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Seven App Review: What is the 7 App by Perigee?

seven app review

The Seven app is a Swedish-based fitness start-up that was founded back in 2012. Since then, it has grown into a successful exercise app that’s appreciated by both – users and critics.

Their mission is straight forward – let’s make fitness simple and fun so that people would develop it as an everyday habit. I like it already!

In this Seven app review, I’ll look at how this fitness app is different than others and suggest who might find it useful.

How Does The Seven App Work?

The Seven app (aka the 7 App by Perigee) is an everyday fitness app that’s famous for its high-intensity / no equipment-based workouts where pretty much every minute counts.

And because the Seven app is bodyweight only, all workouts can be done from home.

It costs $9.99 USD a month or $59.99 USD a year but luckily the Seven app has a Seven-day free trial available. I just love how it rhymes!

The Seven App Workouts

Naturally, as the name suggests, the 7 Minute app puts you through an effective workout that’s ~7 minutes long (though it’s slightly longer than 7 minutes because of all the breaks in between).

The Seven app follows the HIIT-style method with 30-sec active and 10-sec rest periods in between. So you’re looking at around 12 exercises here.

It has over 200+ routines to choose from.

Personally, I really appreciated how creative were the workouts. They ranged from mobility to specific body parts and even special workouts like morning wakeup or office chair workouts. All quick and all under 8 minutes.. I mean, how sustainable and accessible is that?!

And one of my favorite bits was the Instructors. You see, during the workout, you can choose to go with a regular announcer who’s basically just being a countdown timer or go with one of their instructors.

Instructors are there to give you a bit of motivational encouragement. And just listen to these instructors: Angry Mom, Cheerleader, Drill Sergeant, and more.

seven app instructors

The Seven App Review: Pros

  • This fitness app has a large exercise library;
  • It’s super-easy to follow – user friendly, and not glitchy;
  • It’s quite rich in features too – you can join challenges, earn badges, compete with your friends and share your progress with them;
  • It has basic stats available like total time worked out and calorie burn estimation;
  • We can save our favourite workouts and create custom workouts which are tailored to our preferences (like let’s say choosing moves that don’t include jumping);
  • And we can also log in outside activities like walking, PLUS link it with Google Fit/Apple Health for a better experience.

The Seven App Review: Cons

  • There’s no food plan included;
  • No warm-up or cool-down either;
  • Quite expensive when compared to other fitness apps;
  • This fitness app also likes to throw in some moves that require furniture and then you’re left with quickly finding something just to not skip the set.

My Thoughts on The Seven App

After reviewing it, I see how well they’ve done in offering us quite an extensive workout library.

Whether it’s the upper body or just the core, in the 7 minutes you’ll make it burn.

workout library seven appSimilar apps in “the Seven Minute” category are Johnson and Johnson 7-minute Workout app but unlike the Seven app, J&J is free of charge.

The Seven app tries to do everything it can to make fitness fun and habit-based.

Fitness apps like Asana Rebel with their yoga-inspired routines are trying to do the same. And to be completely honest here, I think that Asana is doing a slightly better job than the Seven app only because they’re more real, interactive AND slightly cheaper. But this app is good if you’re into yoga.

Can You See Results With The Seven App?

I actually really enjoyed this workout app, especially its user interface. It was smooth and functional. And the fact that we can target specific body parts like dedicate 7 minutes just for your arms was a great feature too.

Additionally, the Seven app also has won the Apple Watch Award which makes it compatible with a smartwatch and makes you feel like your personal trainer is on your wrist.

apple watch workoutsHowever, my Seven app review suggests that to see results you must combine the 7-minute workout with either another workout or another activity like running. Let me explain why..

Again, I must note how easy it was to follow the Seven app. But as for results, I don’t think that you can see a visual change after doing just 7 minutes a day.

It might be good if you just wanna “keep fit” but to actually lose weight, you must do longer workouts PLUS add a balanced diet alongside your training.

If it’s weight loss you’re after, I recommend doing more than just one workout – preferably one full-body and the other one strength training.

Me, as an intermediate, I needed a bit more of a challenge.

Recommended Suitability

The Seven app is a beginner-friendly start, especially if you’re a busy beginner, looking for short & sweaty workouts.

So if you’re a busy mom who has just a few minutes to spare or an office worker who needs an active break, the Seven app might be a suitable choice.

This exercise app also great for HIIT-lovers who appreciate diversified workouts and needs fitness to be more accessible.

Some of the workouts are a little more on the easy side so beginners will really make the most of this app.

However, the Seven app is not for you if you’re looking for strength training and/or consider yourself to be up for a bigger challenge. Then I would suggest apps like Sworkit (the same home-workout principle but harder routines).

Get the 7 App for iOS Here

Get the 7 App for Android Here

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