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Review: Can You Get Results with Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout App?

Johnson and Johnson app review
In this Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute workout app review, I’ll be looking at the pros & cons of the app and test if it can actually deliver results!

A bit of Background of Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson’s company has been around for more than 130 years. Since then, they have stood up for customer care and a healthy world. In 2014 they launched the Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app which has been downloaded many times since then.

The biggest question for me was whether or not it the workouts were effective and before I knew it, I got my answer.

What’s Special About It?

The exercise app is designed by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at J&J Human Performance Institute. They follow a belief that energy is the ultimate competitive advantage so their workouts are designed following this principle too.

The J&J 7-minute workout app uses a science-based approach in a high-intensity circuit training. One muscle group is recovering while the other one is being exercised. That way you get the most effective workout possible in the shortest amount of time.

Today, high-intensity circuit training is widely used by industry leaders and training programs like CrossFit (2).

And personally I’ve seen the HIIT-principle being used by nearly every fitness app in the industry. Some workout apps like 8fit are mixing it up with Reps, Tabata, Time-Interval, and Paleo Run-style training, while other apps like Sworkit are just doing HIIT, only longer sessions.

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout Routines

Johnson and Johnson 7-minute workouts are created in short 25-sec intervals with 5-sec rest in between. So it’s meant for people who are looking for short workouts.

The J&J 7-minute workout app uses a science-based approach in a high-intensity circuit training.

As for the workouts, it’s a blend of exercises that combines aerobic and resistance training using your bodyweight only (though an exercise mat could still come in handy).

In the 7-minute workout every second count. You’ll also see a very fast transition between the sets so be ready to mobilize yourself.

Sadly, this type of workout doesn’t have a lot of variations. For that reason, Johnson and Johnson workout app has created Smart Workouts.

Johnson and Johnson: Smart Workouts

Johnson and Johnson Smart Workouts are longer than 7 minutes with a longer rest period too.

The workouts can last up to 28 minutes and this is including warm-up, cool-down, and the 15-sec rest in between the sets. The biggest difference between 7-minute workouts and smart workouts is that smart workouts will be more effective, hence give you better results. That’s because smart workouts are not only longer, but also more personalized.

The Smart Workouts recommend routines for you, therefore, making it more custom to you. You can also modify the intensity and select how many rounds you wanna do (up to 3). Smart Workouts will still follow the HIIT but they’re compiled in a more comprehensive way.

Depending on your fitness level, Smart Workouts will give you a mix of easy, moderate, and hard exercises. Ideally, you would alternate between the 7-minute workouts with smart workouts. Example: Monday and Friday doing 7-minute workouts; Wednesday and Saturday the Smart workouts.

Switching between the workouts keeps your body guessing what’s next. And this in turn delivers better fitness results.

I even used Johnson and Johnson in the morning as the 7-minute workout was short and easily done before the morning shower. It helped my body wake-up and started my day well.

Johnson and Johnson Workout App Review: PROS

  • It’s a free fitness app with no disturbing ads;
  • Extremely simple UI, very easy to follow;
  • Warm-ups & cool-downs included;
  • Voice instructions during the workout (great for technique corrections);
  • No equipment needed (bodyweight only);
  • You can select music from your phone and play it during the workout;
  • You can also rate each exercise with thumbs up/down so the app knows which exercises you like/dislike.

Johnson and Johnson Workout App Review: CONS

  • No food plan included;
  • Too fast transition between the sets in the 7-minute workouts. As a result, you’ll be jumping into the next exercise immediately with not much rest;
  • In the routines, there’s no demonstration of what the next move will be;
  • Limited 7-minute workout library;
  • J&J doesn’t work without WiFi.

Will Johnson and Johnson 7 minute Workouts Bring Results?

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workouts are intense but won’t bring you fast results per se. Let me explain..

Sadly, to see results, 7 minutes are just not enough for visible change. That being said, I still think that 7 minutes are better than no minutes at all.

To see results, start with 7-minutes and then move over to the Smart Workouts. Before you’ll see any visual transformation, try aiming for at least a 20-minute high-intensity 3-round circuits, minimum of 3 times a week.

Preferably, you would also combine this app with other forms of exercise like walking on your rest-days and a mindful diet (and by a mindful diet I mean clean, whole foods that’s easily digestible).

Switching between the workouts keeps your body guessing what’s next. And this in turn delivers better fitness results.

That being said, this is a great fitness app to get some activity in and slowly progress by building up endurance. If you’re new to fitness, then you might see results Johnson and Johnson much faster than someone who’s intermediate.

Luckily, J&J makes every workout count. You won’t even notice how your endurance will start building up. The endurance part is especially easy to notice when instead of doing one 7-minute routine now you can finish a few routines in a row! This is when the real results will come in (and I’m not just talking about the visual change – it’s also that awesome feeling after a workout that’s the most addictive).

Who Might Enjoy It?

Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is great for folks who are short on time and don’t have access to the gym. I would also like to add all the busy parents here too.

Thus, personally I think it’s also one of the best fitness apps for someone who has never used an app for training before.

It’s only after testing many fitness apps, I realize how important UI is for people. Here you won’t get distracted, irritated or confused. And it works great with Apple Watch too.

For people with a more advanced level, you might use it for a few weeks (like for warming up) and then move on to something more challenging. A great next step would be apps like Nike Training Club that’s also free but will focus more on building that muscle mass.

But if you’re looking for diet + workouts then BodyBoss or Jillian Michaels fitness app might come in handy here.

Seems that J&J has created the 7-Minute workouts on purpose to gradually implement the training into beginner lives.

It’s free and relatively safe considering the voice instructions during workouts (with an additional option to see each individual exercise before). So go ahead and try it out!

Get Johnson and Johnson 7-Minute Workout App for Android Here

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