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SoulCycle Review – For the Cycling Enthusiasts

soulcycle review

The SoulCycle app provides its users with the sheer convenience of signing up for their favourite spin class from the comforts of their home. With just one tap, users can take advantage of the easy-to-use and engaging SoulCycle app to book the nearest in-studio SoulCycle classes of their choice. With features unique to SoulCycle, the app offers high-intensity indoor cycling training, instructors of your choice, an effective cardio workout, state-of-the-art SoulCycle bikes, and an out-of-the-box approach to fitness.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Before getting into our SoulCycle review, here are a few reasons why or why not you should download the SoulCycle app.

The SoulCycle app may be what you’re looking for if:

  • Studio-based cycling is your favorite workout;
  • You want to track the number of hours you’ve cycled over time;
  • You want to make your high-intensity cardio fun and interesting;
  • You like listening to music during your exercise routine;
  • You want to be trained live by a fitness instructor;
  • You want a range of fitness instructors to choose from;
  • You don’t have expensive and fancy cycling equipment or gear.

However, don’t consider getting the SoulCycle app if:

  • You reside out of the US, UK, or Canada;
  • You like more traditional forms of exercise such as running or lifting;
  • You would rather workout from home;
  • You have a schedule that’s not conducive to group workout timings;
  • You wish to track the number of calories you’ve consumed and want dietary plans along with your workouts;
  • You want a wide variety of different kinds of workouts;
  • You already have a bike at home.

In this SoulCycle review, we will take you through every aspect of the app and compare it with similar apps so that you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you before you invest your money in it.

SoulCycle App Background and Details

The SoulCycle app is licensed by SoulCycle, a fitness company based in New York owned by the Equinox Group. Back in 2006 three fitness-inspired women bonded over their frustration with their exercise routines. Thus Ruth Zukerman, Elizabeth Cutler, and Julie Rice decided to create a mind-body-soul experience that went on to become the brand that is called SoulCycle today. They launched their first studio in 2006 as a cycling studio located in Manhattan and with the popularity of indoor cycling soaring over the past few years, SoulCycle eventually expanded its studios to 99 locations across the US, UK, and Canada.

booking a class in soulcycle app

Source: SoulCycle app

Fast forward to 2019, SoulCycle launched the SoulCycle app that offered a flexible and convenient way for the users to book classes, browse through instructors in their areas, connect with trainers, and track their progress.

App’s Successes and Failures

The SoulCycle app has an average rating of 4.9/5 on the app store with 75.5K ratings. Most users on the app store appreciate the convenience and simple interface of the app. They also praise the service and experience they receive in the SoulCycle studio. Several users have stated that their classes with SoulCycle were extremely helpful and made them feel more confident about their bodies. However, the SoulCycle app has an average rating of 2.6 on the Google Playstore from only 5 ratings. This is mainly because many people have reported functionality problems within their app on the Playstore and have complained about the difference in the user experience between iPhone and Android.

soulcycle subscription

Source: SoulCycle app

What to Expect from SoulCycle?


Once you launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign up with SoulCycle or log in if you already have an existing account with the app. You need to provide your phone number and email, which will be used later to confirm your bookings and remind you of your scheduled classes. You will also need to give access to your location services to the app so that it can find the nearest spin classes from your location. Remember that the app functions only in the US, UK, and Canada and has classes available from these regions only.

How to Use

One of the biggest assets of this app is its simple and straightforward interface. You can simply tap on the book option at the bottom and choose the class you want to take and also the seating position you would like. You can pay online for as many classes as you wish in advance and then select whichever class you want to attend.

The ‘For You’ section of the app shows your booked sessions and gives the stats about the number of rides you’ve taken. Users also can explore the Shop section (at the bottom) if they’re looking to purchase any gear before the class. And when the day of the scheduled class is here, users can check-in for the class digitally on the app at least 5 minutes before the class time. Front-desk is also there to help if digital check-in is missed.

Core Features


The key feature of the SoulCycle app is that it offers the ease of booking a session from an extensive range of classes within just 60 seconds. The app allows you to browse through a number of high-quality instructors and available classes in your area according to the date and time that you wish to take the session. You can even filter the sessions you wish to view based on their start time, class duration, instructor, and studio location.

The app gives you a brief yet insightful profile of every trainer. That makes it feel more comfortable to know who are we training with and allows us to get to know each one of them better. Each trainer profile includes a small introduction and picture of the instructor. You can also choose to contact the studio and connect with the trainer you’re thinking of choosing using the email and number provided in the app. There are also options to add a class to your favorites and bookmark it. If the class you’re looking for is fully booked, you can add yourself to the waitlist and the studio will inform you beforehand if they have an opening. When you’ve booked a class, you can add it to your calendar so that you never miss a session. The number of people in one class differs for every session but is usually in the range of 40-80 people per class.

soulcycle trainer section

Souce: SoulCycle app


The SoulCycle experience motivates its users by taking them through their journey. Tracking the distance they’ve ridden and the average power they’ve generated is a great way to help encourage the users to keep going. With the help of milestones, users feel a sense of achievement that helps them to grow the self-confidence that ultimately keeps them from quitting.

SoulCycle Workouts

SoulCycle’s indoor cycling classes implement choreography on a standing bike that combines the thrill of dancing with the excitement of a workout. The classes are held in a candlelit room where instructors guide you on how to work all the muscles in your body with perfect positioning. From scrunches to tap-backs, each exercise will work more than just your legs on the bike. There are also a number of biceps, triceps, and shoulder exercises. Whether it’s your first time looking to cycle or a regular spinner, anyone above the age of 11 can join in on a SoulCycle indoor cycling class.


Another thing that we enjoyed was the luxury of getting to listen to the meticulously chosen playlists of each instructor to create that soul and body connection. Similar to apps like Les Mills, SoulCycle also believes that listening to music while training is one of the key relaxing methods to working out longer and harder. Thus, each instructor’s playlist is on the app for us to listen to before choosing which class to join. This way you users test out the music that they feel will ignite that spark in them while making their way to the studio.

SoulCycle vs. Similar Apps

For a more comprehensive SoulCycle review, it’s also important to compare it with similar apps. In our opinion, the SoulCycle app is very different from every other app in the market as it does not offer the same features that other workout apps do.

When comparing SoulCycle to cycling apps like Peloton, some might say that Peloton is better. However, both cycling apps are quite different.

The Peloton app offers an in-home workout and comes with live & on-demand spin, running, yoga, meditation, stretching, and strength-training exercises. Meanwhile, with SoulCycle, users still need to make their way to the studio for spinning classes only. The in-house training feature was one of the main reasons that drew everyone to purchase the Peloton bike, especially at the time of the pandemic. This gave Peloton a competitive edge over SoulCycle.

While SoulCycle is restricted to in-person spin classes, Peloton offers a wide variety of workouts of every domain. From beginners to fitness gurus, Peloton also has a long list of features for everyone, and this makes the Peloton app slightly ahead of SoulCycle. At the same time, SoulCycle might be better for cycling enthusiasts as it’s more specialized in one field of training. Thus, for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of an in-home bike or doesn’t want to commit to buying one, the SoulCycle app is the perfect choice to test out a class in a SoulCycle studio. So again, it all comes down to the user and his preferences / budget. For dynamic and social cycling, go with SoulCycle, but for an in-house training with diversity for workouts, users might prefer Peloton more.

SoulCycle – How Much Does It Cost?

The SoulCycle app itself is free but the spin classes can cost anywhere from $36 for 1 class to $3500 for a set of 50 classes. However, your first ride is at a reduced cost of $25 which expires within 30 days of purchase. We highly recommend that users try out the first class at a reduced rate before purchasing classes in bulk though. That way the user gets a better understanding of what the sessions are like. Besides different sets of classes expire within different durations so this is also something to consider. A good idea is to only purchase the number of classes that you have the time for.

spinning classes soulcycle

Source: SoulCycle app

SoulCycle review: The Final Verdict

After reviewing SoulCycle, we clearly see that the SoulCycle app doesn’t have as many features as other fitness apps do. At the same time, SoulCycle does make booking indoor cycling sessions with some of the best and highly-trained instructors much easier. If a fun, interactive, and social in-studio spin session is what you’re looking for, then the SoulCycle app is definitely worth every penny. But if you want an app that provides more than just indoor cycling sessions then SoulCycle might not be for you!

SouCycle’s simple interface and easy navigation save a lot of time & confusion for users to get familiar with it. How we see it – the best way to use SoulCycle would be to take out some time from your day to incorporate a spin class at least once every week into your schedule. Once you get a hang of the first class, the thrill and excitement of every following class will only multiply. So overall, SoulCycle is a great app that makes the most tiring and cumbersome parts of working out more exciting and lively.

To wrap up our SoulCycle review, here’s a breakdown of the main pros and cons of the app!


  • Wide variety of trainers;
  • Studios all over the city;
  • Positive fitness environment;
  • Progress tracking and milestones.


  • No meal plans;
  • Only one form of workout.

soulcycle infographic

Tips To Take To Spin Class

If you do end up downloading SoulCycle, here are some practical tips that will help you through your indoor cycling sessions:

  • Maintain a good form on the bike and don’t round your back;
  • Use your resistance instead of bouncing;
  • Don’t be shy to take a break;
  • Recruit your core muscles to make use of the whole body.

We hope you enjoyed reading this SoulCycle review and now have everything you need to make an informed decision about whether SoulCycle is the app you’ve been looking for to meet your fitness goals.

Download the SoulCycle app here: