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Vivofit Garmin Watch Review: Nice & Simple

Fitness trackers are currently one of the biggest trends in the industry. Not only they allow us to track our fitness activities, but their stylish design makes it easy for us to wear them to work, party or any other event. My mom gave me a Vivofit Garmin watch for Christmas so thanks to her I have it for a while now. It’s really basic and definitely not one of the expensive ends, but after using it for years now I have come to love it. Keep on reading to find out why you should try out this device!

After 4 Years Still Going Strong

Garmin has close to 100 different fitness watches, each one contrasting in design and its features. They cost anywhere between $69.99 to $499.99. I have one of Garmin’s first editions (just a regular Vivofit) which costs $99.99 and you can find it here.

More expensive watches have way more features than mine. Still, I have a step counter, daily goal tracker, distance meter and burned calorie tracker. Meanwhile, in Garmin’s collection, you get the mind-blown of many things that these gadgets can do. Some of them have:

  • Vibration alerts;

  • Estimation of your body’s blood oxygen saturation level;

  • In-depth sleep monitoring;

  • All-day stress tracking;

  • Music download;

  • Some even come with workouts incorporated already;

  • Respiration tracking;

  • Menstrual Cycle tracking;

  • Touchscreen display, hybrid editions, hydration tracking and more.

With this particular Vivofit Garmin watch, you first have to enter all your parameters so it would correctly work out your goal and track your activities. After that, you’re basically good to go. It’s that easy!

My favorite part is always the red stripe that comes up every time when I don’t move for an hour or so. Then I always just start walking like a silly person there and back just to make it go away till my next hour. Also, what surprised me was the long-lasting battery time. Not once I had a situation where my sweet Vivofit would just let me down in the middle of training.

Vivofit Garmin Watch Review: Pros

  • Super easy to read and understand;

  • Comes with a warranty;

  • Swim friendly;

  • Can be worn by both genders;

  • They really made it easy to connect to whatever device you want to connect your watch to (like a phone or fitness app like myFitnessPal).

Vivofit Garmin Watch Review: Cons

  • Something happened to my watch and a small fracture just came up. But to be honest, I did throw it around constantly so if I think about it twice, I guess it’s more like a pro than a con because even with all that, I still use it after 4 years. The durability is just amazing;

  • If you wear it all the time then your skin might become itchy;

  • I don’t like that it gets dirty, especially when you’re in the middle of intense training. They do give an additional watch strap and the strap itself is made of rubber. I can only imagine how dirty it gets when the strap is made from different materials like leather. Then it would become less practical and really could not be worn during high-intensity training. At least this one you can wear all the time.

Vivofit Garmin Watch Review

Please Ignore The Fracture, That’s My Fault 🙂

The Garmin watch might not be as elegant as Fitbit or other watches, but it sure is super user-friendly. One button is really what you have to press, that’s it. It even kind of becomes a bit addictive to see how many calories you’ve burned after each workout. See if you beat the last workout or not – it’s quite fun and motivating.

Currently, I don’t wear my watch every day, only when running. It’s because I already know and I’m used to the daily steps and calories burned (read about how many steps you should walk daily here). But for running, it’s still great and would not go out without it.

My favorite part is always the red stripe that comes up every time when I don’t move for an hour or so.

It’s true that today people can track their steps and calories with various apps and in-phone health trackers build inside. However, these watches give us so many additional features and to be honest, also will give you more precise data.

If precise tracking is important to you then Vivofit Garmin watch is surely for you. It’s a fool-proof and highly-qualitative device that will last you for a lifetime. I recommend this to everyone!

Practical Advice if you go with Vivofit Garmin Watch:

  • Try a color that is less striking than mine – I went all in and only then understood that bright blue maybe will not go with every single outfit I wear;

  • Clean it regularly to avoid sweat and dust just piling up. Otherwise, it can get a bit nasty;

  • If you want to start tracking your heart rate, they also offer a bundle. It costs $129.99 but it’s a great addition to your workout! You can calculate what should your heart rate be to enter your fat-burning zone here.

Are you more a Fitbit or Garmin person? I have always been quite bad with technology so for me, simplicity is the key!