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Volt Athletics Review: Only For Professional Athletes?

In this Volt Athletics review, I’ll go deeper into the effectiveness of Volt workouts and what is it that you get for the price!

Background of Volt

As a fitness enthusiast, I’m always in the lookout for that next fitness app! This time it’s Volt Athletics. Founded back in 2011 by sports performance professor Dan Giuliani and computer scientist Trevor Watkins.

The 1m+ userbase and 20k+ coaches that have downloaded Volt Athletics show how fastly growing the app is. This Volt Athletics review will see if the fast-growing startup based in Seattle is as good as the other reviews say it is!

How Does Volt Athletics Fitness App Work?

There is a reason why Volt Athletics app is so widely used. The company has invented a patented performance training AI that’s called Cortex.

The whole idea behind Cortex is to create a custom program that personalizes the training, tracks progress, and adapts the workouts in real-time. In other words, Volt Athletics will look at your stats and predict what you should be doing next.

As a result, we see how Volt Athletics app is growing in popularity and even partnered with the NSCA (1). Indeed, they have rated Volt Athletics to be highly effective and applicable to professional athletes (2). But can the app be used by people like me and you?

This AI-driven platform can be used by either individuals or groups (sports teams, military, firefighters, or police). In this Volt Athletics review, I’ll only look at the individual training which everybody can do.

Volt Athletics Workouts

I used the Android version and after downloading the app, I needed to enter information about my goal, indicate how experienced I am with lifting weights and so on.

Volt Athletics will look at your stats and predict what you should be doing next.

All the AI-driven workouts are designed by CSCS-certified strength and conditioning coaches. They believe that workouts are way much more effective if they’re part of a structured plan. Freeletics workout app is doing something similar but it’s more for endurance, not strength. Besides, it’s a bit more mainstream…

First, you’ll need to choose your training focus from the following 3 options:

  • Either General Fitness for weight loss, tone up or increasing strength & size;

  • Sports Performance with over 40 sports available (sport-specific training detailed down each position);

  • Or Tactical Readiness with military-style training. Suitable for increasing stamina, total-body strength, and core stability.

They also have a home program with limited or no equipment under General Fitness where the focus is more on HIIT-style of training. However, most programs will require at least dumbbells, band, and kettlebell.

On average Volt workouts takes 45 – 60 minutes for completion (with warm-up and cool-down included). The routines train the entire body and focus on strength & conditioning.

What’s more, the workouts are intentionally built to progressively reach your goal at a pace that’s most custom for you while still adjusting the Volt Athletics program using your feedback.

Cortex will even tell you exactly how much weight you should be lifting. And my favorite part is when they give a reason for each week’s program.

In terms of the calendar, if you go with sport-specific training then you’re looking at workouts 3x a week as it’s meant for complementing the sport that you’re currently practising already.

Volt Athletics is designed for you to always be at the peak of your performance and help you get better.

General fitness programs will have their workouts more often from 3-5 days a week.

How Much Does Volt Athletics Cost?

Volt Athletics app is available for both Android and IOS versions and the subscription is available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

The monthly cost is $14.99 USD, quarterly $29.99 USD, or get a yearly subscription for $99.99 USD.

Volt Athletics is designed for you to always be at the peak of your performance and help you get better.

For people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on fitness apps, I suggest Nike Training Club that costs nothing. Even though you’ll miss out on the personalized AI-training, it should still be good enough to get you started on the strength & conditioning!

Volt Athletics Review: Pros

  • 14-day free trial;

  • Responsive and easy-to-follow interface;

  • Takes into consideration what equipment you have and adapts accordingly;

  • Volt Athletics program changes frequently so you won’t get bored that easily. This is also great for avoiding plateau (aka not seeing results);

  • Have HD video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions;

  • Allows to swop exercises if we don’t like it and substitute workouts to accommodate our abilities;

  • They keep on adding more exercises to the library (currently more than 3k exercise library);

  • Volt Athletics delivers great customer service;

  • Comprehensive tracking & feedback collection.

Volt Athletics Review: Cons

  • Some might say that it’s a bit expensive;

  • Cannot shorten the workouts or skip a rep;

  • Sometimes the AI increases the weights a little more than it should. I needed to manually enter weight adjustments;

  • Currently no cross-app or fitness tracker sync yet;

  • You also might get confused about all the programs available and not know which one to pick;

  • Limited bodyweight exercises so it’s still a bit “gym-membership focused”;

  • Lastly, there’s no offline mode yet.


Professional training brought to everyday fitness – it’s quite unique don’t you think? It almost feels like that personal trainers appreciate Volt Athletics the most.

My favorite part is when Volt Athletics gives a reason for each week’s program.

Coming up with routines takes time and creativity, even if you’re a fitness expert. Following a structured, research-based plan that’s effective is very motivating. I call it the “Smart Way of Exercising” where exercises are reprogrammed rather than dragged together with no link in between.

After reviewing the Volt Athletics app, I recommend this app for everyone who wants to condition and increase strength.

In fact, I think that it’s great for all skill levels because it’s built by experts, therefore, making it relatively safe from injuries.

Sure, professional athletes can really apply this fitness app to their career but Volt Athletics brings the world-class training to the 9-5 folks too.

It won’t be suitable for people who are looking for a short and quick weight loss because it’s a long-term approach to fitness and growth.

For the short-term minded, I would suggest BodyBoss or Jillian Michaels Fitness both has HIIT-style workouts and a meal plan with calorie deficit included.

The Volt Athletics app could be great for those who don’t go to the gym without an experienced buddy. Volt Athletics definitely makes us comfortable to go on our own now.

If you’re playing or were playing any kind of sport professionally or as a hobby and now you’re looking for effective training then Volt Athletics might be the fitness app for you!

Get Your Volt Athletics for Android Here

Get Your Volt Athletics for iOS Here

For all the gym-ers out there, make sure to check out JeFit – it’s the leader in fitness tracking! Have a good training and till next time!

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