ratings, and in this PUMATRAC review, we will go through all of them. 

When we downloaded the app, the first positive impression was the highly modern and clean easy-to-use interface. Before using the app you will have to inform the app about your weight, height, and sex. After that, there is a slide where it asks you to choose a goal so PUMATRAC can recommend your daily workouts depending on what you’ve chosen. 

 There are 4 options:

  • Lean & Fit. Here, you will get mostly cardio workouts that will help you lose weight and get fitter. 
  • Strong & Ripped. A choice that offers you workouts to build muscle. 
  • Speed & Endurance. Workouts focused on running. There are 3 interesting categories that we will talk about in detail in this PUMATRAC review.
  • Flexibility & Balance. A mostly yoga-focused program. 

You’ve chosen your goal, but the personalization isn’t over. On the next slide, you have to tell the app what kind of exercises you enjoy doing. There are 7 options from which you can choose at least two. Those options are: 

  • Running
  • Strength Training
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Boxing
  • Ballet
  • Pilates
  • Flexibility & Mobility 

You can change or add new options anytime you want. So do not sweat on the decisions you make when setting up your profile.

pumatric questions

Now, it’s time to plan your week. The next thing you have to choose is the number of days you want to work out, the optimal time of the day to do it, and the duration of the workout (the maximum is 2 hours). When you finish this task, you can go through the app. 

Core Features

Let’s start with the workouts. When we opened the app we counted 139 workouts from which you can choose. There are workouts the app is recommending to you according to the previous choices you’ve made. For example, we chose the “Strong & Ripped” option and the recommended workouts were focused primarily on building strength in the upper and lower body, and some had cardio added to help with the “ripped” part.

Depending on the training experience, there are beginner exercises to slowly guide you into the fitness world, intermediate exercises for those with solid experience, and advanced exercises for those who want to challenge their limits. 

Doing a Workout

Before choosing the workout, there is a photo and a name of the professional coach, the name and duration of the workout, its purpose, and the difficulty. If you open the workout there is a short opening sentence and the estimated calories burned. Let’s take the Functional Fitness workout for example. 

It is an intermediate workout where you train with Ilias Gkotsi for 53 minutes and the purpose of the training is full body conditioning where you will burn an estimated 325 calories. The cool thing we experienced when we opened the workout was the short trailer-like video where the coach is greeting you and showing you some of the exercises. 

pumatric workouts

The Exercising Process

Now, let’s get to exercising. There is an overview of the workout when the app is showing you the plan. This workout had an eight-minute warm-up followed by 6 circuits of 5 to 8 minutes, ending with a five-minute cool-down. 

Then, if you scroll down, you can see every section with detailed exercises. There is a name for every exercise with an explanation video of the coach doing that and the number of seconds you will have to do that. We recommend doing everything as the coach in order to get the best results and avoid unnecessary injuries. 

To start a workout, you press the start button and have to wait for the workout to download. You can delete all the workouts you don’t use anymore, so they don’t use too much space. Or, if you liked the workout, you can add it to your favorites, so it can be easily accessible on your profile.

Also, if you not only liked the workout, but the coach too, then you can view the coach’s profile where you can find all of his workouts and follow him to get notified if there is a new workout. 

pumatric trainer

Types of Workouts

We went through the workouts, and there are options for everyone. The app makes it easy for beginners with its recommendations but doesn’t limit the intermediates or the more advanced people who want to experiment and do workouts of their choosing. 

There are workouts categorized by your choices from before. For example, we’ve chosen strength training and HIIT, and now we can pick a workout from either of those categories. 

This way, you can make your programs, and make a combination of workouts based on your preferences in order to reach whatever goals you have in mind. 

There are also another two main categories. There are short and long workouts. The short workouts are mostly focused on building a strong core, warming-up with a purpose of injury prevention, yoga exercises with a purpose of stress relieving and intense workouts to improve your speed, explosiveness, endurance, coordination, flexibility and mobility. 

We recommend doing these as side workouts, because with improving these characteristics, you will be getting better results from your main workouts. 

On the other hand, the long workouts should be your main workouts because they are focused on reaching your main goals, whether it’s getting stronger, leaner, or improving the distance of your runs.

Running Workouts

In this PUMATRAC review, we’ve mainly talked about the full body, or the body part focused workouts. Some of those workouts are emphasized that there is running included, there is also a completely singled out category focused on running.

If you explore the app, you can see a Guided Runs category. If you open it, you will find out that there are 3 different workouts with different purposes. Those are: 

  • Running Intervals. A 31 minute long workout where you lose 339 calories. Structured of 5 intervals of running and resting for 1 minute, the purpose of this workout is  running at top speed while also improving it. 
  • Running Foundations. A basic 30 minutes easy jog. This workout is for all the casual runners who just want to enjoy the run while listening to music or a podcast. 
  • 3×3 Tempo Time. A workout to help you improve your 5k and 10k time. The warm-up is followed by running 3 sets at sustainably hard efforts for three minutes. We’ve tried this one, and we definitely recommend this to you. But, we also got to wish you luck, because it’s hard.

While doing a running workout, the app is keeping track of the distance, your average and current pace, the duration, and an estimate of the calories burned. Also, before starting the workout, you choose whether you’ll run outdoors or indoors. Cool stuff. 

The Interface of PUMATRAC

While we are talking about cool stuff, we should surely mention how cool the interface of this app is. As we said before, it is very modern, professional and simple to use. There is a feed, where you can post an after workout photo of you, your puma sneakers or the streets you are running on and add the run performances on it.

You can follow people and see their posts and performances and even invite them to do the same workout like you. And a thing we didn’t mention in the workout part of this PUMATRAC review is that there are workouts for two which means that you can train with your friends or family.  

Maybe you are a competitive person? Well, this app got you covered. There is a tab  where you can choose a challenge to complete and decorate your profile page with an achievement badge for everyone to see. 

With every workout and challenge done, you gain so-called TRAC points. Depending on how many points you have, you can climb the daily, weekly, monthly or even the weekly PUMATRAC leaderboard, if you are consistent.

Also, PUMATRAC’s tracking isn’t enough for you, there is an option to connect the app to Apple Health, or the Google Fit app, depending on what kind of phone you are using. But, these are not the only apps that you can connect to this one. You can also connect music apps like Spotify to make your exercising more enjoyable. 

Meal Plans

While having some great coaches and excellent workouts, this app needs some nutritionists to help them add meal plans, or at least food and dieting advice and guidelines. It would be amazing to have all of those quality workouts combined with quality eating on one app. We can hope that the Puma team will find a way to make the app even better with adding something like that. 

However, for all of you who want to use the app for working out, at the end of the PUMATRAC review, we will provide you with some useful dieting tips you should follow. Or you can also use some other fitness apps with their own meal plans.

PUMATRAC vs. Other Fitness Apps

In this PUMATRAC review, we’ve seen that this app is offering great guided, well structured and well explained workouts. On top of that it has one of the best interfaces we’ve seen on these kinds of apps. The thing that we think this app lacks are the meal plans. However, as we mentioned, you can combine it with a good fitness app we’ve reviewed, called BetterMe, or even use the Centr app which offers you meal plans based on your dieting preferences. 

pumatric dashboard


As described in the first sentence of this PUMATRAC review, this app is completely free. It does not charge you for the workout or the personalization. This is a big plus, since to unlock these kinds of features on most of the other apps, you have to pay. The only paying related thing this app has to offer is the link to their official shop where you can buy everything Puma has to offer.

Final thoughts on the PUMATRAC app

Fitness apps are mostly made for people who don’t want to go to the gym and want to exercise in the comforts of their home without or with minimal equipment. This app is designed to help those people, and it’s succeeding in doing so. And it doesn’t stop there. It can be very useful and helpful for all the casual runners or those who want to improve their long distance time and/or short distance speed. 

Maybe it’s not the best fitness app, or not the best running app, but for a free app included with both, it does an amazing job. 

To summarize everything we’ve talked about in the PUMATRAC review, let’s see the most notable pros and cons of the app:


  • Lots of workouts to choose from, depending on the purpose of your exercising.
  • Very well explained and structured exercises.
  • It’s completely free to use.


  • There are no meal plans.
  • The personalization needs improvement, because they are recommending a lot of workouts at once which can be overwhelming.

Our recommendations on using PUMATRAC

We recommend doing the workouts on this app according to your experience level, and slowly progress from there. For example, if the beginner workouts are getting easy, try doing the intermediate ones. As mentioned before, it would be a smart idea to do the short workouts too. If they are short doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. Just be careful not to overdo them which will impede progress. 

As for the dieting tips we promised: 

  • Consider eating lots of quality foods that contain carbohydrates. Like fruits, whole cereals, and vegetables. 
  • Drink lots of water. Especially if you are a runner. 
  • Eating carbohydrates and protein before and after the workouts is a good idea. But try to eat at least 40 minutes to an hour before.
  • If cutting down on sugar and fast food, try doing it gradually. This way you will slowly incorporate new healthier alternatives and make better long-term progress.
  • Try eating the meals at the same time every day. This way you are keeping the hunger, glucose levels in the blood, and the need for quick energy (sugary food) in check.

Download PUMATRAC on:


Google Play Store