Workout for Women Review: Best Fitness App For Beginners

workout for women

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I found Workout for Women app when scrolling through the App Store seeking my next fitness app to review. This app has more than 240k reviews, a great number of downloads, and generally good rating (4.8 out of 5 in App Store).

The best part – it’s entirely for free! Naturally, I had to give it a go, and surprisingly enough I had found the best fitness app for beginners!

Workout for Women Routines

The fitness app has workouts only combining around 70 different sessions. The workouts are split between:

  • 35 workouts for beginners;

  • 24 for intermediates;

  • and 11 for advanced level.

The duration of each workout varies from 4 to 26 minutes long.

Most beginner workouts are 7 to 10 minutes in length which makes them great for a quick and effective morning routine before work.

Workouts are divided into various categories like:

  • Fat Loss;

  • Butt;

  • Abs;

  • High-Intensity;

  • No jumping and more.

Mix workouts together or choose to target a specific body area – your preference.

Workout for Women Review: Pros

  • It’s free;

  • The app has put emphasis on beginner workouts which are suitable for women new to fitness;

  • Available Google Fit & Apple Health syncing;

  • You can see real-life demos and read up on every move;

  • The app has cool-downs and stretching;

  • All workouts are body-weight only making it inexpensive and accessible to everyone (also, I think the training moves are quite creative);

  • No equipment is needed – only a small corner at home and preferably an exercise mat is really what you need;

  • Interactive and user-friendly that also gives estimated calorie burn, has a rest timer countdowns, workout scheduling, progress tracker and trainer’s voice during the actual workout;

  • It gives you the opportunity to progress. After completing all beginner workouts, you can move over to the intermediate and advanced level;

  • The app is constantly updating.

Workout for Women Review: Cons

  • Random ads popping up before workouts;

  • No warm-ups included;

  • Looks & sounds a bit robotic;

  • It doesn’t have a food plan or any educational element, only pure workouts (check out 8fit if you’re looking for an app with a meal plan included).

Simple Design That Gives You What You Need

After reviewing Workout for Women, I’m absolutely in love with the app’s simple design as it’s very navigable.

I have tried many paid apps with way too many stuff on it. This one really is about moving yourself in a simple and cost-effective way.

Workout for Women gives a simple workout interface that’s free to use and gives you what you need. What more does a beginner need, really?

Yes, you might go with a branded app like the new Centr app that charges you money for workouts & food. But think about it..

As I talk in my blog – sometimes it’s better to start with just getting used to the movement first before changing anything in your diet (a diet you’re so used to).

I always recommend keeping a fitness journal like the one below to find a nice way to make fitness sustainable.

Trust me, I have been there myself so I can tell this – you’ll feel like a zombie if you do that. And by that, I mean starving yourself and working out just to see results.

It will be just a matter of time when you’re going to quit everything. Therefore this is not the way to go here..

With Workout for Women app, you can start feeling your body first before making any drastic changes to your diet.

Afterwards, start adjusting your food habits and see how tremendously effective this approach is towards sustainability.

After reviewing Workout for Women, I’m absolutely in love with the app’s simple design as it’s very navigable.

In my opinion, it’s the best fitness app for beginners and I recommend it to all women who are short on time, don’t like weights and are new to fitness.

All moves are bodyweight only that can be done at home. If you want to make it harder, add a resistance band – you can get one for cheap money. This way you’ll burn way more calories just by adding this to your workout.

There’s no need for over-complicated exercises because the beginners most probably won’t carry out the move correctly anyway.

With Workout for Women, all exercises are quite simple and familiar.

Practical Tips if you go with Workout for Women:

  • Remember to keep a straight back every time you carry out a move (this will decrease the risk of injury and improve your form);

  • Don’t underestimate warms-ups and cool-downs. Try warming up at least 4 minutes before starting a routine. It will prepare your muscles and get your heartbeat up.

  • Also, this applies to your cool-down too. Your muscles are going to be sore the next day and it will take a longer time to recover if you won’t stretch after the session. Alternatively, there are plenty of massage tools that helps you recover faster;

  • Don’t forget to breathe throughout the workout (breathe in when it’s easy and breath out when it’s the hard part)

  • If you think about the muscle during execution then your muscle is gonna work harder – and that means faster results;

  • Put on some weights if you want to challenge yourself (like water bottles when doing lunches). I use adjustable dumbbells for different exercises;

  • When you feel ready and energetic, try pushing yourself for two workouts in a row. Just be careful with this and don’t overdo it (listen to your body).

Download Workout for Women Android Version Here

Download Workout for Women iOS version Here

A very similar workout app to Workout for Women is Sworkit! It has a great selection of workouts too and you can adjust the duration yourself. Check it out Here! As from me – stay positive and see you next time 🙂

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