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VShred Review – Is the VShred App Worthwhile To Achieve Your Goals?

vshred review

The V-Shred app is a supplement and workout plan-based fitness app. This VShred Review will explore how the app has combined fitness and supplements as well as detailed guidance by the creator. The review goes above and beyond to bring you the true picture of the app. If you are looking for a long-term workout plan and believe in the supremacy of supplements,  you will love V-Shred!

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get the V-Shred app if you:

  • Want a long-term paid fitness program to reach your goals
  • Want a place to buy reliable supplements
  • Want to buy bundles to benefit from several features and offers

Don’t get the V-Shred app if you:

  • Are looking for an app that offers maximum free workouts
  • Want access to free healthy recipes

V Shred Background

V-Shred is co-founded by Nick Daniel and Vince Sant who aim to transform lives with visible results. The app’s website talks about their plan of helping millions achieve greatness with their various ventures, including V-Shred Threads. The app has an amazing rating of 4.7 on the Apple Store by 50.3K individuals. On the Google Playstore, the app has a rating of 4.5 by 7.14K users. The app’s popularity is evident by its 1m+ downloads on the Google Playstore.

vshred workout programs


Before we delve deep into all the unique features of V-Shred, we’ll outline the steps you take when you launch the app for the first time.

  • You create an account using your email address.
  • The app then asks you your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level.
  • It also asks you your goal which is based on three categories of Fat, Soft, and Skinny with details regarding each choice i.e. muscle toning, losing weight, etc.
  • After you choose your goal, you are redirected to a page with a 25+ min video by the Creator of V-Shred i.e. Vince Sant who talks about your selected category and goal.
  • This page also features your required daily macros as well as the benefits and features you can get by buying the on-sale paid version now.
  • These benefits and features include mobile works, training your mind, diet guide part 1, diet guide part 2, the 10 commandments of fitness, workout log, HIIT guide, and tying it all together.
  • This bundle also includes 4 bonuses i.e. Six Pack Shred (Normally $47), The Booty Builder (Normally $47), Recipe Guide (Normally $37), and Supplement Guide.
  • You can choose to buy it right now or pay the full price later.
  • Once you choose to buy it later, you come across the app’s first page titled My Stuff.

Once you join the app, you are welcomed by a hard white, bold black, and red interface.


V-Shred complicates the user experience. It uses colors that are hard to the eyes such as white as the base color and black and red primarily for the font. The font is simple and easy to read. However, the font is less inviting. Seemingly, the app is clutter-free. However, when you click on a supplement or a workout program, you come across a video by the creator as well as a large bulk of cluttered information that can be very overwhelming.

Our VShred review found that the app overdoes with videos by the creator and the bulk of written content in every category. It can be daunting for new users who are just coming in to get a little fit.

Core Features

My Stuff

At the top of the page, there’s a free video presentation redirecting you to Sculpt Nation, also owned by Vince Sant and Nick Daniel.

Below this, four workout plans are displayed with the option to test out the trial version. Each of these workout plans features a bold and dark photograph with a focus on muscle building and various exercises. The categories are:

  • Ripped in 90 Days
  • Clean Bulk Program
  • Female Fat Loss Extreme
  • Toned in 90 Days

Once you click any of these categories to try out the trial version, you come across a detailed page. This page, again, includes a written description of the program as well as Sant’s video presentation.

Further details about the workout plan include:

  • The type of workout i.e. a home workout, follow-along workout, gym workout.
  • The option to visit the Private Facebook Group (For Paid Users)
  • The choice to create your Diet Plan in the Paid Version
  • The option to buy your supplements
  • To invite you to buy the plan you are tempted by the same list of various features that were displayed when you signed in to the app (i.e. advanced dieting, workout log, etc)

When you click on the type of workout i.e. follow-along workout or gym workout. You find 5 trial days open to you for all 4 categories with the rest of the days of the month only available for paid users. Once you click on day 1, you notice a detailed workout plan with the number of times you have to do each exercise. For our VShred review, we tried the Clean Bulk Program: Month 1- Day 2. This included details about the exercises and their duration. Clicking on each separate exercise led you to a written guideline for performing the exercise and a video demonstration (also available on YouTube). The exercises available for day 2 are:

  • Standing Underhand EZ Bar Bent Over Row
  • V-Grip Lat Pulldowns
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Pull-Ups
  • Preacher Curl
  • Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  • HIIT Cardio

Once you’ve completed all the exercises, you can click on ‘complete workout’ option at the end of the page.

vshred workouts

Our VShred review found that the interface and process of working out can be tiring and complicated on this app because of its daunting amount of content and videos.


At the top of this section, you are invited to buy the 90 days Bundle. As part of our VShred review, we noticed that it includes the details of the package that was shown at the start of the app. The 90-day package includes:

  • Create your own diet plan
  • Access to private Facebook groups
  • Follow along with workouts
  • Gym workouts
  • HIIT Guide
  • Post Completion Information
  • Sample Meal Plans

Then there’s a banner for a VIP Sale. Clicking on it redirects you to a webpage on Sculpt Nation’s website. The best selling packages on sale include:

  • Burn Fat Loss Stack
  • Ultimate Burn Bundle
  • Trial Pack

Each of these bundles comes with Burn PM, Turmeric Black, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, PLUS A VShred BlenderBottle for free.

As part of our VShred review, we found this webpage overselling the packages. There was a countdown ticker on it featuring the remaining time for the discounted rate of packages. Also, a lot of content was stuffed into a short space. White, red, and black were used as font colors with different-sized fonts. Some parts were in capital letters to grab the attention. However, the unappealing webpage style with a maximum invitation to buy seems to put the users off instead of attracting them.

Our VShred review found 4 categories of workout programs that one can buy.

These categories are :

  1. Move (30 Day at Home Workout)
  2. VSU (New Workouts Every Month)
  3. Custom Training and Diet Plan (30 Day at Home Workout)
  4. Female Fat Loss Extreme (90 Day Program)

These categories feature a bold fitness-based small photograph as well. When you click on any of these categories, you come across a page featuring a short video description of the workout program by creator Vince Sant. When you scroll down, several benefits of buying the workout program are also mentioned, such as customization, effectiveness, and fun aspect of the said program.

calorie tracker vshred

To tempt users to buy V-Shred workout plans, a lot of thought process has gone into providing them maximum benefits. For their new workout program Move, they specifically offer a bundle:

  • 6 Pack Shred Program
  • V Shred Recipe Guide
  • Exclusive FB Group Access

Some workout programs do not include a bundle. For example, the Custom Training and Diet Plan program includes

  • Create your diet plan
  • Training plan

Other workout programs offer a monthly plan such as the VSU (V-Shred University). You also get a 30-day free trial for this program.

However, there is a huge difference in the prices of VSU, Move Bundle, and Custom Training and Diet Plan Program.


This VShred review includes a detailed analysis of their supplements section. The app allows you to choose and buy supplements from the app. But the orders are only eligible for US and Canada at this time.

vshred store

The supplements section allows you to scroll through all the supplements or by category. The categories include:

  • Fat Burning
  • Pre-Workouts
  • Performance Enhances
  • Recovery
  • Overall Weight Loss
  • Bundles

When you click on a supplement you have the chance to learn more about it. This includes information about its dosage as well as its benefits. Most supplements also come with a short video by Sant. So those who enjoy reading can read while the rest can get informed by the video.

When you choose to buy a supplement, you have the option to buy 1 bottle, 3, or 6. Currently, each of the supplements is at a discounted price with maximum savings possible by buying the bundle.

products and supliments


Like the my stuff section, the macros section also includes a free presentation with the red color for Watch Now to appeal to everyone. When you click on it, you are redirected to a webpage of Sculpt Nation where you get to witness Vince Sant as your one-true presenter.

This section includes your metrics such as height, weight, activity, and goal.

It also features a daily calorie target for you based on your goal as well as the level of intensity i.e. low, moderate, and high.

The daily calorie target section comes with an option to enable a balanced diet which suggests a specific count for carbs, protein, and fat in a balanced manner. If you disable that section, it suggests a stricter daily calorie target based on your goal i.e. weight loss, muscle toning, etc.

The daily calorie target section comes in a bright circle of green, red, and blue colors where blue represents protein, red represents fat and green represents carbs.


Your V-Shred profile includes:

  • Orders section – here you can view the supplements that you have purchased. This section comes with an option to browse supplements.
  • Gallery – here you have the option to upload a photo to your profile
  • Your Info – here your email address, name, gender, and birthday are displayed with the option to edit your info.

You can also choose your profile picture.

In the settings, you can also select the unit for height and weight i.e. inches/ centimeters and pounds/ kilograms, giving you the opportunity for easy customization.

V-Shred Website

During our review, we also came across the V-Shred website. The website claims to be a place for customized diet plans, training by certified coaches, quality content, and 1-1 coaching with trainers. It invites you to take a body quiz for free as well!

The website features success stories and stellar reviews of various V-Shred users. It is also a place where you can buy workout programs, supplements, and clothing. Each webpage is detailed content and a video-based interface just like their app.

When you click to get a supplement, you are redirected to the Sculpt Nation website for purchasing.

And when you click on clothing, you are redirected to their website V-Shred Threads. This website features activewear and athleisure for men and women.

You can also click on the blogs section to read about fitness and health-based content.

V-Shred vs. Other apps-How Does The App Compete With The Market?

Compared to Reshape Me, the V-Shred app has a better rating than Reshape Me on Apple Store i.e. 4.7. However, Tone It Up has a higher rating than V-Shred on both iOS and Google Playstore.

Like Reshape me, V-Shred does not have a lot of options for virtual workout sessions. The app does not feature free recipes or a large number of workout sessions for trial users. The premium package of V-Shred also includes an option to create your own diet plan like Reshape Me and Tone It Up.

Unlike Tone It Up, V-Shred’s interface is not that appealing and it does not come with badges and challenges to motivate the users. However, V-Shred has the added feature of buying your supplements from the app.

As in Reshape Me and Tone It Up, users also need to pay for the full experience in V-Shred.

V-Shred also has a lot of videos and text for those users who are into reading or watching videos. Also, if one is not interested in buying their supplements, you have the opportunity to buy high-quality activewear from their website or read their engaging blogs as well.

Customer Service and User Reviews of V-Shred

During our VShred review, we decided to go through Google Playstore and Apple Store reviews. After reading several reviews, we found that some had a problem with the app’s workability. They complained that it often got stuck or froze. Other users were very satisfied with their experience. Some of them even suggested additions to the app such as a meal planner. Another user had the same perspective as ours. They believed that the app needs simplifying as there is a lot of written content and videos.

It was great to see the V-Shred customer service respond positively and actively to the negative reviews. They offered the unsatisfied users an opportunity to email them for a more personalized solution to their problem.

V-Shred Payments & Subscription

This VShred review also focuses on the payment methods of the app. The app is primarily aimed at getting users to buy their supplements and workout programs. That is why they offer various bundles that include free benefits as well.

vshred pricing

Their price range varies a lot as each program is unique with a distinct time frame. Some are for 90 days and others are for 30 days. Also,

Currently, V-Shred users can benefit from their sale on various bundles that significantly reduce the prices of their workout programs.

For reference, here are the costs of some of their packages:

  • Without the sale, the cost of a Female Fat Loss Extreme Workout Plan for 90 days is $230.
  • The monthly membership for VSU costs 19.99$ with an option to try a free 30-day trial that you can cancel at any time.

An appreciable part about the V-Shred app is that it shows you its membership packages based on your currency.

Final VShred Review and Summary

The V-Shred app asks you about your fitness goal and then redirects you to a video by the co-founder. Then, it lets you take 5-day trial workout sessions from its 4 distinct workout plans. Each workout class comes with a written and a video guideline for performing the exercise accurately.

You can also buy supplements from the app or take note of the daily suggested calories for your fitness goal. However, the app lacks in various aspects as it does not provide an option to connect to your fitness watch.

To sum it up, the app offers uniqueness! It provides a distinct user experience by focusing on what is not already available in the several fitness apps in the market.


  • Personalized video at every step by the co-founder
  • Fitness adapted to your fitness level and goals
  • Enjoy a personalized meal plan and a variety of healthy recipes catered to your needs in the paid version
  • Watch the video or read the description to learn about how to perform an exercise
  • Buy the required supplements in one place
  • Learn about your required daily calorie count to reach your goal


  • No free healthy recipes
  • No large number of free workouts
  • Complicated and daunting user interface
  • No option to connect your fitness watch
  • Less variety of workouts
  • The app does not do enough to motivate its users to visit daily and continue on their fitness journey, so users may lose interest. It does not offer any badges for progress.

V-Shred Recommendations for using the app

To make the most of this VShred Review, we recommend you to use the app for at least a week, so you can understand if you want to buy the complete workout program!

Check out the app by downloading using the link below:

Link to Android Store

Link to Apple Store