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Workout for Women Review: Best Fitness App For Beginners

workout for women review
Workout for Women is a fitness app that is free of cost and does not require any equipment. It has good reviews online and it’s highly suitable for women who are looking to get into fitness. Alongside beginner-friendliness, the workouts are effective as they follow the HIIT-style principle. Routines are short and plenty to choose from making it a great start for getting back in shape. All workouts are body-weight only making it inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

What is Workout for Women app?

Before reviewing Workout for Women app, we wanted to find an app that would not only be beginner-friendly but also require no equipment. Not long after we found Workout for Women who had over 240k reviews, a great number of downloads, and generally good rating of 4.8 out of 5. The best part that – it was entirely for free. Naturally, we had to give it a go, and surprisingly enough we’ve found the best fitness app for beginners!

Workout for Women Routines

At the time of writing this review, the app had around 70 different workouts that were split between:

  • 35 workouts for beginners;
  • 24 for intermediates;
  • and 11 for advanced level.

The duration of each workout varies from 4 to 26 minutes long. Most beginner workouts are 7 to 10 minutes in length which makes them great for a quick and effective morning routine before work. The majority of the focus is placed on beginner workouts that are light and simple to follow. After getting used to the physical change and completing all the beginner workouts, the app offers its users a graduate progression as they can move over to the intermediate and advanced level workouts designed for stronger stamina.

Workouts are divided into various categories like:

  • Fat Loss – overall bodyweight training;
  • Butt – emphasis on glute workouts;
  • Abs with workouts like crunches and leg-lifts;
  • High-Intensity will be similar to Fat Loss and include exercises like Jumping Jacks and But Kicks;
  • No jumping – meant for users with score joints;
  • And more.

The app gives a great opportunity of mixing different workouts together or targeting a specific body area like abs only. Ideally, for better results, High-Intensity could be combined with bodyweight moves to hit several muscle groups and burn fat overall. All workout incorporate cool-downs and stretching.

The workouts are built around modern workout methods like HIIT that are effective for weight-loss and overall endurance.

workout for women review

We found it really useful for users who never tried a fitness app before. It’s easy to use and does not require a lot of human input. We did the training from our phone but it could easily be attached to a larger screen as well. It had a set timer and voice instructions which eases the training. Even through animated, Workout for Women did a great job by implementing real-life demos. The users can also read up on every move. This and previous features are simple-enough but extremely important for someone who’s new to fitness.

Workout for Women is surprisingly interactive and user-friendly given the fact it’s free. Not only it gives the user estimated calorie burn, but it also has a rest timer countdowns, workout scheduling, progress tracker and trainer’s voice during the actual workout.

Workout for Women Review: Pros

  • It’s free;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • Option to sync with Google Fit & Apple Health;
  • No equipment needed;
  • Regular updates.

Workout for Women Review: Cons

  • The app goes heavy on ads;
  • No warm-up included;
  • Looks & sounds a bit robotic;
  • It doesn’t have a food plan or any educational element.

Final Verdict

After reviewing Workout for Women, we indeed enjoyed its simple design and easy navigation. We have tried many fitness apps before, but Workout for Women is really about simply moving in a cost-effective way. And for better results, users then can move over to apps like Centr that has a food plan and mediation sessions include. In that way, overall wellness can be built in a graduate way.

Sometimes it’s better to start with just getting used to the movement first before changing anything in your diet (a diet you’re so used to). In such cases, it’s useful to keep a fitness journal to track progress and stay motivated. fitness journal for workout apps

In this way, a fitness newbie can get familiar with the changes and see better results over time. Also, graduate introduction to fitness can help to incorporate fitness as part of our everyday lives and make it more sustainable. Often, women drop exercising because they overstrain and/or gets into calorie-cuts too sudden which leaves them feeling weak. With the Workout for Women app, users can start feeling their body first before making any drastic changes to the diet.

Workout for Women app is a great app for all women who are short on time, don’t like weights and are new to fitness.

All moves are bodyweight only that can be done from home. Additionally, moves are simple to follow. It’s almost built in such a way as to not confuse us because most probably too over-complicated exercises would not be executed correctly anyway.

Practical Tips if you go with Workout for Women

  • Remember to keep a straight back every time you carry out a move (this will decrease the risk of injury and improve your form);
  • Don’t underestimate warms-ups and cool-downs. Try warming up at least 4 minutes before starting a routine. It will prepare your muscles and get your heartbeat up;
  • Also, this applies to your cool-down too. Your muscles are going to be sore the next day and it will take a longer time to recover if you won’t stretch after the session. Alternatively, there are plenty of massage tools that help to recover faster;
  • Don’t forget to breathe throughout the entire workout (breathe in when it’s easy and breath out when it’s the hard part);
  • If you think about the muscle during execution then your muscle is going to work harder – and that means better results;
  • Put on some weights if you want to challenge yourself (like water bottles when doing lunches);
  • When you feel ready and energetic, try pushing yourself for two workouts in a row. Just be careful with this and don’t overdo it. As always, try to listen to your body.

That is it from us this time. We hope you found this Workout for Women review useful and invite you to check other resources on the site. You can get Workout for Women app here:

Workout for Women: Android Version

Workout for Women: iOS Version

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