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Vivoo Review: Does the App Live Up to its Claims?

vivoo app review

Vivoo app is an at-home wellness app that promises expert lifestyle and nutritional advice based on your body’s needs. You buy urine testing strips for the app to scan, after which you can track different parameters about your body. This Vivoo review looks into how well the app delivers on its promises!

Key Takeaways and Highlights

For the busy bees who don’t have time to read the full Vivoo review, no worries! Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons. You might enjoy Vivoo if:

  • You are interested in wellness and understanding how your body works;
  • You would like to track parameters like your body’s pH, or your likelihood of getting infections without having to visit the doctor as often;
  • You want to learn more about how your body responds to the choices you make;
  • You want a personalized nutritional advice from experts and professionals on your phone.

However, Vivoo might not be for you if:

  • You feel queasy about urinating on a strip and then scanning it on your phone every week;
  • You do not want to pay a subscription; you would rather use a free calorie tracker app to manage your nutritional choices;
  • You want an app that offers workout programs along with nutrition as Vivoo does not cover workouts.

Vivoo – App Background

Vivoo is a welness app that uses urine data to deliver health advice at home. It was founded by Miray Tayfun, George Radman, and Gozde Buyukacaroglu. Mira Tayfun, a bioengineer and Stanford graduate, is the company’s current CEO as well.

Currently, the Apple store has around two hundred Vivoo reviews from users; the Google Play store has over a hundred. The average user rating for the app is 4.7/5 which is okay-ish. Vivoo is meant to be used along with urine testing strips that you have to purchase separately, but the app itself is free. What sets Vivoo apart from other apps is that it allows you to make healthier choices based on the state of your body at any given time. Our bodies are constantly changing, and since Vivoo requires weekly urine tests, it allows you to change your habits based on your body’s needs.

Here’s what to expect when you download and launch the app:

  • Vivooo introduces itself as your new wellness assistant, and then gives you a quick explanation for using the urine strips;
  • Next, it asks for some basic information before you begin your wellness journey – this is where you get a pretty high level of personalization;
  • You select the goal you want to achieve (you can pick more than one) out of multiple options like weight loss, weight gain, diet management, healthy eating, learning about your body, etc.;
  • Next, you describe your typical activity level, where you can choose between sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, or highly active;
  • Then you enter any chronic diseases you have, like osteoporosis or celiac cell disease, followed by whether or not you consume cigarettes and/or alcohol – and the frequency at which you consume them if the answer is yes;
  • Lastly, the app asks you if you follow a specific diet, like a vegan, vegetarian, or macrobiotic diet – although it gives you many more options to choose from!

vivoo app infographicHow the App Works

Once Vivoo has all the information it needs about you, it gives you a mini-tutorial for navigating the app. The user interface is pretty simple, with a clean, minimalistic design. The home screen allows you to take tests whenever you wish, although the app recommends doing it once a week. I did mine every Wednesday morning for a month for no particular reason. What I loved about this app was that it also displayed the parameters drawn from your last test. Here’s mine below:

Vivoo app results weeks

Source: Vivoo App

At the top of the home screen is an overall score out of 10 that shows how healthy your body is at the time of testing. The bottom half of the screen displays advice based on this score, which you can scroll through. You can reject or accept this advice by swiping left or advice; this allows Vivoo to fine-tune future recommendations.

You can purchase Vivoo’s urine testing strips from retailers like Amazon, or through Vivoo’s own subscription service, which helps you to save money on these strips in the long term. The minimum amount you can buy is four strips, which comprise one pack. When you open the app the second time, after it’s been set up, it asks you if you want to order strips or take a test. If you select the first option, it takes you to the subscriptions on its website.

If you select the second option, it instructs you how to urinate on one of the test strips. You must do it mid-stream and make sure to cover the colorful boxes at the top of the strip – and for no longer than a few seconds.

vivoo urine strip

Source: Vivoo App

Once this is done, place the strip against a light-colored background, wait for all the boxes to get wet, and then scan it using your phone’s camera. To do so, you click the Timer that appears on your screen. The app then asks you to wait two minutes before the strip is scanned because that is the recommended time for optimal results. Your camera will automatically open once the timer is up, but if you don’t want to wait any longer, you can choose the “I have waited long enough” option to take you directly to the scanning process. Once scanned, you just sit back while Vivoo does its thing. You may have to go to your device’s settings and allow camera access for Vivoo before you begin this process.

Core Features Offered by Vivoo

Here’s the cool thing, each colored box on the test strips represents a parameter that Vivoo measures! This is why you need to wait for all the boxes to be wet before you scan them. There are eight boxes in total, and the parameters they represent are:

  • Wellness as a lifestyle. Vivoo helps you practice healthy habits on a daily basis so you can thrive mentally and physically;
  • Hydration in terms of the net difference between fluid intake and loss; body water balance is optimal for healthy living;
  • pH levels for your urine; the level of acidity or alkalinity helps Vivoo determine what might be missing from your diet;
  • Infections – Vivoo uses your WBC count to determine your likelihood of contracting infections;
  • Ketones – these are only present in urine if you’re on a ketogenic diet, and Vivoo uses them to monitor your body’s ketosis state;
  • UTI’s – Vivoo can identify possible UTI’s using the leukocyte and nitrite parameters in your urine;
  • Kidney Health – Vivoo monitors this using the proteins in your urine;
  • Liver Health –  Vivoo recommends foods that boost liver health based on your nutritional needs.

Does Vivoo Have Any Workouts?

Vivoo does not offer workouts currently since it is a wellness app and focuses more on nutrition and recommending healthy habits to fit your lifestyle and diet. But I see this as a great addition if you’re on a journey of fixing your health.

Meal Plan

While Vivoo does not have full meal plans, it makes pretty spot-on suggestions for what foods your body needs, what quantity it needs them in, and what foods you need to avoid. It also gives personalized reminders to drink water, for instance, if you have a UTI then these may be different from when you’re healthy. If your goals include losing or gaining weight, your food suggestions will be altered accordingly. Since Vivoo updates its advice with every weekly urine test, it seems to be quite a sustainable approach to wellness at home. For instance, the app suggested me to actually drink a bit less as I had Overhydration or whatever it was called. Ups, guess went all in on water 🙂

vivoo nutrition advice

Source: Vivoo app

Additional Features

Vivoo also has an educational blog on their official website that encourages you to learn more about your body and helps you understand the test results you get on the app. Even though it doesn’t provide meal plans on the app, Vivoo has quite a few blog posts with healthy recipes. The blog is free, so I think it’s a nice touch even for those who don’t use the app. Besides, they’re written by Vivoo’s nutrition team, with new ones being posted every week or so!

Vivoo App vs. Similar Apps: What Alternatives are There?

While there are plenty of apps out there that track body parameters, none of them do so from the wellness perspective as Vivoo does. Even basic apps like Apple Health allow you to track sleep changes and menstrual cycles, while other fitness apps or calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal monitor your health.

However, none of these apps can tell you if you have a UTI, or if your body is in ketosis – the only way to do that, other than through Vivoo, is to visit a doctor; which may not be accessible to everyone. For this reason, if you’re on Keto diet and looking out for different body conditions, this app might be suitable for you.


Vivoo is available across all devices, but it isn’t available in every single country yet. The strips do ship everywhere, but the app doesn’t download in certain countries unless you use a VPN. But if you downloaded the app using a VPN, you will have to ensure the VPN is connected every time you use the app.

Vivoo does seem to have some issues though. Judging from Vivoo reviews from other users, sometimes the app gives you results that are way off-key. Even though most technical glitches did happen at the very beginning, these issues seem to be resolved after you use the app for a while. Cases where vegan users are recommended ‘a reduction in meat consumption’ does not happen anymore. Besides, in the case of rejecting inappropriate suggestions, the app does not give you similar ones again.

A handful of users have also had issues with registering, or with scanning their urine strips. I did not face any of these issues, but I understand how some users may be confused by the process. Vivoo’s customer service team seems to be quite responsive, so I do think you could get through these issues with their help if you want to keep using the app.

Vivoo: Reviewing the App’s Payments

An interesting thing I noticed while researching is that, since the app is quite young, it offers a lot of discounts on subscriptions to new users. The website also offers seasonal discounts, such as on Christmas and other holidays! So if you’re looking to download the app, now is the time.

The Vivoo app is free, but the urine testing strips need to be purchased. If you order them through Vivoo’s official channel, you have three subscription options. Each option has free worldwide shipping, and the first two also have a 30-day money-back guarantee:

  1. 3-month subscription, which includes 3 packs (12 strips) for $15.99 per month, or $47.99 every 3 months;
  2. 12-month subscription, which includes 12 packs (48 strips) for $7.99 per month, or $95.99 every year;
  3. One time purchase, which has 1 pack (4 strips) for $25.99 and is non-recurring. You can upgrade from this to another subscription anytime.

Vivoo doesn’t have a free trial, so if you want to try it, you would have to buy one pack of strips minimum. You can also get a pack for $18.25 from Amazon, but I imagine once you add shipping to this the amount would be similar. At any rate, I recommend trying the app out for a month before you invest in a regular subscription.

Vivoo Review: The Final Verdict

Vivoo seems to be quite an innovative app because it gives you personalized results based on the body’s needs. It certainly cannot replace a hospital nor a doctor’s visit, but I appreciate what this wellness app is trying to do. The results seem to be pretty accurate with just a few outliers here and there, and the app’s interface is fairly easy to navigate too.

vivoo costIf you feel your regular fitness apps tell you everything you need to know about your body, then this purchase won’t be worth it for you. But if you have specialized concerns, like monitoring your ketosis state if you’re on a ketogenic diet, then you’ll love this app! However, even if you do decide to use Vivoo, I would suggest using it in conjunction with another fitness apps that provides in-depth calorie planning and workouts, because I don’t feel Vivoo is enough of a wellness assistant on its own.

I hope this Vivoo review helps you understand the app better! You can get it at the links below:

Get Vivoo for Android

Get Vivoo for Apple


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