Overall, this app is great for workouts at home. It does not require equipment and you can choose how long the workout should be. In this Sworkit review, I’ll briefly describe how does Sworkit app works and what’s included in the cost.

A bit of Background

Sworkit has managed to collect really good reviews online. That’s mainly thanks to their great customer service, excellent care indeed. But it’s also the social responsibility that speaks to people.

Sworkit has launched the Youth Initiative which is a program designed for kids to fight childhood obesity. Isn’t that something? Part of the income is given away to make this happen.

But I’m not here talk about their YI program. Instead, I’ll have a closer look at the fitness app and see if Sworkit can deliver results. Keep reading my Sworkit review and find out if this workout app is as good as their intentions are.

How Much Does Sworkit Cost?

Let’s start with the Sworkit cost. Premium costs $14.99 USD a month or $59.99 USD a year.


$ 14.99 USD

Per Month
  • Best for short-term users
Try 7-Days Free!

Most PopularMost Popular

$ 59.99 USD

Per Year
  • Less than $5 USD a month
  • Best for users who’ll be using the service for a year or longer
Try 7-Days Free!

The subscription will give access to a collection of 500+ bodyweight workouts and workouts which includes dumbbell & kettlebell routines, targeted routines, and monthly challenges.

Sworkit also has a unique “Ask a Trainer” feature where members can connect with one of their certified personal trainers and ask questions that interests them. This is useful for beginners who might have various fitness-related queries when first starting out.

Sworkit Workouts

At the very beginning, you’ll have to indicate whether you want to get leaner, fitter or stronger.

You can either choose to go with a customized workout plan or browse a workout from Sworkit’s collection.

The workouts are all different but you’ll mostly see HIIT, Tabata, cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates type of training.

Sworkit is going for diversity which is important if you wanna see better results. The key is to keep your body guessing what’s next.

With Sworkit, you can customize the workouts if you don’t like a particular exercise without reducing results. Swapping exercises will leave your workout just as effective as going with the original routine.

In terms of the workout library, Sworkit has created various workout programs which are rehabilitation-oriented, strength-focused, cycle series, older adult workouts, sports conditioning, and more.

My favorite part – you can choose how long the workout must be. For example, my first workout with Sworkit was only 10 minutes long. The next day, I had a bit more time so I decided to go with the same exact workout but this time for 30 minutes. You can see below how I felt after those 30 minutes.

Speaking of Sworkit results, there’s also a voice instructing you on how to properly execute every move. Thus, warm-ups & cool-downs are also available.

Therefore for all those skeptical critics who think that a fitness app cannot deliver results – think twice with Sworkit.

Don’t forget to sync your workouts with myFitnessPal, Strava, and Apple Health. This will come in handy for tracking purposes, of course.

Sworkit Review: Pros

  • Sworkit has personalized workout plans & customizable workout length;

  • Suitable for workouts at home;

  • Guided video workouts (teaches you the form during the actual workout);

  • Sworkit has one of the best support teams that reward loyal customers;

  • Extensive collection of workouts;

  • Regular app updates;

  • You can also progress within Sworkit too (once done with the “easy workouts”, you can slowly start choosing the challenging routines for better results);

  • Unique “Ask a Trainer” feature;

  • Clean UI.

Sworkit Review: Cons

  • You can’t really edit the calendar, meaning that you cannot plan your workouts ahead;

  • If there’s something negative about Sworkit then it’s merely its cost. It might be expensive for some;

  • No food plan included, it’s just the workouts you’re getting.

Summary of My Sworkit Review

After writing this Sworkit review, I realized how it’s different from other fitness apps.

What’s unique about Sworkit is:

  • The option of adjusting your workout length;

  • The opportunity to chat with a personal trainer;

  • And of course, social responsibility.

If the above elements are important to you then Sworkit might be a good choice.

Sworkit’s simple to use too! Even if you don’t have the time or equipment, you’ll still find a workout.

Speaking of Sworkit results, there’s also a voice instructing you on how to properly execute every move.

It feels like Sworkit has covered many training styles and offers diversity. I enjoyed the workouts, but I also feel that a food plan would be nice to add for better when training with Sworkit. Let’s remember the 80/20 rule.

I recommend Sworkit for people who struggle to find effective workouts. Also, if you don’t really have access to the gym, you can use Sworkit to train at home.

Can Sworkit Bring Results?

Let’s say you want to do strength training on Monday & Wednesday, then a little yoga on Thursday and finish off with light cardio run on Friday.

Sworkit gives you all that and more. No matter your age, availability, or fitness level, you’ll find something for you. And when combining Sworkit with a mindful diet, it can actually bring results. Sworkit’s training style is more suitable for toning and endurance.

To be honest, today it’s not as much as “finding a workout” as it’s more running away from monotone workouts. Sworkit presents a decent amount of different workouts that will make you sweat.

Yes, other apps like Jillian Michaels Fitness has a food plan included, but the workouts are limited both in demos and quantity. Sworkit Premium has chosen to really focus on the workouts and deliver quality.

Personally, I really liked the diversity because I finally see real people doing real workouts.

A Few Tips Before You Download Sworkit:

  • If you’re considering Sworkit, then get it Here. At least you’ll get 10% off from your monthly/yearly subscription;

  • Try to have a stable internet connection during your workout, otherwise, the app might crash;

  • I suggest trying its wide collection of workouts – diversification is something that has lost its meaning, but it’s still important. You’ll be working your muscles while still staying engaged.

Sworkit’s 7-Day Free Trial Available Here and remember to claim your 10% off! Here’s to a diverse and sustainable fitness! And don’t forget to share your Sworkit reviews in our Facebook community!

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