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Tone It Up Review: Does the App Live Up to Its Hype?

tone it up review

Tone It Up is an app targeted towards women looking to get healthier at home with minimal to no equipment. The app includes programs designed by top trainers such as Katrina Scott, Jasmine Sanders and Karena Dawn. In this Tone It Up review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the app to help you decide if it’s worth trying. We’ve included a list of pros and cons, who would benefit from it and who won’t, how the user experience and interface is, and how well it does its job. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Key Takeaways & Highlights

In this section, we’ll look at the different situations the app might be helpful in, and who should avoid getting it.

Tone It Up app is for you if:

  • You are looking for at home workouts that you can fit in to your schedule at any time;
  • You want to make use of the vast range of services on offer;
  • You want a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you through accountability, community, and results.

Tone It Up is not for you if:

  • You are unwilling to pay to gain full access;
  • You want detailed meditations or stress relieving techniques.

Tone It Up Background

The app was first launched in 2018 with an aim of helping women get fit from all walks of life. The brains behind this project are Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, who have successfully created a comprehensive resource for women to benefit from. The videos are lighthearted and often fun-filled. The app has an overall rating of 4.6 on Play Store, with more than 100k downloads so far. The average rating on the App Store is 4.8. From Tone It Up reviews it’s clear that the majority of the users have benefited from the app.

The app is free to download with in-app purchases available from $12.99!

One aspect that stood out to us from the beginning was the focus on building healthy habits. They have used the “new updates” section as a reminder to hydrate! Instead of details of bug fixes or technological upgrades, the user is reminded to drink water! So, this app focuses on a lot more than just weight loss or stories of before and after transformations.

Before we get into all the fun features of the app, we’ll begin the Tone It Up review by outlining the steps you take when you launch the app for the first time.

The user is greeted with pictures of the founders Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn on the sign-up page, giving an overview of what lies inside. The app lets you sign up with your email or Facebook account. One drawback is that the app asks you to opt-in to SMS updates mandatorily. For a lot of people who’d rather give their email ids, getting updates through SMS can seem a bit intrusive.

The UI of the app is beautiful. The colors, fonts and layout are soothing to the eyes. There is a questionnaire that you need to submit to get your recommended plan. The questions include:

  • your current fitness levels;
  • current equipment that is available to you: there are bodyweight only options as well, so don’t fret;
  • your training preference: this has two options: week-by-week program that is designed by trainers to fit your needs; and Find My Own, which lets you choose on demand classes whenever you want. In the next sections, we’ll look at the programs on offer;
  • Preferred training styles: you can choose from running, yoga, Pilates, barre, dance, cardio, kickboxing, strength training, HIIT, toning, and Tabata;
  • Current goals: some of the goals are running a marathon, creating healthy habits, building muscle, boost metabolism, increased flexibility, and range of motion;
  • Create My Plan: this is the final step. You’ll be taken to a subscription page, but you can cancel it for the moment. You can continue to browse through the app, but to unlock programs, you need a subscription.


The UI is simple and easy on the eyes. It’s not cluttered and doesn’t confuse the user. The home page consists of a calendar, list of programs, workout library, and lifestyle tools and tips. There is also a section called Daily Freebie. On the day of writing, the routine was called Flow and Sculpt, a 20-minute routine with dumbbells.

workout app reviews

Core Features of the App


The app has more than 550 on-demand workout videos on offer. The workouts are highly customizable, and modifications are available throughout. They are suitable for all levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced – and the programs can be used at home or at the gym. The workouts are also classified as either full body routines or targeted towards specific body parts. Working on different body parts in addition to full body routines keeps the workouts diverse and more effective.

The trainers put a lot of focus on perfecting correct form during exercise and the app recommends workouts based on your browsing history. This makes Tone It Up safer than other home workout apps since the trainers teach correct posture before the exercises themselves. The scheduling and remind me sections are great to monitor your progress and stay on track.

The training styles are diverse and offer something for everyone. The length of the workouts varies, but most are under 40 mins, with plenty of options for those who don’t have any equipment.

tone it up workouts

Here’s a list of the programs currently available on the app that I’ve grouped as per its goal –

1. Build lean muscles – This is for women who want to build lean muscle mass with resistance training. The equipment required are dumbbells/resistance bands, but there are bodyweight versions too.

  • Tone It Up 6:40 (a 6-week program with 40 mins per day)
  • The Best with Jasmine Sanders
  • Tone It Up Strength
  • Bridal Sculpt

2. Boost metabolism and lose weight – suitable for women who want to lose weight and grow healthy from the inside out. This includes a lot of cardio, and can be done in the gym with equipment or at home.

  • 14 Day Slay
  • TIU5K
  • 30 Day Beach Babe

3. Endurance training – As the name suggests, this is for women looking to build endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The program focuses on toning muscles with dumbbells or no equipment.

  • 30 Day Booty
  • TIU4YOU: a total body toning program with all new workouts for a month
  • Summer Tone Up
  • Greatest HIITs

4. Building healthy habits – these programs are suitable for women who need to be guided to a healthier lifestyle through exercise, sleep, nutrition and stress management. Self love and acceptance is a common theme.

  • TIU21: a 21-day program for beginners
  • Toned Body Toned Mind: a yoga focused program
  • 14 Day Yoga Sculpt
  • Love Your Body: as the name suggests, it is a complete at home health solution with focus on loving and accepting yourself

5. Pregnancy fitness for would be/new mamas – for all the would be or new mamas who want to have a safe and active pregnancy. The postnatal plan guides women through a series of gentle exercises and meditations, so that she continues to look after herself.

  • Tone It Up Pregnancy
  • Tone It Up Postnatal

6. Short programs – perfect to try out during the free trial to see if the paid plan is worth it. These are short and sweet routines, with minimum equipment, and can be done within 30 minutes per day.

  • 7 Day Abs
  • 7 Day Jumpstart

workout library

If you choose the “week-by-week program” on the sign-up page, your home page will be customized for you with program recommendations. You can schedule only one program at a time, but it gives you the option to queue a new program after the current one is finished. The programs contain a video introduction by the trainer you’ll be working with. The programs are broken down into weekly and daily sections.

Apart from the founders, the app enlists several other Personal Trainers, all of whom are women. The Meet Your Trainers section makes the user feel like they are getting help from the trainers themselves. It’s nice to put a face on who is designing your programs. It also shows that the app is built by women and for women to feel safe and supported.

The Lifestyle section comes with plenty of informational posts written as blogs and FAQs, dealing with different aspects to combine with the workouts, such as journaling, mindset, meditation and cultivating body positivity.

lifestyle section

Nutrition & Recipes

In this section of the Tone It Up review, we’ll cover the section on nutrition!

The app is full of 250+ healthy and delicious recipes. Some of the major categories are smoothies, salads, lunch and dinner options, and snacks. There are loads of tips and personalized meal plans to choose from. There are also recipes for vegans, vegetarians, healthy desserts, high protein meals, and gluten free options. We loved how the recipes were well detailed and easy to create at home. They come with nutritional and calorie information.

As nutritionists would say, 80% of your fitness results will be based on your food intake. Tone It Up has made it easy to follow this principle and put it in action. The easy and healthy recipes along with options for customization are great for bringing faster results, whether your goal is to lose weight or to put on lean muscle. The app has pretty much nailed this aspect of nutrition.

tone it up recipes


The lifestyle section here also adds a lot of informational content like meal plans to accompany the workout programs, challenges, blog posts, stories of transformation, meal planning and tracking. Some additional features include healthy treats, tips on how to modify recipes, motivation, and detox plans.

healthy lifestyle

TIU products

The app also sells their own products at their store, such as apple cider gummies, smoothie bundles and healthy cake bars. Pre/post workout supplements include protein powders, detox pills, and collagen. Also included are healthy snacks and cookies, and equipment such as resistance bands.

tone it up store

Other Miscellaneous & Mindset Based Content

Tone It Up provides a wealth of information and resources on topics that are often overlooked when starting a fitness routine. They do this with the addition of different kinds of meditations, healthy tips and tricks, and guidance on behavior modification. Some of the inclusions in this section are –

  • Meditations focusing on self-love, gratitude, and sleep;
  • Blog posts and articles on healthy living and crushing mental barriers;
  • Loads of motivational content from the trainers and community members;
  • Constant monitoring and tracking, with the help of calendars, badges and check ins;
  • You can create a list of your favorite workouts and access your recent history from your account as well.

Tone It Up Community

The community feature of Tone It Up is great to socialize, clear doubts, hold one another accountable, and provide support, all of which lead to better results! It’s slightly different from other apps as you can add people you already know using their email id/phone number/TIU username. So, if you have a workout buddy in real life, you can add them to the community and use the programs together. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The community also allows members to post their queries or ask for suggestions which can be grouped into sections like fitness and nutrition. The tone of the posts is light and informal, and the frequency is pretty high. So, you’ll likely find members to communicate with no matter what time it is.

Tone It Up vs. Other Fitness Apps: What alternatives are there?

While writing this Tone It Up review, we were pleasantly surprised at how versatile the app is. We have already discussed its best features, but in this section we’ll look at how it compares to other apps in the same category. The two other apps we’ll look at are Sweat and Asana Rebel.

Tone It Up does a good job providing home workouts suitable for all fitness levels. Compared to both Asana Rebel and Sweat, their UI is cleaner allowing the content to shine through. The membership plans are more affordable, especially when compared to Sweat. The trainers are more personable and their instructions easy to follow. Although the focus on lifestyle could be more, Tone It Up is a lot more user friendly, especially for beginners. Some other apps in the category can end up becoming intimidating for an absolute beginner, but Tone It Up makes the experience effortless.

Payment & Subscription

The app is free to install and browse. However, most of its content is subscribers only. Currently, there are two options available – an annual subscription priced at $99.99; and a monthly membership priced at $14.99. Both plans come with a 7-day free trial. However, there is no option for buying one month at a time, nor are there any refunds.

tone it up workout app

We’d suggest going for the free trial and seeing if the features suit you. 7 days is enough time to get a feel of the app and its benefits. Just remember to cancel it on time if you don’t want to continue.

Final Review of Tone It Up and Summary

We loved using the app. It’s simple to navigate through with plenty of features.

As we get to the end of the Tone It Up review, I’ll sum up the pros and cons one final time so that you can make an informed decision!


  • Great interface and feature rich without getting cluttered;
  • Seamless UI and UX;
  • Broad range of choices in workout programs/videos, meals, and lifestyle;
  • Can be customized according to your needs;
  • Great community;
  • Seems gimmick free and focused on maintaining proper form;
  • calendar and badges help to keep track of habits and encourage yourself on hitting a goal;
  • It’s a one stop shop for all things fitness, health, and nutrition;
  • The trainers are personable, and the style is easy going and humorous.


  • Limited options on the free plan;
  • No option to purchase a pay-as-you-go membership. You must commit to an annual or monthly subscription;
  • No refunds;
  • Less options for meditation and stress management;
  • Could potentially provide more tools to make lifestyle changes.

We recommend using the app along with building healthy habits like keeping yourself hydrated, sleeping well, and other self-care activities. The app deals with these topics as well, but not so much as fitness or nutrition.

For the final takeaway from this Tone It Up review – it is a great app for women to use on their health and fitness journey. We highly recommend signing up for a free trial. Even if you choose not to continue post trial, you can use the freebie of the day option for follow along workouts. However, if you are OK with paying for a subscription, the app will be helpful!

If you’d like to try the app for yourself, here are the download links  –

🡪 iOS –

🡪 Android –