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SmartRope review: Is it worth it?

The SmartRope fitness app is useful if you would like to base your exercise routine around skipping a rope. You can count calories burnt, and track your improvement over time. However, meal planning, building muscle, and focusing on specific body parts are out of the scope of this app. In this SmartRope review will go through the app’s features and compare it with other apps in the market so you can get an idea about the app is actually like before investing your time and money.

Takeaway and Highlights

Get SmartRope fitness app if:

  • You want to focus on cardio, warming up, or base your whole exercise around a jump rope;
  • You want to improve on your skipping technique;
  • You want to track how many calories you burned and set up daily goals;
  • You want to track your improvement over time.

Don’t get SmartRope app if:

  • You want to focus on working specific parts of your body because this app only focuses on burning calories;
  • You want to build muscle and want to do different exercises;
  • You want a meal plan along with the exercise;
  • You suffer from any physical ailments and heart issues.

Background of SmartRope

Tangram Factory is the company that created SmartRope. It is a subsidiary of Tangram Design Lab which is an award-winning agency that was established in Seoul, Korea in 2008. The founder of Tengram Factory is Deokhee Jeong who founded the company in 2014. Tangram factory creates mobile platforms that are related to health and fitness and they aim to empower people by providing them active data they can use such as calorie count. SmartRope was previously used to sync with a different app called SmartGym but because of technical problems that could not be resolved, a new app called SmartRope was developed.

At the time of writing this SmartRope review, the app been downloaded 10,000+ times on Google play. It also has a 3.9-star rating on Google Play and 3.7 on IOS.

What Makes SmartRope Unique?

This app is unlike any other app on the market because this fitness app is secondary to the SmartRope itself. The app is unusable if you don’t have a smart rope from the same company that is supposed to sync with the app.

There are five basic things that you can do with the app:

  1. It supports four basic modes: Jump count, calories burned, the time elapsed, and daily target;
  2. It supports interval training based on your skill level be it beginner, intermediate or advanced;
  3. It lets you stack up against the competition to see how well you rank against SmartRope users around the world;
  4. It lets you see the history of your usage and lets you keep track of how you have improved;
  5. Lastly, it lets you compete with friends who are also SmartRope users so that you can partake in some friendly competition.

smartrope leaderboard

As mentioned before, users cannot use the fitness app without the actual rope. And because the equipment is necessary for using this app, we will look deeper into the equipment later on in this SmartRope review.

Core Features

Setting up

Setting up is fairly simple. After you download the app, it will ask you to turn on your SmartRope and connect it. After that is done, you are good to go. From other SmartRope reviews online, we see that existing users suggest that new users should follow an online guide on how to put batteries in the actual equipment models as they come with chargeable batteries and a charging cord. The battery can be fully charge in an hour.


As for the features, they’re quite limited. It does not have a meal plan and it doesn’t provide any other additional exercises. It’s primary goal is to track the movements from the SmartRope and translate these into the fitness app.

It can track how many skips you did and how many calories you’ve burned.  It also lets you set up daily goals and track how you have improved over time.

progress check

SmartRope has a feature called interval training that has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Depending on what you choose, the app will run training that is pre-set and unchangeable. Aside from that, the app also lets you compare and compete with other smart users.


If you are thinking about using this app, you have to understand that the app is supplementary and is useless without the rope. Basically, the users cannot even log in without a smart rope purchased. Hence, the equipment is strongly required. The company has three types of smart ropes – these are SmartRope Rookie, SmartRope Pure, SmartRope LED. 

SmartRope Rookie

As the name suggests, it is for absolute beginners. It is extremely lightweight, thin, and durable. Many users love the lightweight rope because it is easy to handle and people quickly get the hang of it. The rope is adjustable and the whole length of the rope is 9’10”. To shorten the rope just feed it into the rope holders and it will shorten to your desired size. The handles are sleek and rough enough at the same time. This makes them not slippery while in use. The ball bearing handles endure that the rope turns easily and quickly.

This particular model of SmartRope comes with coin batteries that need to be installed in one of the handgrips. The battery is said to last six months if it is used for 30 minutes every day and can last even longer if it is stored outside of the rope when not in use. The rope also comes with a carrying case that you can use to store the rope when not in use.

As for the flaws of SmartRope Rookie, users seem to not like the battery durability. The battery doesn’t last as long as suggested, and even if you replace the batteries, they still die quickly. Another complaint is that the rope itself doesn’t straighten out on its own. The users have to spend an ample amount of time trying to straighten it out but it still doesn’t work. Also, there are some inconsistencies with tracking and syncing data which returns mixed results.  These are some of the issues you might encounter when using this rope with the retail price up to 40 dollars.

smartrope rookie


SmartRope Pure

SmartRope Pure model is also lightweight. It has see-through handles so you can see the technology inside. Regarding design, it’s quite sophisticated and easy to use because of its evenly weighted handles. This particular model comes with rechargeable batteries so the users won’t need any external batteries. These batteries can stay up to 45 hours if fully charged. The rope is adjustable and can easily accommodate to most people.

The negative aspects are similar to the Pure model as the complaints are quite similar. For most users, Pure model does not want to sync with the app. This means that no skipping is recorded. Another challenge – rope getting tangled due to its light-weighted design. The Pure model retails for 60 dollars and is a slight improvement to the Rookie with regards to battery durability.

smartrope pure


SmartRope LED

The LED rope is a little different than other ropes because it weighs about 1.01 pounds; it has an adjustable grip and is embedded with an LED light strip that shows the number of skips in mid-air. The LED model has the same features than Rookie and Pure rope, however, with this model users can be more on top of tracking the whole jump.

While the LED rope is a cool piece of technology, the lights die quickly and the replacements don’t last long. Although this model is visually appealing to use, the tangling issue is still there. This rope can cost up to 80 dollars which is quite pricy considering the technical difficulties it brings.

smartrope LED


After reviewing the 3 models, we conclude that all have issues with data syncing. However, if you would still like to try them out, we recommend the following:

  • Get SmartRope Rookie for better rope adjustability as it seems to be the best for modifying the length;
  • Get SmartRope Pure for better battery durability as this one seemed to be the most log-lasting;
  • Get SmartRope LED for more detailed tracking as it tracks air-jumps.

Other than paying for the actual ropes, there is no additional fee that the users will have to pay for using the SmartRope app. After purchasing equipment, users only need to sync it with the app for further guidance.

SmartRope Vs. Other Apps

Before concluding our SmartRope review, we wanted to first compare SmartRope with similar apps on the market. One of the two main competitors are Jump Rope Training app and CrossRope. Let’s look at both.

The Jump Rope Training app offers free exercises and lets you tailor the workout to your preference. Alos their Pro version is cheaper and requires a single time fee of 0.99 dollars. Alongside that, Jump Rope Training have tailored exercises that let you know what you should expect and how much time you will need to complete the exercise all before the exercise starts. For comparison, please read our detailed Jump Rope Training review.

Meanwhile, the CrossRope app also requires weighted jump ropes for exercising that users can buy beforehand. CrossRope subscription is the most expensive of all but the interface is easy to navigate, hence the most sophisticated. To read more about the app, check out our extensive CrossRope review here.

After comparing all 3 skipping apps, seems that SmartRope have the best concept, but it doesn’t follow through the quality assurance. The app is faulty and it works for people only for a short amount of time. SmartRope strongly relies on tracking, but the tracking is not 100% accurate. Alongside this, there are no additional exercises offered for its users.

Before recommending this app as the best skipping app in the market, we want to see serious improvements for reading, syncing data and registering skips. From the 2 mentioned above, SmartRope is extremely limited because it doesn’t let you choose which muscles you want to target. Hence, the only option is skipping only.

However, it’s not all bad, of course. SmartRope might be the best for users who just want to focus on skipping workouts. Recording workouts and tracking progress over time can really benefit technique and effectively burn calories.

SmartRope: Is It Worth It?

After reviewing the SmartRope app, we think that there are better alternatives in the market. The rope itself is of good quality and use, but combining it with the app is where the challenges start. This explains why many users like the jump rope exercise but face major problems with the app’s interface.

Overall, it could be a fun experience and people might enjoy the technology but if they want to make it a primary source of exercise, it might get difficult. The main reason for this – SmartRope doesn’t let you choose how you want to exercise and what areas you want to target, it only allows you to jump rope. To conclude our SmartRope review, here’s a short pros & cons list:


  • Good concept behind;
  • Has a competitive element;
  • Offers custom tracking;
  • Enables progress.


  • Equipment is expensive and tricky to use;
  • Limited exercises: skipping-only;
  • No meal plan included;
  • Occasionally buggy with serious syncing issues.

Smartrope review

Thank you for reading our SmartRope review! If you’re considering downloading the app, you can get it here: 

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