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Sneaky Sneaky: My Honest Sweatcoin App Review

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Just like they put it in their promo “It pays you to walk”. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well..of course, there is a catch and in this Sweatcoin app review I will tell you what the catch is so keep on reading - it's about to get interesting!

My mixed-emotion face when I hear about such apps

The Sweatcoint app was launched by a company named SweatCo Ltd. Instantly it became a massive hit only because it was fresh and offered to convert your outdoor steps into "money" that can be exchanged for various gadgets, fitness kits, services, discounts and more.

How Does the Sweatcoin App Work?

Every time you walk outdoors, the Sweatcoin app will count your steps. The total amount of steps will be converted into money (or at least digital money which you will see in your dashboard).

Source: Sweatcoin App

So it's not really cash-in-hand what you're getting as more just the actual Sweatcoins. One thousand steps are approximately 0.95 SWC. Sweatcoin app doesn't actually show the walked distance, it shows only the steps so I would still recommend getting an activity tracker if you're serious about your tracking. No need for anything fancy, a simple Fitbit watch like this one will be good enough.

First, you'll start with their free version or how they call it the “Mover”. This version allows you to earn up to 5 SWC (Sweatcoins) in a day, which equals 150 SWC a month. They have an additional 4 more versions, but you must pay for them:

  1. Shaker” (costs 4.75 a month) allows you to earn up to 10 SWC a day or 300 a month;

  2. Quaker” (costs 20 a month) allows you to earn up to 15 per day or 450 per month;

  3. Breaker” (costs 30 a month) allows you to earn up to 20 SWC per day which comes down to 600 per month;

  4. Trouble Maker” is under development and will be coming out soon.

So this is a freemium model where you start with the "Mover" and if you want to upgrade to other versions with more step counting then just pay extra.

They also limit your walks according to your version. Let's say if you are a walk-lover and wander 10 km (6.2 miles) a day, but currently, you're on the “Mover” version then everything above 5k steps won’t be counted. Hence, this is the reason why people are triggered to upgrade so to speak.

First Things First

20k steps equal 1k SWC. In other words, if you want to actually earn 1k SWC then, according to the above limitations, you must walk for 15 km (9.3 miles) for 3 years straight! Besides, when reading additional feedback and reviews online, all I see is that the Sweatcoin app sometimes wrongly calculates the money that you should be earning or steps that you've walked.

My advice, don't look at SWC as money. It's more like bonus points. This app really is more like a marketing platform & tool for various promotions. Besides, you can’t really "cash-out" what you have earned! They suggest spending your earned SWC in their marketplace.

Source: Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin App Review: Pros:

  • It's a new way of counting your daily steps and maybe get you into a playful mode. The Sweatcoin app has a great concept and mission because it motivates people to walk more;

  • You can exchange your steps for discounts and donate your SWC to crowdfunding campaigns;

  • The app has a simple UI so it's easy to navigate through.

Sweatcoin App Review: Cons

  • They seem to do everything they can to limit the user's steps;

  • Facing a lot of inaccuracies in its algorithm;

  • Items listed in their product section might be cheap, but they disguise the shipping cost;

  • A misconception that the Sweatcoin app is a cash-reward platform. This is mainly created by the app's own marketing activities;

  • Every time you purchase anything, it puts you through a huge hassle of signs ups;

  • Limited amount of rewards.

As far as I see it, the Sweatcoin app suggests that most people can't even calculate simple math. The app itself is used purely for marketing and promo materials. In collaboration with partners, they seem to be offering many discounts and unique products, but in reality, the offers are overpriced anyway. What most people don't realize is that these partners have made sure they will get their profit anyway either by upsells, shipping, or simple retargeting. Just think about it – such traffic is coming in because they offer to "pay you" for your steps - of course, they will try to sell you something.

Besides, you can’t really "cash-out" what you have earned! They suggest spending your earned SWC in their marketplace.

That being said, I do think that such apps have a nice concept behind. "I walked my discount" seems like a great way to get cheaper prices and promote an active lifestyle! Personally, for me to walk at least 7.5k steps a day, I need just three things - comfortable shoes, water bottle and the ability to access the toilet when needed! And trust me, with the insane walking shoes comfort today, it's feasible to do 7.5k steps every day.

I'll finish off by saying that the Sweatcoin app has potential if the people behind will actually think about the end-users and remember their mission! Walking is something that increases our life expectancy so this Sweatcoin App review is dedicated to all those people who work 9-5!

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