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Strava Review: If You’re into Active Lifestyle

Strava app has been around for quite some time now so sooner or later I needed to touch it! And before even writing this Strava review, I soon realized that it’s like a mini social network for athletes and people who enjoy recreation. So without further ado, let’s see what Strava puts on the table for us!

What is Strava App?

Strava is a workout app that uses GPS-based activity to mainly track cycling, running and swimming. However, they’re not only limited to these 3 disciplines. They also track other various training types like walking, hiking, canoe, ice-skating, inline skating, kite-surf sessions, rock climbing, alpine skiing, windsurfing and more.

So if you’re going on a week-long vacation to the Alps, you might consider downloading Strava to record, track and analyze your performance.

Strava Cost: Free vs Strava Summit

Strava is a free app but they also offer an option to upgrade to Strava Summit. This feature is available for $59.99 a year includes advanced features like:

  • Custom goals and personalized training plans;
  • Live location tracking;
  • Comprehensive effort analysis over time;
  • Advanced device metrics and in-depth analysis;
  • Top brand discounts, like discounts on sports watches and even other workouts apps like Aaptiv;
  • Expedited support and more.

However, the free version covers all the main aspects of Strava including tracking, challenges, clubs feature, social networking, etc. Strava Summit is for tracking your progress in detail and following your stats over time (more on that later). Just know that you won’t miss out on anything if you’re gonna stick to the free Strava.

Strava Review: Pros

  • You can sync contacts, see what your friends are doing and start following them;
  • Strava has a “Join a Club” feature where you can find new friends, events and group activities. Great for building community and organize activities;
  • Build-in distance challenges where you can win prizes and badges. There’s nothing better than a friendly competition. Besides, you can actually see your rank;
  • Track your progress and analyze statistics (both available in the free version);
  • You can even join training clubs near you;
  • Simple and clean UI, very easy to navigate through;
  • Works without a Wi-Fi signal too;
  • You can create your own route and merge & combine activities;
  • And lastly, Strava enables social media sharing so you can be proud of your achievements.

Strava Review: Cons

  • Some have complained that their tracking is not working properly although I did not have any issues with it. In their support forum I found this article that explains how they calculate the distance;
  • The upgrade is expensive considering what you get for it. Strava could definitely give something extra for the price and add more premium features for those who upgrade;
  • Personally, I didn’t like that Strava publicly shared my rides and runs automatically. I would like to have a saying over it (again, this is subjective – others might like it this way).

Strava is the triathlon’s dream. Not only it tracks your activities but it also plans them for you. I see it suitable for both – individuals who want to analyze their performance over time and for those who want to run together with friends.

Based on the other apps that I’ve reviewed, some cannot really be used properly if you do not upgrade to their paid subscription right away (this is the case for apps like Freeletics). Meanwhile, with Strava you’re pretty much covered. You’ll get all their features without any upgrade. Upgrade to premium only if progression is important for you because with Strava Summit you can really see your progress over time.

This app is suitable for those who enjoy an active life (especially cycling), also for actual professionals. If you’re training for a marathon or triathlon then Strava will surely come in handy. Personally, Strava made me feel inspired and made my routes different than usual but this depends on how engaged you are with others.

Practical Advice for Strava Folks

  • The app works best together with other devices for uploading activities to Strava. For water-related activities, I would suggest combining it with either Polar V800 or Garmin Fenix 2 & Garmin Fenix 3. I have a simple Garmin tracker myself but it’s not suited for swimming;
  • Also, I strongly recommend an armband of some sort like this one here! It tremendously eases the running because there’s nothing worse than holding something in your hands when you’re trying to push yourself!

That’s it for my Strava review. Make sure to check it out, especially if you’re into triathlon-style training! Till next time and stay positive 🙂

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