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Reshape Me Review: Is the fitness app worth it?

reshape me review

Reshape Me is a fitness app that helps women with weight loss and getting their bodies toned. It’s suitable for workouts at home with tracking and meal plan included. By providing detailed exercising, Reshape Me presents its users with clear workout instructions and a step-by-step exercise plan for effective fat burn. Overall, the Reshape Me app has some good qualities, but there are also a few drawbacks like the limited amount of workouts. This Reshape Me review will help you make an informed decision about whether the fitness app is worth purchasing.

Key Takeaways and Highlights of Reshape Me

Before investing your money into subscribing to Reshape Me, here are a few points to consider:

This app is suitable for you if:

  • You want step-by-step instructions on workouts;
  • You want your meals planned by calorie count;
  • You want to note how many minutes of training you’ve done;
  • You want to count your calories according to the meal plan.

This app is not suitable for you if:

  • You’re looking for a more comprehensive and flexible meal plan;
  • You’re not familiar with the most common exercises;
  • You’re looking for a free fitness app or at least an app with a free trial included;
  • You want to keep a track of your water intake;
  • You’re looking for an app with a food and exercise log included.

Core Features of Reshape Me

When reviewing the Reshape Me app for women, it first takes us through a one-minute quiz-type of survey to determine our most suitable workout plan for us. After answering a few questions relating to weight and current/ideal body type, the app leads you up to the page dedicated to payment before you can move any further. We encourage you to take this quiz before subscribing to the app as it will help with clarifying your fitness goal. This quiz is also helping the app to deliver a custom meal plan for each user by adjusting the overall calorie balance for the day.

Something that we enjoyed was the provided timeline with how many weeks/months would it take for the user to achieve his desired body weight. Hence, this helps to have a clearer picture of what to expect.

After the quiz and successful subscription, Reshape Me will present you with selected workouts and a meal plan. Let’s start with the workouts!


Reshape Me workout section is limited as there are only a few workouts available. However, the ones that they have are very detailed and thorough. Every step is explained via videos to make it easier for you to execute each move correctly. If there is a goal to be achieved, these workouts will help you achieve it if you follow it religiously.

reshape me weight loss program


We noticed a bit of missed link between the quiz and the workouts. For example, we indicated our primary target area for workouts to be the belly, however, this did not necessarily translate into the exercises given in the app. Hence, on paper, the workouts are personalized where in fact, they’re more generalized. Thus, we were missing options to choose from. Usually for a fitness app to achieve some sort of sustainability and user base, it needs to deliver diversity and workout options. Here, the choices were extremely limited. However, with that said, the ones we found in the app were explained quite nicely.

Here are a few points about the workouts in Reshape Me app that you need to know:

  • The exercises are detailed and explained well;
  • There is a timer for specific exercises within a routine to make it easier for you to count down;
  • An apt demonstration of these exercises in a video played at the top of the screen;
  • A chart for your progress of the workouts is noted down as soon as you finish a workout. This helps you keep in touch with your progress and the numbers keep you motivated;
  • In between the exercises, there are periods provided for rest;
  • The routines are a step-by-step process. You can go to the next exercise at your own pace, but the resting periods and planks are timed.

Meanwhile, a few aspects that were concerning: 

  • No option to see if the workouts are suitable or not. To unlock routines, users must subscribe upfront;
  • To unlock additional features in the app like weight-loss walking, intermittent fasting and meditation, an additional payment must be made;
  • Workouts are lacking a bit of flexibility as there is no real option to choose which body part to target. You have to go with the exercises provided to you.

The workouts follow the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principle which is said to be highly effective for weight loss. Depending on the workout, the most common HIIT training is 45 seconds train & 15 seconds rest. In that way, the workout is short but effective. However, none of the Reshape Me exercises is timed in the app itself. Even though the workouts have a duration written, the user has to manually move forward into the exercises. Unfortunately, we write this off on lack of functionality. This limited functionality does not really take the user accountable and push him – hence the workout can become less effective and… long.

reshape me exercises

Needed Equipment

On the bright side, Reshape Me does not require any equipment at all. The workouts are easily done from every location – gym or home, outdoors or on a business trip. A personal preference could be a yoga mat for better comfort, but it’s optional and won’t be a blocker if absent.

fitness mat for workouts at home

Diet Plan

Fortunately, our Reshape Me review doesn’t end here. There is another section to this fitness app that is solely dedicated to your food and calorie intake. Considering that the food is a crucial part of our fitness regime, its  important to track it for better fitness results. Reshape Me app has tried to provide its users with those meal preparation tidbits. Here are a few things to note regarding the meal plan:

You might enjoy the meal planning part of the app if:

  • You are confused about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to see results;
  • You are bad with recipes;
  • You want to monitor your calorie intake constantly;
  • You have an ironic determination to follow each meal plan consistently;
  • You like experimenting with food while keeping it healthy;
  • You are bad at cooking and need help with meal planning.

You might not enjoy the meal planning part of the app if:

  • You want more detailed instructions of each recipe;
  • You’re looking for bigger flexibility with options to skip a few meals;
  • You’re looking to log additional calories that you’ve taken in outside the scope of recipes;
  • You are allergic to any specific ingredient or food. Unfortunately, we did not find options to personalize the meals according to our likes, dislikes, or allergies even though it is asked at the start of the app;
  • You’re looking for a long-term meal plan as similarly to workouts, the recipes are currently also limited.

When checking other Reshape Me reviews online, we see that most users seem to be lacking the transparency of the shopping cart. There is no clear way to calculate how much stuff you will need to buy from the grocery store if the breakfast is different every day. If you eat 10 gms of brown bread one morning and pancakes the next day, how much brown bread do you buy? And is there any way to reuse these in other recipes? A great fitness app that comes to mind for being successful in this is the Centr app and its leftovers feature. Thus, any additional food that’s left from the previous meal can be used in the next meal without “messing up the calorie balance”.

Reshape me reviews seem to have one common paint-point: no considerations to their food preferences. Despite asking for an in-depth food sensitivity list at the start, there are no considerations to the meal planning.

reshape me food plan

As difficult to develop as it can be, we were missing a lot more features that make fitness apps so great. For example, having an option to enter the available food items you have at home to create a meal for you on a day when you have limited grocery items. Or showing recipes according to the food items and fruits available by season. Hopefully, if not Reshape Me then perhaps another fitness app might include these features in the diet plan for the next coming years. In that way, it would be truly personalized and considerate. But to come back down to earth, an option to replace a recipe with a different one due to personal preference is a must (sorry Reshape Me but it’s true). Therefore, at the time of writing our Reshape Me review, “You get what you get” seems to be the mantra of this fitness app. Great examples of flexible meal plans are provided by apps like Asana Rebel or 8fit, so we encourage you to check these out.

Customer Reviews

To make our Reshape Me review truly valuable, we went around and picked up a few points worth sharing here. Reshape Me has a 4.2-star rating on Apple Store and 2 stars on Google Play. Hence, it’s a bit mixed and unbalanced between the iOS and Android users so we’re guessing that iOS might be slightly more user-friendly. But when looking deeper into Reshape Me online reviews, users believe that the app has poor customer service, even spammy if you will. From what we have observed, this app does not meet its promises and are not delivering on those features they’ve displayed in their ads.

Perhaps giving people a glimpse of what the app is like could potentially solve this problem of refunds, complaints and disappointment. The biggest drawback is that Reshape me does not have a free trial available as users first must purchase its monthly/annual plan before the face of the app is shown.

Payment Plans

The Reshape Me app does not have a free trial. If it did, maybe most users would have a better idea of the workout app. To access the weight-loss exercise, users can choose either a monthly plan for $19.00 USD or a yearly plan for $66.00 USD.

reshape me fitness app

After subscribing, there is no real way to either cancel or get a refund. So we kind of feel it’s like playing that game where you buy a cat in a bag without seeing the contents of it. What’s more, after subscribing to the plan, every change or a new workout demands more money. Whether it is a weight-loss meditation program or walking to shed some weight. This should have been included in the price so hopefully, Reshape Me will change this in the near future.

Reshape Me App vs Other Apps

In the world of fitness apps, the Reshape Me app has some good qualities, but not too many. The good thing about the app is the detailed exercises (as few as they may be) and the instructions provided along with them. However, if you are looking for an app with more exercises to choose from, you might want to consider alternative options like the new GymShark fitness app that offers much more flexibility as users can create their own workouts, track progress along the way and stay motivated amongst the large fitness community that they’ve created. However, unlike Reshape Me, GymShark does not have a meal plan included.

Another fitness app worth comparing Reshape Me to is the MyCurves workout app as it’s also a women-first app, however, this time MyCurves comes with equipment included. This equipment is a simple resistance band that women seem to enjoy. In both Reshape and MyCurves users must pay for the extra features, but when comparing the two, MyCurves in general has a higher rating and better reviews.

Final Verdict of Reshape Me

Our Reshape Me review suggests that this fitness app might be suitable for women who want to have a step-by-step workout guide without prior knowledge of fitness. With the strong focus on weight loss, the goal of Reshape Me is to help women to get to their ideal weight. However, with that being said, it’s pricy and limited. There’s a lack of functionality that can be seen only after subscribing to the app.

To sum up, here’s the main pros and cons of Reshape Me:


  • Detailed exercises that will benefit you if you do them regularly and as explained;
  • A good check of workout time that gets noted every time you complete a set of exercises;
  • Low calorie food dishes;
  • Good calorie counting within the scope of recipes.


  • Limited exercises & recipes;
  • Too many in-app purchases;
  • Lacking functionality;
  • Not compatible with other fitness devices;
  • No consideration of food allergies or sensitivities.

infographic pros and cons

If you like to try out Reshape Me, find it here! We highly recommend you subscribe to the month before going all-in on the year to have a better feel of the app without risking the total amount.